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20'' Trials Bikes

Jitsie Varial 1010 20
- Jitsie's Varial 1010 20" bike offers solid value and performance for beginners and advanced riders alike. - Developed and extensively tested with Jitsie’s team riders Alejandro Montalvo, Nicolas Vallée, and Adam Morewood. - Spec'd with quality Jitsie parts for great value and durability. - Low overall weight makes it easier to learn and progress. - Jitsie Reverz tires provide excellent grip in all conditions. - Available in dual disc brake, dual rim brake or rear disc/front rim brake models to suit a variety of riding styles and preferences. Geometry - Wheelbase: 1010mm - Chainstay: 350mm - BB Height: +80mm - Head Angle: 71.5° - Reach: 600mm - Frame Spacing: 116mm
Jitsie Varial Race 20
$1,899.00 $2,099.00 10% Off
- Jitsie's top of the line competition bike as ridden by Junior World Champion and World Cup winner Alejandro Montalvo. - Aluminum Varial frame and fork with silver Race Replica finish. - Spec'd with the same top quality Jitsie parts Alejandro uses for minimal weight and the highest performance. - Jitsie's Race stem and carbon bar provide lightweight handling precision. - Spec'd with top of the line Hope Trial Zone disc brakes with Jitsie Race rotors and Jitsie Race pads for ultimate braking confidence. - Front rim brake model built with Jitsie Race lever, Magura HS33 cylinders, and Jitsie Race pads to keep the front end light and easy to maneuver for front wheel moves and hooks. - Wheels built up around Jitsie Race hubs, butted spokes, alloy nipples, and Jitsie's lightweight single wall rims. - Jitsie Reverz tires provide great grip in all conditions. - Uses the same proven geometry as Jitsie's Varial bikes to provide optimum control, precision, and power to the rider. - One of the lightest out of the box trials bikes on the market! Geometry - Wheelbase: 1010mm - Chainstay: 350mm - BB Height: +80mm - Head Angle: 71.5° - Reach: 600mm - Frame Spacing: 116mm
Crewkerz Jealousy Ultimate 20
- Top-end 20" bike from French brand Crewkerz, known for their innovative designs and exacting attention to detail. - Ridden by Crewkerz team rider Charlie Rolls. - One of the most advanced bikes available, every part has been meticulously engineered to be as stiff and strong as possible. - Tapered frame and fork provide excellent front end stiffness and durability. - Integrated sprung chain tensioning system is built into the frame and tucked out of the way under the chainstay, making it harder to hit. - Thru-Axles front and rear for ultimate stiffness. This also means the rear wheel is always aligned perfectly and the brake doesn't need to be adjusted when the chain stretches. - Disc side dropout and post mount disc mount are CNC machined from a single piece of aluminum to improve durability and stiffness. - Asymmetrical frame design with a large diameter press fit bottom bracket shell results in superior stiffness, giving the rider maximum power transfer to the pedals. - Fitted with Crewkerz's WAW Ultimate Carbon fork and handlebar. - Crewkerz's AS30 2-piece crankset with a 30mm aluminum axle is much stiffer than traditional ISIS cranks. - Crewkerz 135ep splined freewheel is easy to install and remove and has super fast pedaling engagement. - Hope Tech 3 - Trial Zone disc brakes provide super powerful, reliable braking. Geometry - Wheelbase: 1010mm - Chainstays: 350mm - BB Height: +85mm - Head Angle: 71.5° - Reach: 610mm - Frame Spacing: 135mm
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