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Shopping during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Limited in store shopping - this is changing daily, but you can come in and we can grab products for long as we are still open. We're shortening our hours a little bit - we will currently be open 10AM-5PM Mon-Saturday....and by appointment.

Personal Shopper - call in and tell us what you are looking for. Our expert staff can help you decide on products that will fit your needs.  You can pay over the phone. We can ship just about anywhere (as long as shipping services are still working), you can pick it up here at the shop, or we can delivery it for free within the Bend city limits ($50 minimum order)

Online Shopping - we have a lot of our products on our website. If you are local, you can choose 'local pickup' or 'free local delivery' on our web site.  Our site shows our inventory. Things in stock can be picked up or delivered same day or next day. Items that say 'at warehouse' can often be drop shipped directly to you from our distributor. 

Curbside Pickup- don't want to come into the shop? that's okay, we won't think any less of you (actually, we would appreciate your commitment to social distancing). Just give us a call to place an order, pay over the phone, and then call us when you are in the parking lot and we will bring your order out to you. 

Free Local Delivery - Orders over $50 can be delivered within the Bend City limits for free. If you order online, we will call you to arrange delivery. You can also call us to place an order.  

Call us - 541.318.6188

Email us -

Shop Status - Covid-19  updated 3/21/20

Store InteriorWe're trying to all stay healthy. To help out, we've cordoned off most of the shop. We're asking customers to stay at the front counter, and we will grab their bike or their parts. We're keeping people from trying on clothes and fondling stuff. Sorry. We're also not allowing customers to use our restrooms. We're trying to keep our staff (and customers) healthy. We're trying to get caught up on repairs....hoping to get all of our customers their bikes...before we can't. 

Shop Status - Covid-19  updated 3/20/20

First and foremost, I hope that you and your loved ones are all healthy and happy. This is a crazy time to be alive. As Bob Dylan so eloquently put it….the times they are a changin'! And they are changing daily. This whole Covid-19 pandemic is causing a whole lot of panic and fear, and changing the way we all live our lives.
As this pandemic keeps on growing, things could keep getting worse.  Self quarantining, social distancing, sheltering in place….none of it really sounds fun, but it could be vital to get this thing under control. Life could get pretty rough. But while it may get lonely and it will be difficult, keeping a positive attitude will be key. I always try to look on the bright side of things. Just think of all the time you get to spend with your family! Think of all the projects you can get done at home that you’ve been putting off for months or years. Clean out the garage, build a flowerbed, reorganize your underwear drawer, cut your toe nails, etc. You can get a lot of things crossed off your list.
One of the best ways to stay positive and healthy will be to make sure you get exercise. Go out and play in the woods. Here in Bend, we might still have a couple of weeks of skiing, and the riding season is just starting. So get out there and enjoy the time. Worrying about your portfolio isn’t going to get you anywhere. Be smart and be good to yourself. Things WILL get better.

Already this year, I’ve hired a couple of great new employees. In doing so, I got to review our employee manual. Here’s a little excerpt from our Mission & Values page:

WebCyclery is fun.

We sell fun products. No one NEEDS what we sell. But everybody WANTS what we sell. We have a great selection and knowledge of hard to find, niche products that customers really like and appreciate.

We have a fun staff. Our staff is one of our biggest assets (our customers are the other). We’re all different, but share an affinity for the products we sell and service, and the lifestyle that goes with them. We enjoy what we do. We enjoy making people happy. We enjoy sharing our knowledge with others. We form bonds with customers because of our compelling enthusiasm for both cycling and skiing

We have fun customers. Our customers are our friends, and our number one priority. We greet them with a smile and desire to help them. We need them. They don’t need us. Without them, we are nothing. What is best for our customer is best for us. 

That last line - What is best for our customers is best for us - really sticks with me.  As a small business owner, this is a very stressful time. I have to do what is best for our customers. 

I’ve got an amazing staff. We’re all friends and family. The idea of laying off my friends and family makes me sick to my stomach. It keeps me up at night. It’s even worse when layoffs have nothing to do with their performance.  But that’s the reality we are in right now. This is NOT ‘Business as usual’. This is ‘Business as UNusual’. I know that staying in business in the long run is what is good for our customers, and therefore good for us. To do so, we’ve had to cut down to a skeleton crew. We hope to bring everyone back together as soon as we can. 

We’ve been evaluating the way we operate every day. We will continue to remain open for business in some form for as long as we think we can keep our staff and customers safe. We believe that we offer an essential service to our customers. A bicycle could be your main form of transportation. Or maybe you use it as a vehicle for fitness and mental well being. Either way, we think it is an essential part of our lives.
As I’ve posted previously, for the last couple of weeks, we've had hand sanitizer at all of the registers. We've got plenty of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, disinfecting wipes, bleach, etc. We've been religiously wiping down door handles, keyboards, phones, surfaces, etc. many times a day. We've all been washing our hands more than ever.

We are asking customers that show ANY symptoms to please stay away from the shop. For the healthy customers who are coming into the shop, we ask that you please USE the hand sanitizer, or wash your hands in our sink. Also, please don't feel like we we are being rude, but we will keep our distance from you. We also ask that you don't come in just to hang out and talk with us. We love talking with friends and customers, but we're asking for you to keep your visit short and to the point.

We've cancelled all of the events that we have had planned (except Julia's birthday...that's still going to happen on March 28th), including all wax clinics for the rest of this ski season.

curbside pickup

As always, customers can shop with us online at We offer free shipping over $100. For local customers, we highly recommend shopping online. This way you can pay in advance from the comfort and safety of your own home. Just choose ‘Pickup at Store’ or ‘Free Local Delivery’.  If you choose ‘Pickup at Store’, you are currently allowed to just come in and pick up your order (this could change), or if you’d prefer, we are offering ‘Curbside Pickup’. Just call us when you get here and we can walk your bicycle or parts order out to your car. If you choose ‘Free Local Delivery’ (available on all orders over $50, and within the Bend City Limits), we will call you to schedule the delivery.

If you want something that you don’t see on our website, or just want to talk to us, give us a call. We’ll get you figured out.

We’re getting closer to being caught up on repairs, but are still over a week out (as of 3/19). We are taking appointments for repairs. We can pickup and deliver repairs as well.  
With the end of the ski season ending so abruptly, we are putting all Nordic Gear on sale. Save 20-40% on Skis, Boots and Poles. All Nordic Clothing and Gloves are 40% Off. But act fast, because as soon as the skiing at Meissner is done, we will be boxing it all up and putting it away until the fall….and it won’t be on sale when we do.

Also, if you are looking for a special ski for next season, hand picked at the factory (best selection), please gives us a call in the next few weeks and talk to Zach. We need to get our orders in soon.

Remember, riding and skiing are great ways to practice social distancing. Just don't go with big groups. Enjoy yourself, but ride and ski within your limits. We don't need more people going to the already busy hospitals.

Have fun. Stay healthy.

Kevin Gorman