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Hydraulic Rim Brakes

Magura HS33 Rim Brake
- Magura has updated their tried and true HS33 rim brake again! - Aesthetically, they have drawn on the ever-popular 2005-2010 model, a favorite among many trials riders, for inspiration. - Maintenance-free braking system - 5% increase in braking power over the previous model - Redesign also decreases weight compared to the 2011 model. - Lever body made of Magura's proprietary Carbotecture, which is both light and strong. - New forged aluminum lever blade is similar to the ones found on their MT range of disc brakes. - Available with standard 2-Finger lever or longer 4-Finger lever for additional power. - Lever blade is wider and has a more rounded profile than previous models. - Split handlebar clamp allows easy installation without removing grips. - New TPA system is made from steel to improve durability, and has indexed 90° turns to eliminate unwanted movement. - Fully adjustable lever reach provided by T25 screw in the front of the lever blade. - Flip-flop design allows the lever to be used as left or right hand. - Bleeding is the same as the 2005-2010 brakes: simply attach a full syringe to the slave cylinder, remove the bleed screw in the lever, then push fluid through from the bottom. Please note that a regular bleed hose will NOT screw into the bleed port, trying to do so will damage the threads. - Supplied with standard Magura black pads. (The black pads are not suited very well for trials, purchasing aftermarket pads is recommended.) - Supplied fully bled and ready to install. - Brake cylinders are compatible with all standard aftermarket 4-bolt clamps. - Made in Germany Please Note: Our HS33 brakes may be supplied without the pictured EVO adaptors for v-brake mounts. Please call us if you require these. Also Note: Correct installation of the split clamp lever requires the bolt with the arrows pointing towards it to be gently tightened first until the gap is closed, then the other bolt should be tightened down. There should be a gap of around 2-3mm when the lever is tight on the bars. Over-tightening the bolts or not following this procedure is likely to crack the lever clamp, which is not covered under warranty!
Jitsie Race Rim Brake
- Top end trials-specific hydraulic rim brake from Jitsie. - Used by Jitsie team riders including Nico Vallee and Alejandro Montalvo. - Features a Jitsie Race lever mated to Magura HS33 brake cylinders. - High quality lever is completely CNC machined from aluminum, except for the piston bolt which is machined from steel for added durability. - Flip-flop lever design allows use as either a right-hand or left-hand brake. - 14mm lever piston provides excellent power and fast reaction. - Features a CNC-machined lever blade with ergonomic shape for 1-finger use. - Clever bar clamp design uses a single pinch bolt to fasten the lever, eliminating any sharp points to hit your legs on. - Uses popular industry standard Magura HS33 brake cylinders for great performance and durability. - Includes high performance Jitsie Race brake pads. - Available in anodized black only with front (65cm) or rear (125cm) length hose. - Supplied fully bled with Magura Royal Blood brake fluid. - Compatible with Magura bleed kits and fittings. - Includes 2 spare olives for shortening the hose. - Made and assembled in Belgium.
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