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Small Parts

Echo Freewheel Spacer
- Replacement freewheel spacer from Echo. - Aluminum freewheel spacer used to space out the freewheel on the crank when not running a bashring. - 3.5mm thickness - 35mm inner diameter. - Laser-etched Echo logo. Please Note: Some of the green and red spacers do not have a logo.
Echo Pedal Cage Bolt
- Replacement pedal cage bolts from Echo. - M5 thread with countersunk head. - Constructed from steel for maximum durability. - Bolt head fitted for 3mm allen key. - Compatible with Echo cage pedals and most other brands of caged pedals including Rockman, Trialtech, Jitsie and Try-All. - Sold individually.
Echo Press Fit Bottom Bracket Spacer
- Replacement bottom bracket spacer from Echo. - Fits Echo Press Fit steel and titanium bottom brackets. - Flared design works with the Echo splined crank/fw system when fitted with the flared end facing the crank. - Also works with standard cranks when fitted with the flared end facing the bb. - 11.5mm width. - Anodized black finish with Echo logos. - Sold individually.
Echo TR Pedal Cage
- Replacement pedal cage for Echo TR pedals. - Ideal if your cage has broken or the teeth have become worn. - 7075 T6 aluminum construction provides excellent durability. - New cage design features an indent with slightly lower teeth in the outer edge of the cage. This allows for more freedom of movement for your feet when required (such as when landing sidehops) while also providing more support underneath the foot. - Compatible with Echo TR and SL cage pedals only. - Available in anodized black only. - Sold individually.
Echo TR Pedal Axle
- Replacement axles for Echo pedals. - Constructed from durable steel. - Flat spaces on axle end to fit a 15mm pedal wrench. - Bearings, nuts not included. - Compatible with Echo TR and SL caged and platform pedals. - Sold individually. Please Note: The right pedal axle requires a left-hand threaded nut!
Echo SL Alloy Crank Bolts
- Lightweight aluminum crank bolts as found on Echo complete bikes. - Manufactured from high quality 7075 T6 aluminum. - Supplied with steel spacers. - Fitted for an 8mm allen key. - M15 thread fits most modern ISIS bottom brackets. - Anodized finish with laser-etched Echo logos. Please Note: Although these are made from tough, high quality aluminum, we still recommend that you tighten down your cranks with steel bolts, and then install the aluminum ones. Note: These will not fit Trialtech Race ISIS or Trialtech SL Ti bottom brackets. Those require M12 and M14 crank bolts respectively.
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