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Echo Freewheel Spacer
- Replacement freewheel spacer from Echo. - Aluminum freewheel spacer used to space out the freewheel on the crank when not running a bashring. - 3.5mm thickness - 35mm inner diameter. - Laser-etched Echo logo. Please Note: Some of the green and red spacers do not have a logo.
Echo Pedal Cage Bolt
- Replacement pedal cage bolts from Echo. - M5 thread with countersunk head. - Constructed from steel for maximum durability. - Bolt head fitted for 3mm allen key. - Compatible with Echo cage pedals and most other brands of caged pedals including Rockman, Trialtech, Jitsie and Try-All. - Sold individually.
KMC Master Link
$1.00 - $2.00
- Replacement master link for KMC singlespeed chains. - Allows the chain to be conveniently removed without a chain tool. - Includes connecting link and retaining clip. - Available in 3/32" (silver) and 1/8" (grey) sizes.
Echo Integrated Tensioner Bolt
- Replacement integrated tensioner bolt for 2011 and newer Echo, ZOO, GU, and Czar frames. - Steel construction for maximum durability. - M5 thread - 25mm length - Sold individually
KMC Half Link
- Single half link from KMC. - The half link is an outer link that reduces to an inner link, making it half the length of a normal link. - Very useful for getting chain length or gearing just right. - Available to fit 1/8" or 3/32" chains. - Grey finish.
Echo Press Fit Bottom Bracket Spacer
- Replacement bottom bracket spacer from Echo. - Fits Echo Press Fit steel and titanium bottom brackets. - Flared design works with the Echo splined crank/fw system when fitted with the flared end facing the crank. - Also works with standard cranks when fitted with the flared end facing the bb. - 11.5mm width. - Anodized black finish with Echo logos. - Sold individually.
Inspired Pedal Pins
- Tough steel replacement pedal pins from Inspired. - Suitable for Inspired pedals but can also be fitted to other pedals featuring an M4 x 0.7 thread. - 6mm length. - Sold in packs of 20 (40 pins required to replace all pins in the Inspired pedals).
TruVativ Steel Crank Bolts
- Replacement steel crank bolts from TruVativ. - Fitted for an 8mm allen key. - Includes steel washers. - Available in M12 and M15 sizes. - Sold as a pair.
Trialtech Tensioner Spring
- Replacement spring for the Trialtech Single Sided Tensioner. - Extra strong tension to keep the chain tight and the tensioner from bouncing. - Ideal if your spring has broken or become worn out. - May also fit other sprung tensioners. - Sold singly.
Crewkerz Tensioner Spring
- Replacement spring for Crewkerz and Clean chain tensioners. - Strong tension to keep the chain tight and the tensioner from bouncing. - Ideal if your spring has broken or become worn out. - Sold singly.
Echo TR Pedal Cage
- Replacement pedal cage for Echo TR pedals. - Ideal if your cage has broken or the teeth have become worn. - 7075 T6 aluminum construction provides excellent durability. - New cage design features an indent with slightly lower teeth in the outer edge of the cage. This allows for more freedom of movement for your feet when required (such as when landing sidehops) while also providing more support underneath the foot. - Compatible with Echo TR and SL cage pedals only. - Available in anodized black only. - Sold individually.
Echo TR Pedal Axle
- Replacement axles for Echo pedals. - Constructed from durable steel. - Flat spaces on axle end to fit a 15mm pedal wrench. - Bearings, nuts not included. - Compatible with Echo TR and SL caged and platform pedals. - Sold individually. Please Note: The right pedal axle requires a left-hand threaded nut!
Trialtech Race Chain Tugs
- 10mm chain tugs from Trialtech. - Fits most 20" mod bikes and some 26" bikes. - CNC machined aluminum construction, with M6 threaded bar to keep weight down while maintaining maximum functionality. - Guides on the main body prevent the tug from rotating when tightening the axle bolts. - Sold as a pair.
Trialtech Sport Spanish BB Bearing
- Replacement bearing to fit Spanish bottom brackets only. - Compatible with all newer Echo, Zoo, Czar and GU frames as well as some others. - High quality construction with double seals. - For use on the drive or non-drive side. - Sold singly. - OD:37mm, ID:22mm, Width:9mm
Trialtech Sport Snail Cams
- Alloy and steel snail cams from Trialtech to suit a variety of preferences. - The alloy Sport Lite cam is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum. - Anodized gloss black finish with machined pocket gives the Sport Lite snail cam a unique and classy appearance. - Aggressive design of the notches means that once you have reached your desired chain tension, the wheel is securely held in that position. - The cromoly Sport HD cam is CNC machined and has a tough surface treatment to help prevent corrosion. - A series of incrementally smaller holes are designed to reduce weight without compromising strength. - Increased durability of the cromoly material allows for greater tooth resolution, meaning that you can really fine-tune the adjustment of your chain tension using the small but positive micro notches. - Will fit most bikes with a 10mm axle designed to work with snail cam tensioners. - Sold individually, allowing you to mix and match alloy or steel to your personal preference.
Crewkerz Freewheel Lockring
- Replacement freewheel lockring to fit Crewkerz AS30 cranks. - High quality aluminum construction. - Fitted for a Shimano Hollowtech 2 style bottom bracket tool such as the Park BBT-9. - When installing, the small lip side should be facing the bb bearing. - Also fits Crewkerz rear hubs as a cog lockring. - Anodized red finish.
Echo SL Splined Cog
$15.00 - $23.00 $40.00 Up to 63% Off
- Splined cogs to fit pre-2016 Echo splined hubs. - Designed fit the drive shells on pre-2016 Echo splined hubs, not compatible with standard Shimano spline hubs or 2016 and newer Echo splined hubs. - Manufactured from high quality, durable ChroMo steel. - Wide base prevents cogs from digging into the driveshell - Offset design allows fine-tuning of the chainline by flipping over the cog. - Compatible with all 1/8" and 3/32" chains. Please Note: These may come in a black or silver finish.
Trialtech Sport HD V2 Snail Cam
- High quality, CNC machined cromoly snail cam from Trialtech. - Gloss nickel, hard coated finish for extra durability. - A series of incrementally smaller drilled holes are designed to reduce weight without compromising strength. - Notched design to hold your wheel in position and ensure that it doesn't move, designed to be a 'fit-and-forget' product. - High resolution tooth pattern provides fine chain adjustment. - Will fit most bikes with a 10mm axle designed to work with snail cam tensioners. - Sold individually to allow you to tailor your setup to your specific needs.
KMC Kool 810 Chain
- Heavy duty singlespeed chain that's great for trials. - Features mushroom pin rivets to eliminate splayed links. - Supplied with a re-usable master link that allows easy installation and removal. - Compatible with 3/32" cogs. - 1300kg load capacity. - 1/2" x 3/32" - 112 links.
KMC Z610 HX Chain
- Singlespeed chain used by many top riders. - Spec'd on many complete trials bikes including Echo and Inspired. - "Stretch Proof" design helps prevent stretch in the plates, meaning chain adjustments are needed less frequently, especially when the chain is new. - Relatively light weight but still quite durable. - Features mushroom pin rivets to eliminate splayed links. - Supplied with a half-link pre-installed on one end of the chain. Simply remove that end of the chain when installing if you do not wish to use it. - Also supplied with a re-usable master link that allows for easy installation and removal. - 1200kg max load capacity. - 1/2" x 3/32" - 112 links.
Trialtech Alloy Crank Bolts
- High quality lightweight crank bolts from Trialtech. - CNC machined from 7075 aluminum alloy. - M15 thread size to fit most ISIS BBs. - Ultra deep 8mm allen key head for secure tool overlap during fitting/removal. - Comes supplied with two steel washers to fit between the crank arm and the head of the bolt. - Anodized finish with Trialtech laser logos. - Available in Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Red, Silver.
Trialtech Sport Splined HD Cog
$18.00 - $20.00
- CNC machined from super tough hardened Cro-Moly to offer a high level of quality and durability. - A shot blasted surface finish after machining increases the surface hardness and improves durability. - Wide 4.5mm base gives a greater contact area between hub and sprocket, reducing interface pressure and helping prevent 'dig-in' problems associated with narrow based sprockets. - Tapered design gives maximum strength, while CNC machined slots (17 and 18T models only) help keep the weight down. - Compatible with all 1/8" and 3/32" chains. - Industry standard Shimano HG spline pattern. - Can also be run in a cassette for your main drive gear. The 4.5mm wide base is the same spacing as an 9 speed Shimano cassette. - Stylish laser etched logos show great attention to detail. Please Note: These may be supplied with a silver or black finish.
Crewkerz Crank Pre-Load Bolt
- Replacement crank pre-load bolt to fit Crewkerz AS30 cranks. - High quality aluminum construction. - Fitted for a Shimano FC16 crank arm installation tool. - To be snugged lightly in place before tightening the M6 crank arm bolts. Do not over tighten. - Anodized red finish.
Inspired Flow Chain Tugs
- Replacement chain tugs to fit Inspired Flow 20" and 24" frames. - High quality CNC machined aluminum construction. - Sold as a pair with tensioner bolts (does not include frame bolts).
Racing Line BB30 External Bottom Bracket
$20.00 $35.00 43% Off
- Bottom bracket cups for Racing Line BB30 cranksets. - Machined from high quality 7075 aluminum. - Sealed bearings run smoothly and help keep out dirt and grit. - 1.37" x 24tpi thread fits all threaded bottom bracket shells. - Compatible with Hollowtech 2 style bb tools. - Also compatible with Hashtagg and Try-All BB30 cranksets as well as others. - Available in anodized red. - Sold as a pair.
Try-All 7075 Aluminum Snail Cams
- Lightweight aluminum snail cams from Try-All. - CNC machined from high quality 7075 aluminum. - Deep notches to ensure that the wheel doesn't slip. - Available in anodized black with laser-etched Try-All logos. - Sold as a pair.
Echo SL Alloy Crank Bolts
- Lightweight aluminum crank bolts as found on Echo complete bikes. - Manufactured from high quality 7075 T6 aluminum. - Supplied with steel spacers. - Fitted for an 8mm allen key. - M15 thread fits most modern ISIS bottom brackets. - Anodized finish with laser-etched Echo logos. Please Note: Although these are made from tough, high quality aluminum, we still recommend that you tighten down your cranks with steel bolts, and then install the aluminum ones. Note: These will not fit Trialtech Race ISIS or Trialtech SL Ti bottom brackets. Those require M12 and M14 crank bolts respectively.
Jitsie Alloy Crank Bolts
- Lightweight ISIS crank bolts from Jitsie. - Designed and manufactured in Belgium as part of the Jitsie Race range. - Compatible with all M15 threaded ISIS bottom brackets. - Machined from high quality aluminum, a conical head and cutouts keep weight to an absolute minimum. - Supplied with superlight aluminum washers, saving further weight. - Fitted for a 10mm allen key instead of 8mm used on most other crank bolts. - Available in anodized black or red with laser-etched Jitsie logos. - Sold as a pair.
Wellgo B-102 Platform Pedals
- Durable, inexpensive platform pedals from Wellgo. - One-piece aluminum body - Steel axles for maximum durability. - Axle ends fitted for 6mm allen key for easy installation. - Sealed bearings keep water and dirt out and provide smooth operation. - Features grippy, replaceable pins. - Parallelogram shape keeps feet on the grippiest parts of the pedals. - Large contact area provides a good platform.
Inspired Arcade Chain Tug
- Replacement 10mm chain tug to fit Inspired Arcade frame. - High quality CNC machined stainless steel construction. - Spring washer under the head of the adjustment bolt prevents it from shaking loose. - 5mm of adjustment provides optimum tension over recommended chain stretch range. - Dark grey finish only. - Sold singly.
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