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Skate Ski Boots

Fischer RCS Skate Boot
- High quality skate race boot from Fischer. - Features an ergonomic molded cuff that's easy to adjust and provides remarkable side to side rigidity while still maintaining good freedom of movement to the front and back. - Additional velcro outer fastener where the instep is makes the foot even more secure and enables better power transfer. - Fischer's Speed Lock lacing system is light, minimal, and easy to use: simply pull the laces tight – that's it! - Practical entry loops and wide-opening designs guarantee that boots can be put on and taken off comfortably. - Lace covers for additional protection against the snow and wet conditions and to give you a comfortable warm feeling. - Specially sealed zipper system ensures that any moisture is kept out. - Special membrane ensures that conditions inside the boot are perfect: dry, warm and breathable. - Fischer's new Turnamic Race Skate Sole is made from lightweight Pebax® or Desmopan® and enables a lower stand height for more stability. - The sole is made from a hard inner material for better power transfer and a softer surface material for better grip on slippery surfaces - Arch support for stability and extra torsional stiffness. - Cleat geometry without flex grooves for better power transfer. - Very lightweight, water-repelling insulation material for additional thermal protection in the forefoot and toe area. - Thermally formable foam cushioning with outstanding thermal insulation and a perfect fit for the individual shape of the foot.
Fischer RCS Carbon Skating Boot
$339.95 $369.00 8% Off
The RCS Carbon Skate blends the successful RCS boot with a full carbon heel for efficiency and stability.The improved power transfer means more speed, using less energy.
Fischer Carbonlite Skate Boot
$439.95 $489.00 10% Off
Taking cues from the World Cup, the new Carbonlite Skate boot has eliminated weight and increased performance. A new carbon cuff and heel counter work in tandem with an improved inner boot and lacing system for optimal energy transfer and control.
Fischer Speedmax Skate Boot
The world class performance of the Speedmax Skate boot starts with a world class fit for stability and efficient power transfer. A new lacing system and racing last secures the foot, while the light, strong sole and Zero Play Hinge guarantee precise, smooth movement to save valuable seconds. The RACE CODE seal confirms you're wearing World Cup equipment.
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