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Hydraulic Rim Brake Pads

Coustellier HS33 Brake Pads
Every trials rider has heard of HS33 brakes, the issue is that most people run cheap and non-efficient pads. You can quickly improve the performance of HS33 dramatically by installing a set of high-performance pads. The Coust pads are definitely that! - The legendary Coust pads! - Developed and used by World Champions Gilles and Giacomo Coustellier. - Handmade in France by the Gilles and Giacomo's father Michel. - Popular the world over with riders looking for maximum braking performance. - Great sound with sharp bite and tremendous hold in all riding conditions. - Designed for use with ground rims. - Hand glued to the classic PowerPad backing. - Compatible with all hydraulic rim brake systems on the market including Magura, Echo, and Racing Line. - 8mm of pad material provides plenty of wear life. - Sold as a pair.
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