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Team Riders

Jeff Anderson

Born: 1987

Where do you live? Vancouver, Canada

When did you start riding trials?  2000

A little about yourself: 5x North American Champion (2015-2017, 2019, 2021). I started riding trials after seeing Ryan Leech doing a side hop demo at a school bike club event. I also watched the trials film Evolve. I continued to watch Evolve many many times over the next few years. I grew up with a large trials scene in Vancouver and lots of good riders that I learned from. In 2007 I started a demo team with Steve Dickin, Trials Stars. In 2014 I became more serious about competitions and invested time in getting better. I acheived a personal best 10th place at the 2016 UCI World Championships in Italy.

What bike do you ride? Lykke Carbon 26"

Favorite trials spots? Natural with some interesting man-made bits. My favorite trials parks are Annecy, France and Orrius, Barcelona, Spain.

What other interests or hobbies do you have? Computer geek

Favorite response to the “where’s your seat?” question? Hmm, I lost it?

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Max Schulze

Born: 1991

Where do you live? Fort Collins, CO

When did you start riding trials? Bike: 2009 Unicycle: 2005

A little about yourself: I had been riding trials unicycle competitively for a while before starting trials biking. It was videos of riders like Damon Watson, Neil Tunnicliffe, and Danny that pulled me into the two-wheeled world, but trading my rarely used DJ bike for an old Echo Control back in 2009 was one of my better decisions that marked the start of it. Since then I've enjoyed the process of learning how to use that second wheel. I like to bring trials style riding to my mountain biking and, of course, commuting.

What bike do you ride? Echo Mark 6 26" with Hope front disc, Magura HS33 rear.

Favorite trials spots? Clear Creek in Golden Colorado, CU Boulder Campus, Abiquiu Lake in New Mexico, Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins.

What other interests or hobbies do you have? Unicycling, mountain biking, skiing, slacklining, and science!

Favorite response to the “where’s your seat?” question? I went too fast, took too many chances…

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Derik Sprando

Born: 1996

Where do you live? Bend, OR

When did you start riding trials? 2008

A little about yourself:  I achieved 3rd place in 20" at the 2015 North American Trials Championship. I got into trials through a buddy of mine who got me into unicycle trials, and it pretty much grew from there. I love cycling of any sort, music, road trips, and spending time with good friends! Jitsie is my favorite Trials brand!

What bike do you ride? I currently ride a Breath Tomorrow 20” Frame, built up with
a good mix of Jitsie, Trialtech, and Breath components.

Favorite trials spots? First Street Rapids park in Bend, and Ira Keller Fountain in

What other interests or hobbies do you have? Music is a huge passion of mine. I’ve
been playing Piano for nearly 17 years, and recently picked up, and have been
teaching myself how to play the guitar.

Favorite response to the “where’s your seat?” question? Couldn't afford it

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Ross Winsor

Born: 1988

Where do you live? Bend, OR

When did you start riding trials? 2003

A little about yourself: 5x U.S. National Champion, 2018 North American Champion,  competed in UCI World Championships in 2014, 2015, 2016. I also work here at Webcyclery where I handle online orders, shipping and receiving and all the trials stuff. I started getting into trials early in high school playing around on my mountain bike, then I got my first trials bike used from a friend and I've been hooked ever since.

What bike do you ride? Crewkerz Jealousy Ultimate 26"

Favorite trials spots? Beauvais, France, Barcelona, Spain, and Lake Tahoe, California.

What other interests or hobbies do you have? Mountain biking

Favorite response to the “where’s your seat?” question? Don't need one if you're good.

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Robbie Pfunder

Born: 1983

Where do you live? Boulder, CO

When did you start riding trials? 1998

A little about yourself: Well, I got my start riding in New England after witnessing a friend riding trials in my hometown. I thought it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen and so I mowed lawns all summer to afford my first trials bike. After high school I migrated out to Colorado where I continued riding and eventually put my own trials show together after finishing up college in Fort Collins.  I currently travel around performing trials shows professionally and in the off seasons I get to pursue additional interests and hobbies that bring me joy.

What bike do you ride? I ride an Echo Pure MK5 at the moment but have a cool custom build in the works as well!

Favorite trials spots? My favorite trials spot is Ebin G. Fine Park in Boulder, Colorado. There’s a bunch of fun rocks to ride right next to a beautiful creek with rushing water. I also feel good vibes there and it’s my happy place.

What other interests or hobbies do you have? Other hobbies besides trials?! ;) I enjoy playing and studying chess, skiing, playing guitar and reading psychology related literature. I also love cooking and folding laundry lol.

Favorite response to the “where’s your seat?” question? No need for one, seats just get in the way!

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