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Combi Ski Boots

Fischer XJ Sprint Jr Boot
- Fischer's most popular children's and junior boot is a real all-rounder in the snow. - Soft sole encourages the natural heel-to-toe rolling motion. - Internal anatomically shaped heel cap. Very light and individually thermoformable. - Practical entry loops and wide-opening designs guarantee that boots can be put on/taken off comfortably. - Lace covers for additional protection against the snow and wet conditions and to give you a comfortable warm feeling. - Pure PU sole with comfortable, softer flex and good walkability.
Fischer RC5 Combi Boot
The RC5 Combi blends comfort, stability and performance in a light, race fit boot. No matter the technique, the combi sole provides lateral stiffness for skating and forward flex for classic skiing. Grab the Easy Entry loops and pull the Speed Lock lacing for a quick secure fit. Comfort Guard insulation and a breathable Triple-F lace cover help keep feet warm and dry. The Triple-F Membrane keeps water and snow from entering boots, while allowing excess heat and moisture vapor to escape. The climate inside the boot stays warm and dry, no matter what the outside climate is. Inside the boot, a light, thin layer of water-repellent insulation material offers additional thermal protection in the forefoot and toe area to keep the skiers warm as they glide through the snow.
Salomon Pro Combi Prolink Ski Boot
The Pro Combi boot is ideal for new multi-discipline racers. The progressive lateral support and flexible sole make it the perfect boot for both skating and classic. This is one of our most popular boots, especially with highschool skiers who are just starting out and need a boot for both skate and classic skiing. The Pro Combi Boot features an adjustable heel strap and Salomon's Dissociated Quicklace system, which provides and even better fit.
Alpina Pro CLASSIC AS Boot
The PRO CLASSIC AS (Classic Boot with Ankle Support) offers extreme support around the ankles for maximum stability during complex maneuvers. It is a more comfortable option for serious skiers in need of more help with all of the relevant features like 4DRY, anatomic footbed, carbon heel, and non-PVC materials. NNN Compatible Sole (Prolink, Turnamic, etc) Race Fit
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