Bike Trials Special Orders

Anything & Everything You Need

Bike trials is a relatively small sport compared to mountain biking or road cycling, and as such there are far fewer places to find trials bikes and equipment than there are for other disciplines of cycling. The comprehensive system of distributors and vendors found in the mountain bike and road cycling world simply does not exist in the trials industry. In most cases, we order trials components directly from manufacturers. Most trials manufacturers have a minimum order anywhere from $1000 to $5000. Therefore, large orders can only be placed a few times per year rather than simply ordering one or two parts at a time as might be done with mountain bike parts.

If you're interested in a particular trials item from one of the brands we carry but don't see it on the site, please let us know. Depending on the brand, we usually place between 2 and 10 orders per year and we can add just about anything to our orders. We're happy to special order items for customers but we ask that you realize it may take some time before our order is large enough to be placed. If you have any questions regarding when orders will be placed or if a part can be ordered, don't hesitate to contact us.