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Now Hiring

WebCyclery is hiring (if we find the right person)! 

WebCyclery, located in beautiful Bend, OR, is looking for another great service technician to compliment our already awesome staff. We are looking for an experienced mechanic who knows their way around a service area. We deal with mostly higher end XC Mountain, Gravel, and Road bicycles and we want to make sure our customers get the best possible experience. We offer a fun and relaxed work environment, above-scale pay (DOE), flexible schedule (closed Sundays), company-matched retirement plan, paid time off/vacation, paid holidays. 

Candidates should be highly motivated, be able to problem solve and work independently, be willing to ask for help when necessary, have a positive attitude, be customer focused, and be able to communicate well with others. We expect a solid grasp of current technology (Suspension, Di2, AXS, Droppers, etc.). Our mechanics end up being our best sales people (we don’t stick you in the basement to work in anonymity). If you don’t like talking to people, you probably aren’t the right fit.

This is not an entry level position. Minimum of  2-3 years of experience is required.  If you think you might be the right person, please fill out the form below or send a resume to 

This would be a full time position (32-40 hours per week).

First and Last. Include a cool nickname if you have one.
Must be a valid email address, e.g.
Please describe your educational history (high school, college, industry specific stuff, etc)
Let us know where you've been working. Include dates, responsibilities, etc. Include any relevant jobs and most recent 4 years
Tell us what you ride and what makes your bike or skis special. If you don't ride bikes or skis, just say so.
What are some of your favorite things? Check all that apply (there is no right or wrong answer. We don't discriminate against anyone based on personal preferences.... Embarrassing as it is, everything on the list below is liked by at least someone here at the shop)
Choose 4 words that best describe you
Give us a couple of references. Please include phone numbers and email addresses
We want to see how well you've been using social media...since that will be part of the job.