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Brake Clamps

Trialtech Alloy Cylinder Washers
- High quality replacement aluminum cylinder washers for Magura rim brakes. - Compatible with all brake clamps that require the traditional Magura cylinder washer. - Split design makes setup easier whilst unique O-ring system helps keep each half together when fitting. - Aluminum construction makes the washers more durable than standard plastic washers. - Anodized gloss black finish. - Sold as a pair (for one brake).
Magura HS33 Cylinder Washer
- Official Magura C-shaped washer to fit HS33 brake cylinders. - New washers make brake setup easier than using old, creased washers. - Sold individually.
Jitsie Brake Clamps
- The Jitsie brake clamps are an innovative CNC component from the Belgian manufacturer. - CNC-machined from quality 7075 alloy. - Designed to be used without plastic cylinder washers to improve clamping power and ease of installation. - Clamps feature different heights - 7mm and 9mm. This can be very useful when your frame or fork has very low-profile brake mounts. The clamps can be mounted either side up to adjust how far the cylinders sit above the frame. - Designed and manufactured in Belgium as part of the Jitsie Race range.
Echo SL M6 Brake Clamps
- M6 SL brake clamps for new GU and Echo frames and forks. - 2 6061 T6 aluminum cylinder washers (4 halves) improve durability and clamping force over traditional plastic washers and allow you to finely adjust the angle of your brake pads. This is especially useful if the brake mounts on your frame are not perfectly square. - Holes machined into the clamps save weight. - Wider slots than standard SL clamps are designed specifically for the M6 bolts used on 2015 and newer GU and Echo Mark Ti frames, will not work with other frames. - Anodized black finish with laser-etched logos on the top clamps. - Includes M6 titanium mounting bolts and washers. - Sold as a pair (mounts for one brake).
 Replacement Steel Bolt
- Replacement steel bolt. - M5 x 25mm size. - 4mm allen key head. - Ideal for brake clamp bolts (without brake booster). - Sold singly.
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