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Brake Line and Fittings

Hope Copper Washer for 5mm or Stainless Line (individual)
Replacement copper washers for 5mm or stainless Hope hydraulic brake line.
Magura Olive
- Replacement olive/compression ferrule from Magura. - What you'll need if you want to shorten the brake lines on your hydraulic rim brakes. - Compatible with all hydraulic rim brakes including Magura, Racing Line, Echo, and others. - Sold singly.
Racing Line Olive
- Compression ferrules from Racing Line - Made from copper, which makes them slightly softer than Magura olives. - Recommended for use with Racing Line aluminum compression nuts since they can be compressed with less force and are less likely to damage the softer aluminum fittings. - Compatible with all Magura and Racing Line brakes. - 5mm inner diameter - Sold singly.
Hope Hydraulic Brake Line
- Replacement brake line for Hope disc brakes. - Constructed from durable yet flexible material. - 5mm external diameter. - Supplied cut to length in 1 foot increments.
Magura M6 Barb Fitting
- Replacement steel Magura M6 Barb Fitting. - Compatible with Magura, Racing Line, Trialtech, and Echo brake line. - Sold singly.
Magura M8 Compression Nut
- Replacement Magura compression sleeve nut, also known as a shroud nut. - Allows a standard hose to be fitted to cylinders and levers using a new olive. - Compatible with pre-2011 Magura levers and all Racing Line levers and Magura slave cylinders. - Sold singly.
Magura M9 Compression Nut
- Replacement Magura compression sleeve nut, also known as a shroud nut. - Allows a standard hose to be fitted to levers using a new olive. - Compatible with 2014 and newer Magura HS33 levers as well as Magura MT disc brake levers. - NOT compatible with any pre-2014 Magura levers.
Hope Brass Compression Olive
Brass compression olive for Hope hydraulic disc brakes.
Trialtech M6 Barb Fitting
- Replacement barbed fitting for Magura, Echo and Racing Line brakes, Trialtech Sport hose splitters and other brand brake levers. - High quality CNC-machined Cr-moly steel construction. - Second barb is slightly larger diameter to provide a secure fit and better seal. - Shorter threaded section than standard Magura barbs, making them ideal for use with bleed hoses. - M6 x 1mm thread. - Tough black finish. - Sold singly.
Racing Line Titanium M8 Compression Nut
- Replacement superlight titanium Racing Line compression sleeve nut, also known as a shroud nut. - Compatible with Magura HS33 2005-2010 levers and Magura slave cylinders - Less than half the weight of standard steel compression nuts.
Hope Brass Hydraulic Hose Insert for Braided Hose
Brass hose insert for Hope hydraulic disc brakes.
Racing Line Titanium M6 Barb Fitting
- Lightweight replacement titanium M6 barbed fitting from Racing Line. - Constructed from 6Al-4V titanium alloy. - Less than half the weight of standard steel barb fittings!
Trialtech Rim Brake Line
- Top quality replacement rim brake line from Trialtech. - Lightweight, durable material. - 5mm external diameter. - Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow and Clear. - Custom printed with Trialtech logos. Silver logos on Black, Blue and Red hose. Black logos on Clear, Green, Yellow and White hose. - Supplied cut to length in 1 meter increments.
Trialtech Rim Brake Crossover Hose
- Pre-built crossover hose to fit Magura HS33/HS11, Racing Line and Echo rim brakes. - Comes supplied with top quality Trialtech rim brake fittings and 23cm of Trialtech rim brake hose fully assembled and ready to fit. - Longer than standard hose helps to prevent kinking and reduced performance during use. - Available with either two Trialtech M6 Barbed Fittings, or an M6 Barbed Fitting at one end with a Trialtech M8 Shroud Nut and olive at the other. - M6/M6 fittings for Magura 2005-2010, pre-2017 Racing Line, and Echo brakes, or M6/M8 fittings (with olive and shroud nut) for Magura HS33/HS11 brakes from 2011 onwards and 2017 and newer Racing Line brakes. - Sold singly. Please note: these are made from lengths of regular Trialtech Rim Brake Hose so your crossover may not feature a Trialtech logo, or part of one.
Trialtech Sport Hose Splitter
- High quality, 6061 aluminum, CNC machined hose splitter for hydraulic rim brakes. - Helps to prevent damage to vulnerable cross-overs found on standard brakes. - Increases brake efficiency and feel by ensuring even fluid flow to each cylinder. - Uses 3 standard M6 Magura or Trialtech barbed fittings (sold separately) for easy hose connection and replacement. - Available in black anodized finish with stylish Trialtech 'Bashring' laser etched logos. - NOT compatible with most disc brakes and fittings, please contact us if you are unsure on compatibility.
Magura Hydraulic Brake Line
- Replacement hydraulic line for Magura rim brakes. - Also fits most other hydraulic rim brakes including Echo, Racing Line, Trialtech. - Not compatible with disc brakes. - Available in 3 meter length (enough for approximately 2 rear brakes including crossover line).
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