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A La Carte Services

Service Guarantee

At WebCyclery, we pride ourselves on taking the time to do things right the first time and we keep all labor history on file so that we are 100% accountable for work done. We want your experience with us to exceed your expectations. We believe that what is best for the customer is best for us. We're not perfect, but we do strive for perfection. WebCyclery guarantees all of our work for 30 days. If you aren't happy with a service that we provided, we want to fix it and make sure its right and make sure you are happy.

Running a professional labor department takes a lot of resources. We invest in our staff. Our mechanics are year-round employees (as is our entire staff), and we make sure they are up to speed on current technologies (suspension, brakes, wheels, etc.). We also constantly invest in new tools, we routinely have taps and cutters sharpened professionally, and we replace things like cable cutters and other oft-used tools on a regular basis.

Depending on the time of year, we sometimes get a little overwhelmed and backed up with repairs. We highly recommend calling ahead and making an appointment for your next service. We do offer to pick up and delivery for $10 each way (within a 10-mile radius). For appointments, or to schedule a pickup or delivery, please call 541.318.6188.


3601Chase a Creak* $80
3602Crash Evaluation/Safety Evaluation*$80

*Charged by the minute based on hourly rate

Bike Assembly / Boxing

1300Assemble Shipped Bike*$75
1301Assemble MTN/Road Pre Built$80-100
1302Pro Assembly Road**$180-240
1303Pro Assembly MTN**$180-240
1304Pro Assembly SS MTN/Trials/Road**$140
1305Pro Assembly Tandem**$240
1307Pro Assembly TT/Tri Bike (includes bar fitting/adjustment)**$240
1309Disassemble / Strip Bike$40
1500Box Bike for Shipping***$90
1501Pack Bike in Hard Case$60
1505Box Tandem for Freight Shipment****$180

*Includes safety check but does not include adjustments

**Pro Assembly Does not include wheel builds

***Includes shipping box and packing materials

****Includes custom box and packaging materials.

Tires & Tubes

1200Tube Install - Rr*$10
1201Tube Install - Fr*$10
1202Tire Install - Rr$10
1203Tire Install - Fr$10
1204Tire & Tube Install - Rr*$10
1205Tire & Tube Install - Fr*$10
1210Tire or Tube Internal Hub**$25
1208Tubular Tire Install w/Tire Purchase - Rr$80
1209Tubular Tire Install w/Tire Purchase - Fr$80
1216Tubular Tire Install w/o Tire Purchase - Rr$90
1217Tubular Tire Install w/o Tire Purchase - Fr$90
1212Tubeless Sealant - Add to Rr***$10
1213Tubeless Sealant - Add to Fr***$10
1218NoTubes Repair Sealant Single Tire$6
1219Orange Seal Repair Sealant Single Tire$10
1220Install Rim Tape$10

*We Talc tubes to help prevent tires and tubes sticking together, making removal easier in the future. It also reduces the chances of pinching upon installation. Some theorize that it improves rolling resistance as well.

**Internal hubs vary due to different configurations and required labor

***Additional charges for Glue, Tape, Sealant, valves, etc.

****We can not guarantee tubeless conversions unless both the rim and tire are "tubeless" or "tubeless ready".

More info on sealants and tubeless conversions

Brakes Adjustment/Repair

1700Brake Adjust - Rr$15
1701Brake Adjust - Fr$15
1702Brake Cable Install - Rr$25
1703Brake Cable Install - Fr$25
1704Brake Cart. Pad Install - Rr*$10
1705Brake Cart. Pad Install - Fr*$10
1706Brake Install Road/ATB - Rr **$25
1707Brake Install Road/ATB - Fr **$25
1708Brake Pad/Shoe Install & Adjust - Rr  $20
1709Brake Pad/Shoe Install & Adjust - Fr $20

*May require additional adjustment

**Includes adjustment and cable install if necessary

Disc Brake Adjustments & Repair

1800Disc Brake Adjust - Rr$15
1801Disc Brake Adjust - Fr$15
1802Disc Brk Install & Bleed - Rr$50
1803Disc Brk Install & Bleed - Fr$50
1804Disc Brk Install Mech. - Rr$30
1805Disc Brk Install Mech. - Fr$30
1806Disc Brk Bleed - Rr$35
1807Disc Brk Bleed - Fr$35
1808Disc Adjust and Pad Install - Rr* $20
1809Disc Adjust and Pad Install - Fr*$20
1810Disc Brake Rotor Straighten$10
1811Disc Brake Rotor Clean$10
1812Disc Brk Caliper Overhaul - Rr$60
1813Disc Brk Caliper Overhaul - Fr$60
1814Disc Brk Lever Overhaul - Rr$60
1815Disc Brk Lever Overhaul - Fr$60
2507Face Disc Brake Mount IS - Rr$20
2508Face Disc Brake Mount IS - Fr$20

*May require caliper adjust or bleed

Brake Lever Install/Replace (non-hydraulic)

1900Brk Lvr Install STI/Ergo - Rr$45
1901Brk Lvr Install STI/Ergo - Fr$45
1902Brk Lvr Install Road - Rr$30
1903Brk Lvr Install Road - Fr$30
1904Brk Lvr Install ATB - Rr$20
1905Brk Lvr Install ATB - Fr$20
1906Brk Cross Lvr Install - Rr$25
1907Brk Cross Lvr Install - Fr$25

Prices are per lever and include Cable Installation, Brake and Derailleur Adjustment, and Tape or Grip Install.

Derailleur Adjustments & Repair

2300Derailleur Adjust - Rr$15
2301Derailleur Adjust - Fr$15
2311Shadow Plus Derailleur Overhaul
(recommended every 6-12 mo.)
2302Derailleur Cable Install - Rr$25
2303Derailleur Cable Install - Fr$25
2309Derailleur Cable Install SPECIAL -Rr*$40
2310Derailleur Cable Install SPECIAL - Fr*$40
3006Di2 Firmware Update/System Check$45
3007Di2 User Setting Adjustments
2305Derailleur Install - Rr$25
2306Derailleur Install - Fr$25
3000Shifter Install ATB - Rr$30
3001Shifter Install ATB - Fr$30
3002Ergo Lvr Overhaul - Rr$60
3003Ergo Lvr Overhaul - Fr$60
1900Brk Lvr Install STI/Ergo - Rr$45
1901Brk Lvr Install STI/Ergo - Fr$45
2506Derailleur Hanger Align/Install**$25

Includes lubing cable and derailleur pivots when necessary

*Price varies due to  routing complications

**Additional adjustment may be required

Chains & Cassettes

2000Cassette Remove/Install$10
2001Freewheel Remove/Install$10
2100Chain Install$10
2101Chain Adjust 1-Speed$10

*Prices assume straight forward repairs. Stuck or frozen parts will be charged at an hourly rate.

Cranks/BBs & Chainrings

2200Crank Install W/BB*$35
2203Grease Chris King BB$25
2204Chainring Install*$20
1600Overhaul BB/Install$35

*May require Front Derailleur Adjustment

Fork Install & Repair

2400Fork Install Road*$40
2401Fork install ATB*$40
2505Cut Fork Steerer**$10
2705Crown Race Install**$5
2706Star Nut Install$5

*Fork Installs include front brake adjustment
**Assumes fork is not currently installed

Suspension Fork Pricing

Frame & Fork Prep & Repair

2500Face Head Tube$25
2501Face Bottom Bracket$25
2502Tap Bottom Bracket$25
2503Align Fork Dropout*$15
2504Align Frame Dropout*$15
2505Cut Fork Steerer$10
2706Star Nut Install$5
2506Derailleur Hanger Align/Install**$25
2507Face Disc Brake Mount - Rr$20
2508Face disc Brake Mount - Fr$20
2511Frame Saver Steel Frame - Bare***$25

*Steel frames only

**Based on severity. Additional adjustment may be required

***Requires purchase of Frame Saver

Handlebars/Tape/Grip Install & Repair

2600Install/Wrap Road Handlebar Tape$15
2602Grip Install$7
2604Bar Install ATB**$20
2605Bar Install Road*$35
2610Bar Install Road SPECIAL*$50-80
2606Aero Bar install Clip-on$30
2607Aero Bar Install 1-Piece/Full$50-80
2608Stem Change$10
2609Cut Bars$15

*Includes taping bars
**Assumes standard swap with no change in cables or parts

Headset Install/Adjust/Repair

2700Headset Adjust Threadless$10
2701Headset Adjust Threaded$15
2500Face Head Tube$25
2702Headset Install$30
2703Headset Overhaul$35
2704Headset Install Cups Only$20
2705Crown Race install/Removal$10
2706Star Nut Install$5

*We highly recommend facing headtubes. Facing ensures that the bearing cups are parallel to eachother and reduces the likelyhood of headset creaking.

Hub Adjustments & Repair

2800Hub Adjust - Rr$15
2801Hub Adjust - Fr$15
2802Hub Overhaul - Rr$35
2803Hub Overhaul - Fr$25
2804Cassette Body Swap$35
2805King Ring Drive Lube*$35
2806Dt Star Ratchet Lube*$25
2807Hub Overhaul Chris King - Rr**$70
2808Mavic Freehub Clean/Lube*$25

*Routine lubrication services, not considered an overhaul
**King Hub Overhaul requires our King-specific Hub Service Tool for removal of ring drive and bearings in order to clean and lube, recommended for hubs with excessive drag.

Pedal Installation/Repair

2900Pedal Install/Remove$5
2901Cleat Install$10
2903Pedal Lube/Grease Inject$10
2206Pedal/Crank Thread Tapping - Left$25
2207Pedal/Crank Thread Tapping - Right$25

Wheel Building & Spoke Cutting

We use the Phil Wood Spoke Cutting and Threading machine to ensure exact cuts and clean threads
3200Wheel Build - Rr$65
3201Wheel Build - Fr$65
3202Wheel Build SPECIAL - Rr*$80
3203Wheel Build SPECIAL - Fr*$80
3308Cut a wheels worth of spokes**$10
3311Calculate Spoke Length per wheel***$5

*Includes UST rims, paired spokes, internal nipples, alloy spokes (Mavic), 48H or special tandem wheels. Includes taping tubeless set-ups.

**Assumes customer provides spokes and spoke lengths. No guarantee on lengths.

***Guarantees spoke length is correct based on our measuring of hub and rim, or accurate customer supplied information

Wheel Truing & Spoke Replacement

3300Wheel True MINOR - Rr$15
3301Wheel True MINOR - Fr$15
3309Wheel True MAJOR - Rr$25
3310Wheel True MAJOR - Fr$25
3302Wheel True Spoke Replc. - Rr*$25-35
3303Wheel True Spoke Replc. - Fr*$25-35
3304Wheel True Internal Nipple - RR*$20-30
3306Wheel True Touch-up - Rr*$10
3307Wheel True Touch-up - Fr**$10

*Includes removal of tire, rotors & Cassette if necessary. Does not account for replacing Tubeless tape.

**Side to side only

Accessory Installation

3400Computer Install$15
3401Computer Install W/Cadence$25
3404Computer Battery Install$7
3405Rack Install - Rr$15-30
3406Rack Install - Fr$15-30
3407Fender Install - Clip-on$15
3408Fender Install - Full$30
3411Fender Install - Custom$30-60
3410Saddle Install$5
3412Dropper Seatpost Install - Standard$30
3413Dropper Seatpost Install - Special*$40-80

*Special Droppers include internal routings, stealth, etc.