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Echo Pedal Cage Bolt
- Replacement pedal cage bolts from Echo. - M5 thread with countersunk head. - Constructed from steel for maximum durability. - Bolt head fitted for 3mm allen key. - Compatible with Echo cage pedals and most other brands of caged pedals including Rockman, Trialtech, Jitsie and Try-All. - Sold individually.
Echo TR Pedal Cage
- Replacement pedal cage for Echo TR pedals. - Ideal if your cage has broken or the teeth have become worn. - 7075 T6 aluminum construction provides excellent durability. - New cage design features an indent with slightly lower teeth in the outer edge of the cage. This allows for more freedom of movement for your feet when required (such as when landing sidehops) while also providing more support underneath the foot. - Compatible with Echo TR and SL cage pedals only. - Available in anodized black only. - Sold individually.
Echo TR Pedal Axle
- Replacement axles for Echo pedals. - Constructed from durable steel. - Flat spaces on axle end to fit a 15mm pedal wrench. - Bearings, nuts not included. - Compatible with Echo TR and SL caged and platform pedals. - Sold individually. Please Note: The right pedal axle requires a left-hand threaded nut!
Echo TR Platform Pedals
- Redesigned TR platform pedals from Echo. - New Y-shaped platform design increases strength and reduces weight. - Concave platform shape increases grip over the previous design. - Constructed using 6061 T6 aluminum for the body and durable chromo steel for the axle. - Great option for riders looking for a more durable alternative to caged pedals without sacrificing weight. - Super slim design gives excellent clearance over obstacles. - Replaceable steel pins provide good grip in all conditions. - Sealed cartridge bearings provide smooth operation and superior durability. - Axle features 15mm flats for easy pedal installation and removal. - Anodized finish with laser-etched Echo logos. Please Note: These do not come with the pins installed. A wrench is provided with the pedals for installation of the pins. We highly recommend using locktite on the pin threads when you are installing, otherwise the pins can come loose and strip the threading or get lost. Also Note: Always remember to grease your pedal threads before installation!
Inspired Team V2 Pedals
- Inspired's updated high quality platform pedals as spec'd on their high end bikes. - Development of the proven Team platform pedals as used by Danny MacAskill. - Custom CNC machined 6061 main body. - Ultra low profile shape gives great ground clearance, while the foot hugging concave body with screw-in replaceable pins stick to your feet. - Chamfered edges help to minimize weight and deflect impacts. - Strong Cro-moly axle with smooth DU bush and sealed bearing system keep dirt out. - 8mm allen key fitting in the back of the axle for easy installation and removal. - Available in anodized Black with stylish Inspired laser etched logos. - Supplied boxed with Inspired stickers enclosed.
Jitsie Pedal Cages
- Replacement pedal cage for Jitsie Single Cage pedals. - Ideal if your cage has broken or the teeth have become worn. - 7075 T6 aluminum construction provides excellent durability. - Available in anodized black only. - Sold as a pair.
Jitsie Single Cage Pedals
$50.00 - $60.00
- Jitsie's lightweight caged pedals. - Super grippy low profile cage machined from 7075 T6 aluminum. - 3mm cage thickness provides durability and resists bending. - Steel axles provide excellent strength. - Cages feature side slots to reduce weight. - Pedal body features ribs where the arms attach to the main body, which increases strength over other similarly designed pedals. - Teeth on outer edge of cage are slightly less sharp than the rest of the cage to prevent them from digging in to your foot when you're twisting for balance. - Sealed bearings help keep out dirt and grit. - Axle ends fitted for 6mm allen key for easy installation and removal. - Anodized black or red cages and black body with laser-etched Jitsie logos.
Jitsie Platform Pedals
- Platform pedals from Belgian brand Jitsie. - CNC machined from durable 6061-T6 aluminum. - Slight concave pedal body shape provides maximum foot/pedal contact. - 20 steel pins per pedal ensure optimal grip and confidence. - Strong, reliable steel axle with 6mm allen key fitting in the back and 15mm wrench flats for easy installation and removal. - Sealed bearings for superior durability and smooth running. - Low profile shape gives great ground clearance. - Chamfered edges help to minimize weight and deflect impacts. - Available in anodized black with laser-etched Jitsie logos. - Supplied with spare pins.
Trialtech Race Platform Pedals
- Trialtech's Race Platform Pedals are quality, durable trials pedals that won't break the bank. - Features a one-piece aluminum body - Steel axles are strong and durable. - Sealed bearings are smooth-running and keep out water and dirt. - Features more replaceable pins than similar platform pedals for added grip. - Parallelogram shape that means you'll always get your feet onto the grippiest parts of the pedals. - Large contact area helps keep feet on the pedals at all times. Please Note: These pedals come with reflectors attached (not shown in picture).
Trialtech SL Titanium Pedal Axles
$42.00 $66.00 36% Off
- Superlight titanium pedal axles from Trialtech. - Lightweight replacement axles for Trialtech Sport Lite caged pedals. - Precision CNC machined from 6AI-4V titanium. - Includes dust seals and axle nuts. - Sold as a pair. - Laser etched Trialtech logos. - Also fit Hashtagg, Jitsie, Try-All, Clean and other caged pedals.
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