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Brake Fluid & Service

Trialtech Bleed Syringe
$5.00 - $6.00
- High quality syringes for bleeding hydraulic rim brakes and some models of disc brake. - Precision 2-piece design avoids sticking issues caused by swelling seals often encountered with other syringes. - Available in Large (60ml) or Small (24ml) volume. - Sold individually.
Magura Royal Blood
$6.00 - $20.00
- Magura mineral oil for all Magura rim and disc brakes. - Also compatible with Echo and Racing Line and other rim brakes. - Available in 2oz. and 16oz bottles.
Racing Line Grease
- Racing Line grease. - Specially formulated for use with o-rings on Racing Line brakes. - Helps keep o-rings on hydraulic rim brakes sealed and lubricated. - Also works great on bolts and other items requiring grease. - 3g.
Trialtech Bleed Hose
- Quality bleed hose for hydraulic rim brakes. - M6 fitting for Magura HS33, Racing Line, Tensile and Echo brakes. - Can be used as an inlet or outlet hose. - Supplied with Trialtech barbed connector fitted to a 23cm long hose. - Ideal for use with Trialtech bleed syringes. - Sold individually.
Trialtech Rim Brake Fluid
- Specially formulated rim brake fluid from Trialtech! - High quality water based rim brake fluid tested and proven by Trialtech team riders. - Custom composition gives responsive brake lever feel while still retaining good lubrication properties (when compared to 100% water bleed). - Helps to maximize brake performance down to -12°C. - Non-toxic and biodegradable. - Made in the UK. - Sold in 250ml bottles.
Trialtech Bleed Kit
- Excellent value for money rim brake bleed kit. Kit includes: - 1 250ml Trialtech rim brake fluid - 1 60ml syringe - 2 bleed hoses with barb fittings
Magura Bleed Kit
- Official Magura bleed kit for rim and disc brakes. - Ideal service kit for keeping your hydraulic rim brakes in top condition! Kit includes: - 4 ounces of Magura Blood - 2 syringes - 1 bleed tube (can be cut in half to make 2) - 2 olives - 2 small hose inserts - 1 barbed fitting - Instructions. Please Note: Since this kit only includes one barb fitting, we recommend purchasing a second barb fitting separately if you wish to bleed your brake using a syringe at each end to cycle fluid back and forth (generally the most effective method for getting rid of air bubbles).
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