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Brake Fluid & Service

Trialtech Bleed Syringe
$5.00 - $6.00
- High quality syringes for bleeding hydraulic rim brakes and some models of disc brake. - Precision 2-piece design avoids sticking issues caused by swelling seals often encountered with other syringes. - Available in Large (60ml) or Small (24ml) volume. - Sold individually.
Racing Line Grease
- Racing Line grease. - Specially formulated for use with o-rings on Racing Line brakes. - Helps keep o-rings on hydraulic rim brakes sealed and lubricated. - Also works great on bolts and other items requiring grease. - 3g.
Trialtech Bleed Hose
- Quality bleed hose for hydraulic rim brakes. - M6 fitting for Magura HS33, Racing Line, Tensile and Echo brakes. - Can be used as an inlet or outlet hose. - Supplied with Trialtech barbed connector fitted to a 23cm long hose. - Ideal for use with Trialtech bleed syringes. - Sold individually.
Magura Bleed Kit
- Official Magura bleed kit for rim and disc brakes. - Ideal service kit for keeping your hydraulic rim brakes in top condition! Kit includes: - 4 ounces of Magura Blood - 2 syringes - 1 bleed tube (can be cut in half to make 2) - 2 olives - 2 small hose inserts - 1 barbed fitting - Instructions. Please Note: Since this kit only includes one barb fitting, we recommend purchasing a second barb fitting separately if you wish to bleed your brake using a syringe at each end to cycle fluid back and forth (generally the most effective method for getting rid of air bubbles).
Trialtech Bleed Kit
- Excellent value for money rim brake bleed kit. Kit includes: - 1 500ml Trialtech rim brake fluid - 1 60ml syringe - 2 bleed hoses with barb fittings
Hope Easy Brake Bleed Kit
- High quality brake bleed kit from Hope Technology. - Comes with detailed step by step bleeding instructions. - Clever design uses a lever specific reservoir bleed cap that the easy bleed fluid cup threads into, eliminating the need to refill the reservoir during the bleed process, allowing you to bleed the brake quicker with less mess. - DOT fluid sold separately. - Kit includes: flexible vent tubing, bleed port fitting, lever specific reservoir cap with rubber seal and mounting screws, easy bleed fluid cup with stopper, and instructions.
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