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Crewkerz AS30 Crankset
- Custom-designed high quality crank/bottom bracket system from Crewkerz. - Drive side crank arm and BB axle are constructed as a single piece, which significantly increases stiffness and reduces weight. - Newly redesigned crank arms are now forged instead of CNC'd to reduce weight and improve strength. - Splined section is compatible with standard Shimano HG splined freewheels such as Crewkerz, Clean, and Bonz. - Freewheel is held in place with a lockring, which requires a standard Hollowtech 2 style tool such as the Park Tool BBT-9 bottom bracket tool. - Machined pockets in back of cranks keeps weight down. - Cranks are pre-loaded by the bearing cap bolt (fitted for a standard Shimano crank arm installation tool) and then held in place with M6 pinch bolts in the non-drive side crank. - Sealed bearings run smooth and keep out dirt and grit. - Press fit bottom bracket and oversized axle increase stiffness over traditional ISIS bottom brackets. - Pressfit BB cups are compatible with Crewkerz and Clean frames only. - 170 and 175 lengths supplied with an 18t half bashring that can be set up for left or right foot forward riders. - The drive side crank features a small nub that mates with a pocket on the bashring to keep the bashring aligned perfectly at all times. - Available in anodized black finish. - Entire kit includes: drive side crankarm with attached axle, non-drive crankarm, bottom bracket, preload bolt, freewheel lockring, and bashring (170 & 175 lengths only). Please note: The threaded end cap is used only to pre-load the bearings and should only be snugged in place. Damage caused by over-tightening this is not covered by warranty. Also note: Some cranksets now feature black anodized parts instead of the red shown in the photos.
Trialtech Sport Lite Splined Crankset
- Superlight splined crankset from Trialtech including freewheel, bashring and 7075 crank bolts. - One of the most cost-effective splined cranksets available. - Compatible with all standard M15 ISIS bottom brackets. - Splined 108.9 freewheel can be removed using standard allen/hex key multi tool. No more fooling with vices and pry bars trying to get stuck freewheels off! - Splined 7075 bashring can be set up for left or right foot forward riders and is always held at the correct angle by the splines. - Multi-stage forging allows a design that is super light yet stiff and strong. - Trialtech splined freewheel provides 108 engagement points per revolution with a proven 9 pawl design. - 32.5mm offset provides plenty of clearance. - Tough sandblast black anodized finish with distinctive Sport Lite laser logos. - Additional crank bolt spacers recommended when using titanium bottom brackets. - Available in 165mm, 170mm and 175mm lengths. - Full crankset includes crank arms, freewheel, freewheel lockring, half bashring, and M15 crank bolts.
Trialtech SL Forged ISIS Cranks
- Superlight, yet stiff and strong, the Trialtech SL cranks set a new standard in low-weight, high-performance products. - Forged from high quality 7050 aluminium alloy. - Used and tested by Trialtech team riders Kenny Belaey, Thomas Remvik Aasen, Rick Koekoek, Neil Tunnicliffe and Stan Shaw. - Fits all ISIS bottom brackets. - Threaded right-hand crank arm to accept a front freewheel or screw-on fixed sprocket. - Wide threaded section allows a bashguard to be used in addition to a freewheel/sprocket. - Multi-stage forging allows a design that is super light yet stiff and strong. - Tough anodized matt silver finish with a stylish and distinctive black SL logo. - 32.5mm offset provides plenty of clearance. - Available in 165mm, 170mm and 175mm lengths.
Echo TR Splined Cranks
The Echo splined cranks are great for those looking for a tough, robust cranks that wont slip. Bare in mind that Echo use their own spline system so parts from other brands won't work. - Echo's popular TR ISIS cranks in a splined version. - Forged from 6061 T6 aluminum making them strong and stiff. - Large slot machined into the front of the cranks reduces weight. - Splined crank/freewheel interface allows for easy installation and removal of freewheels. No more fussing with huge pry-bars to remove stuck threaded freewheels! - Designed to work with Echo style pressfit bottom brackets. - Special "top hat" bb spacers (supplied with bb or sold separately) keep the freewheel secured on the splines. - A freewheel spacer is supplied in case you want to run them without a bashring. - If a bashring is used, it must have a base width of 4mm. - Compatible only with Echo splined freewheels. - Available in 160mm and 170mm. - Anodized black with laser-etched Echo logos. Please Note: The Echo splined crank/freewheel system is only compatible with Echo style pressfit ISIS bottom brackets found on Echo, Zoo, Czar, and GU frames as well as others.
Jitsie Forged Cranks
- Great value forged cranks from Jitsie. - Constructed from forged 7075 T6 aluminum for optimal stiffness. - Material removed from the back of the cranks saves weight while maintaining strength in key areas. - 1.37" x 24tpi threaded section suitable for all trials freewheels or threaded cogs. - Matte anodized black finish with Jitsie logos. - Compatible with all ISIS bottom brackets. - Available in 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, and 175mm lengths. Please note that the minimum required thread contact between crank arm and sprocket/freewheel is 9mm, and a 1.37" sprocket/freewheel must be used. Failure to adhere to this instruction will damage the cranks threads and this is not covered under warranty.
Trialtech Race Forged Cranks
- ISIS cranks forged from high quality 6061 aluminum alloy. - Standard 1.37" x 24 tpi thread to accept a front freewheel or screw-on fixed sprocket. - Wide threaded section allows a bashguard to be used if desired. - Super stiff and strong yet still light enough for competition use. - Tough anodized matt finish, with laser etched Trialtech logos. - 165mm and 175mm lengths available. - Black finish only. Please Note: Always ensure freewheel/screw on sprocket threads are greased before installation.
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