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Brake Parts & Accessories

 Replacement Steel Bolt
- Replacement steel bolt. - M5 x 25mm size. - 4mm allen key head. - Ideal for brake clamp bolts (without brake booster). - Sold singly.
Avid Rotor Bolts
- Replacement set of rotor bolts from Avid/Sram. - Constructed from durable steel. - Head fitted for a T25 Torx key. - Supplied with loctite applied to prevent loosening. - Sold as a set of 6 for one rotor.
Hope Copper Washer for 5mm or Stainless Line (individual)
Replacement copper washers for 5mm or stainless Hope hydraulic brake line.
Hope Hydraulic Brake Line
- Replacement brake line for Hope disc brakes. - Constructed from durable yet flexible material. - 5mm external diameter. - Supplied cut to length in 1 foot increments.
Hope Brass Hydraulic Hose Insert for Braided Hose
Brass hose insert for Hope hydraulic disc brakes.
Hope Steel Rotor Bolts
- Replacement set of rotor bolts from Hope. - Constructed from high quality steel. - Head fitted for a T25 Torx key. - Supplied with loctite applied to prevent loosening. - Sold as a set of 6 for one rotor.
Hope Lever Barrel Nut
- Replacement brass barrel nut for Hope trials lever blades. - Features a nylon plug to prevent the reach adjust from unscrewing during use. - Constructed from brass. - Compatible with Hope Race and Trial Zone levers.
Hope Easy Brake Bleed Kit
- High quality brake bleed kit from Hope Technology. - Comes with detailed step by step bleeding instructions. - Clever design uses a lever specific reservoir bleed cap that the easy bleed fluid cup threads into, eliminating the need to refill the reservoir during the bleed process, allowing you to bleed the brake quicker with less mess. - DOT fluid sold separately. - Kit includes: flexible vent tubing, bleed port fitting, lever specific reservoir cap with rubber seal and mounting screws, easy bleed fluid cup with stopper, and instructions.
Jitsie Brake Lever Clamp Pads
- An innovative product that helps protect your legs when you hit them on your lever clamps! - Helps lessen the impact of hitting the legs on the lever clamps during riding. - Made of lightweight yet durable material. - Held in place by two velcro straps. - Compatible with all brake levers. - Sold as a pair.
Magura 2005-2010 HS33 Lever Clamp Bolt
- Replacement clamp bolt for 2005-2010 Magura HS33 brake levers. - Made from steel for maximum durability. - M5 x 18mm - Sold individually.
Magura Disc Brake Caliper Bolt
- Disc brake caliper mounting bolt from Magura. - Steel construction for maximum durability. - M6 x 16mm size is ideal for disc brake mounting bolts, but also works for other applications. - Head fitted for 5mm allen key. - Pre-applied loctite helps keep bolts secure. - Sold singly.
Magura Olive
- Replacement olive/compression ferrule from Magura. - What you'll need if you want to shorten the brake lines on your hydraulic rim brakes. - Compatible with all hydraulic rim brakes including Magura, Racing Line, Echo, and others. - Sold singly.
Magura HS33 Cylinder Washer
- Official Magura C-shaped washer to fit HS33 brake cylinders. - New washers make brake setup easier than using old, creased washers. - Sold individually.
Magura M6 Barb Fitting
- Replacement steel Magura M6 Barb Fitting. - Compatible with Magura, Racing Line, Trialtech, and Echo brake line. - Sold singly.
Magura M8 Compression Nut
- Replacement Magura compression sleeve nut, also known as a shroud nut. - Allows a standard hose to be fitted to cylinders and levers using a new olive. - Compatible with pre-2011 Magura levers and all Racing Line levers and Magura slave cylinders. - Sold singly.
Magura M9 Compression Nut
- Replacement Magura compression sleeve nut, also known as a shroud nut. - Allows a standard hose to be fitted to levers using a new olive. - Compatible with 2014 and newer Magura HS33 levers as well as Magura MT disc brake levers. - NOT compatible with any pre-2014 Magura levers.
Magura Hydraulic Brake Line
- Replacement hydraulic line for Magura rim brakes. - Also fits most other hydraulic rim brakes including Echo, Racing Line, Trialtech. - Not compatible with disc brakes. - Available in 3 meter length (enough for approximately 2 rear brakes including crossover line).
Magura Bleed Kit
- Official Magura bleed kit for rim and disc brakes. - Ideal service kit for keeping your hydraulic rim brakes in top condition! Kit includes: - 4 ounces of Magura Blood - 2 syringes - 1 bleed tube (can be cut in half to make 2) - 2 olives - 2 small hose inserts - 1 barbed fitting - Instructions. Please Note: Since this kit only includes one barb fitting, we recommend purchasing a second barb fitting separately if you wish to bleed your brake using a syringe at each end to cycle fluid back and forth (generally the most effective method for getting rid of air bubbles).
Magura HS33 Slave Cylinder
- Replacement HS33 slave cylinder from Magura - Ideal if one of your slave cylinders has started leaking, you can just replace it instead of getting a whole new brake. - Also fits Magura HS11, Echo rim brakes, and Racing Line brakes. - Features M6/M8 threaded holes. - Includes a plastic cylinder washer, shroud nut, and olive. - Available in black only, sold individually.
Racing Line Olive
- Compression ferrules from Racing Line - Made from copper, which makes them slightly softer than Magura olives. - Recommended for use with Racing Line aluminum compression nuts since they can be compressed with less force and are less likely to damage the softer aluminum fittings. - Compatible with all Magura and Racing Line brakes. - 5mm inner diameter - Sold singly.
Racing Line 2005-2010 HS33 Piston Spring
- Replacement piston spring for 2005-2010 Magura HS33 levers - 10mm size fits Racing Line, Magura, and Echo brake levers.
Racing Line Titanium Bleed Bolt
- Replacement bleed bolt for 2016 Racing Line levers and brakes. - TC4 titanium construction. - M6 thread. - Fitted for use with Torx T-25 tool. - Fits 2016 Racing Line levers and slave cylinders only, not compatible with Magura or earlier Racing Line brakes. - Maximum torque 3Nm. - Nylon washer not included.
Racing Line Titanium M6 Grub Screw
- Lightweight titanium replacement grub screw/blanking bolt for Racing Line brake levers. - M6 thread size - New design features an o-ring on the bottom of the bolt, improving the seal over traditional grub screws. - Constructed from titanium. - Available in anodized black, gold or rainbow finish. - Compatible with Racing Line FL001 and Nano 28 levers only! - Maximum bolt torque 3Nm! Please Note: A small amount of grease should be applied to the threads before installation and it is imperative that these are not over-tightened. Doing so can result in the lever leaking!
Racing Line Titanium M6 Tapered Grub Screw
- Lightweight titanium replacement grub screw/blanking bolt for 2005-2010 Magura HS33 levers. - M6 thread size with tapered end fits Racing Line, Magura, Echo CNC, SL and TR rim brakes. - Fitted for a 3mm allen key. - Maximum bolt torque 3Nm! - Sold individually.
Racing Line Grease
- Racing Line grease. - Specially formulated for use with o-rings on Racing Line brakes. - Helps keep o-rings on hydraulic rim brakes sealed and lubricated. - Also works great on bolts and other items requiring grease. - 3g.
Racing Line TPA Bushings
- Replacement TPA Bushings from Racing Line. - Bushings sit on both sides of TPA wheel to hold it in place. - Fits 2005-2010 Magura HS33 and Racing Line levers. - Sold as a pair (for one brake).
Racing Line Tar
- Tar is the long-used method of improving rim brake performance without grinding. - To apply, simply spin your wheel and lightly scrub some tar onto the braking surface. - Only a small amount is needed for each application. - Can be used with both smooth and ground rims. - For use with rim brakes only. - Block of tar measures approximately 3cm x 3cm x 5mm - Sold singly
Racing Line Titanium M6 Barb Fitting
- Lightweight replacement titanium M6 barbed fitting from Racing Line. - Constructed from 6Al-4V titanium alloy. - Less than half the weight of standard steel barb fittings!
Racing Line Titanium M8 Compression Nut
- Replacement superlight titanium Racing Line compression sleeve nut, also known as a shroud nut. - Compatible with Magura HS33 2005-2010 levers and Magura slave cylinders - Less than half the weight of standard steel compression nuts.
Racing Line Lever Piston Seal Kit
- Replacement seal kit for the newest generation Racing Line lever pistons. - If your lever is starting to leak, new o-ring seals can often give it new life. - Includes 2 o-rings and 2 nylon washers. - Sold as a kit for one lever piston. - Available for 13mm and 14mm pistons.
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