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Brake Boosters

Jitsie Brake Boaster
All trials riders would benefit from a brake booster, with superior stopping power and hold. If your hands are getting tired or you find your fingers are giving out on that technical hop then the Jitsie brake booster might just be the perfect upgrade for you. - Jitsie has integrated a brake booster with brake clamps to create an innovative, lightweight way to improve brake performance. - Designed by the Jitsie development team lead by 10-time World Champion Dani Comas. - CNC-machined from high quality 7075 aluminum. - Unique one-piece booster/clamp design results in superior rigidity, which improves braking power significantly. - Combining the brake clamps with the booster also saves weight over traditional booster designs. - Widened holes in the top clamps/booster help fit a range of frames. - Designed to be used without plastic cylinder washers to improve clamping power and make setup easy. - Ribbed design with recess in top face of the booster reduces weight without compromising stiffness. - Supplied with steel bolts featuring wide heads and 3mm allen key fittings. The bolts require extra-large heads to cover the wider slots that make the booster compatible with multiple frame sizes. - Designed and manufactured in Belgium as part of the Jitsie Race range. - Available in 20" and 26" models. Please note: This booster will not fit 26" GU frames due to the small tail on the end of the top tube interfering with the top of the arch.
Echo SL 2-Bolt Brake Booster
- 2-bolt booster from Echo as found on their complete bikes. - Constructed from 6061 T6 Aluminum for maximum stiffness. - Booster body is machined out to reduce weight where it isn't needed. - Wide profile also offers some protection for the crossover line on HS33 brakes. - Designed to fit 26", 24", and 20" trials bikes with 4-bolt mounts spaced at 100mm. - Supplied with two mounting bolts and spacers. - Anodized finish with laser-etched logos.
Trialtech Sport 2-Bolt Brake Booster
- CNC machined booster from Trialtech. - Manufactured from top grade 6061-T6 alloy. - Identical profile to the Trialtech SL Carbon booster ensures increased brake power and feel. - Excellent internal profile minimizes stress risers, and thus flex. - Fully chamfered outer edges remove all sharp corners. - Includes spacers and mounting hardware. - Fits brake mount spacings from 90-105mm. - Adequate vertical clearance for 20" and 26" bikes. - Available in anodized black with laser etched Trialtech logo. - Supplied fully packaged with Trialtech stickers enclosed.
Trialtech SL Booster Spacers
- CNC-machined aerospace grade aluminum booster spacers from Trialtech. - Unique "top hat" design to prevent the spacer being crushed into the bolt slot and/or damaging your booster. - Fits standard M5 brake clamp bolts. - Available in anodized black only. - Supplied as a pair.
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