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Dumonde Tech HG, Needle Applicator, Chain Lube, 18 Ga
HG, Needle Applicator, Chain lube,18 ga
Dumonde Tech Chain Lube
$14.00 - $22.00
- Our got-to shop lube at Webcyclery. - Dumonde Tech lubricants are made of a liquid plastic, which bonds to the chain and keeps your components clean. - Lasts longer and is quieter than many other chain lubes. - Can also be used on cables, pivots, and seals as it does not deteriorate or compromise plastic or rubber. - Original and Lite differ in only their concentration. - The Original formula is best for your more extreme needs, like mountain and cyclocross bikes in wet, muddy or dirty conditions. - The Lite formula is best for drier, cleaner conditions, so it is great for road bikes. - When applying it is recommended that you thoroughly clean and dry your chain first. Then apply Dumonde Tech sparingly and wipe off access lube so the chain's outer surface appears dry. Re-apply Dumonde Tech Chain lubes when your chain starts to make noise. Sound is a better indication that it is time to re-apply over appearance.
Dumonde Tech Citrus Solvent
Dumonde Tech Citrus Solvent is a 100% natural citrus solvent and the strongest natural degreaser on the market. It is also safe on carbon fiber so go ahead and grab a bottle to help remove the tubular glue of your CX wheels.
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