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Other Brake Parts

 Replacement Steel Bolt
- Replacement steel bolt. - M5 x 25mm size. - 4mm allen key head. - Ideal for brake clamp bolts (without brake booster). - Sold singly.
Magura Disc Brake Caliper Bolt
- Disc brake caliper mounting bolt from Magura. - Steel construction for maximum durability. - M6 x 16mm size is ideal for disc brake mounting bolts, but also works for other applications. - Head fitted for 5mm allen key. - Pre-applied loctite helps keep bolts secure. - Sold singly.
Magura HS33 Cylinder Washer
- Official Magura C-shaped washer to fit HS33 brake cylinders. - New washers make brake setup easier than using old, creased washers. - Sold individually.
Racing Line Titanium Bleed Bolt
- Replacement bleed bolt for 2016 Racing Line levers and brakes. - TC4 titanium construction. - M6 thread. - Fitted for use with Torx T-25 tool. - Fits 2016 Racing Line levers and slave cylinders only, not compatible with Magura or earlier Racing Line brakes. - Maximum torque 3Nm. - Nylon washer not included.
Avid Rotor Bolts
- Replacement set of rotor bolts from Avid/Sram. - Constructed from durable steel. - Head fitted for a T25 Torx key. - Supplied with loctite applied to prevent loosening. - Sold as a set of 6 for one rotor.
Hope Steel Rotor Bolts
- Replacement set of rotor bolts from Hope. - Constructed from high quality steel. - Head fitted for a T25 Torx key. - Supplied with loctite applied to prevent loosening. - Sold as a set of 6 for one rotor.
Racing Line Tar
- Tar is the long-used method of improving rim brake performance without grinding. - To apply, simply spin your wheel and lightly scrub some tar onto the braking surface. - Only a small amount is needed for each application. - Can be used with both smooth and ground rims. - For use with rim brakes only. - Block of tar measures approximately 3cm x 3cm x 5mm - Sold singly
Trialtech Alloy Cylinder Washers
- High quality replacement aluminum cylinder washers for Magura rim brakes. - Compatible with all brake clamps that require the traditional Magura cylinder washer. - Split design makes setup easier whilst unique O-ring system helps keep each half together when fitting. - Aluminum construction makes the washers more durable than standard plastic washers. - Anodized gloss black finish. - Sold as a pair (for one brake).
Trialtech SL Booster Spacers
- CNC-machined aerospace grade aluminum booster spacers from Trialtech. - Unique "top hat" design to prevent the spacer being crushed into the bolt slot and/or damaging your booster. - Fits standard M5 brake clamp bolts. - Available in anodized black only. - Supplied as a pair.
Magura HS33 Slave Cylinder
- Replacement HS33 slave cylinder from Magura - Ideal if one of your slave cylinders has started leaking, you can just replace it instead of getting a whole new brake. - Also fits Magura HS11, Echo rim brakes, and Racing Line brakes. - Features M6/M8 threaded holes. - Includes a plastic cylinder washer, shroud nut, and olive. - Available in black only, sold individually.
Racing Line Slave Cylinder
- Replacement slave cylinder from Racing Line. - CNC machined from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum. - Aluminum piston eliminates swelling when the brake is bled with water, a common problem with the plastic pistons found in Magura slave cylinders. - Compatible with Magura, Echo, and Racing Line brakes. - Available in M6/M8 and M8/M8 configurations, allowing the use of a shroud nut and olive at each end of the cross-over line, making it easier to repair or replace should you damage one mid-ride. - Includes 2 rainbow titanium shroud nuts, olives, and covers for M8/M8 version and one rainbow titanium shroud nut, olive, and cover and one bleed bolt for M6/M8 version. - Available in anodized black, sold individually.
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