Niner was started by two guys in California that have been around bikes and the bike industry most of their lives. They’re not corporate men seeking the fastest possible way to make the most money. They don’t wear suits to work; some of Niner's employees don’t even own one. They’re riders, all of them, and they build the kind of bikes they want to ride in the hopes that you do too.

Niner is fully committed to the 29er movement. They're committed to long backcountry rides where getting lost is actually the point. They’re committed to lazy rides, to group rides, to night rides, to Saturday-morning rides. They’re committed to making every ride, no matter the length or physical exertion, the best ride you’ve ever had. Niner Bikes is committed to the core fun and soul of mountain biking.

We're proud to carry Niner Bikes and be a part of the revolution. Come by the shop and step up to a big wheeler. We're hooked and we bet you will be too!