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Jitsie Air4ce Shoes
- The Jitsie Air4ce shoe combines thoughtful design and technically advanced materials to make it a top choice for trials. - Developed in close collaboration with the Jitsie factory team riders. - Features asymmetrical construction with the inner side of the ankle quite a bit higher to provide maximum protection against the cranks. - Breathable and durable upper constructed with mesh and microfiber material. - Strong laces for a tight fit and a velcro closure tab to keep them secured out of the way when riding. - Full heel-to-toe rubber sole construction is much more durable than traditional glued on soles. - Antibacterial removable inner sole. - EVA midsole provides ample cushioning to absorb big hits. - Super tacky rubber molded outsole ensures excellent grip on the pedals. - A varied tread pattern features deeper tread on the back and tip of the shoe for grip on obstacles and shallower tread under the ball of the foot for better contact with the pedal. - Additionally, the outsole is super low on the pedal contact area for a direct feel with the bike. - Loop at the back of the shoe makes it easier to slip on.
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