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Glide Waxes

Solda HC1 Ski Wax
- Solda HC1 is an economical paraffin-based wax that does not contain fluorine. - Great for training, prepping ski bases and for travel waxing. - Sold in a 60g block. Orange: -9ºC to +2ºC, 16ºF to 36ºF Best in older, transformed snow. Violet: -14ºC to -4ºC, 7ºF to 25ºF A great training wax because it is so versatile. A wide temperature range, this wax works very well on both new and old snow in dry to medium humidity levels. Green: -24ºC to -7ºC, -11ºF to 19ºF A good choice on those days when the snow is "squeaky" cold. A hard wax, making it very durable.
Solda Paste Wax
- Solda's Paste Wax is affordable and easy to apply. - Comes in three temperature ranges for varying conditions. - Gives you maximum glide for minimal waxing effort. - Apply cold (no iron required) with enclosed sponge. - Sold in 75ml tubes. Yellow: Air Temperature +15° to 0°C Red: Air Temperature 0° to -6°C Blue: Air Temperature -6° to -20°C
Solda Base Universal
- Solda's Base Universal is a wide range hydrocarbon wax that saturates bases easily. - We use this as a first layer on skis that show up in the shop neglected and in need of some love. - Apply a layer and scrape when it is still hot. - Works great as a cleaning wax when applied before storage. - Sold in a 500g block.
Solda Thermo Ski Wax
- Solda's Thermo Wax is a low melting point hydrocarbon wax that saturates new bases very well. - Great wax to use to restore bases after a new grind. - Can also be used as a cleaning wax or a storage and travel wax. - Webskis hot box wax of choice. - Sold in 1000g blocks.
Solda F15 Liquid Ski Wax
- Solda's tried and true F15 wax, now available in liquid form! - Liquid wax with sponge tip allows for easy application. - Ideal for use in 40-80% humidity. - Great for making wax corrections mid-ski. If conditions have changed or you waxed wrong for the day, this wax can be easily and quickly applied during your ski. - Can also be used in the kick zones of waxless skis to prevent icing of fish scales. - 90ml Yellow: 1 to -3C (34 to 27F) Red: -3 to -10C (27 to 14F) Green: -10 to -20C (14 to -4F)
Solda UF7 Low Fluor Ski Wax
$28.00 - $180.00
- One of our favorites in the Solda wax line. - An economical, low fluoro wax with a very wide temperature and snow crystal range. - After a long day of skiing we often brush the bases and apply a layer of UF7 and set the skis aside until the next ski day. - Also works great as a base for many race day waxes. - No respectable wax box is considered complete without some Solda UF7. - Available in 60g, 180g, and 1000g blocks.
Solda S-30 Cold Powder
- Solda S-30 powder is a synthetic hydrocarbon base hardener for very cold, dry conditions. - Can also used as a base wax in cold, older snow. - When snow temperatures are cold S-30 often enhances glide and durability when mixed with the appropriate wax for the temperature. - Apply with an iron, scrape while it is still warm and do not brush. Then apply wax of the day over that and iron it together, then scrape and brush. - Sold in 40g container. Recommended for: Temperature: -34°C to -12°C (-29°F to 10°F) Humidity: 10-50%
Solda Fluor Plus Dice
- Solda's Fluor Plus Dice is designed as a fluor booster for any other wax. - Used as a rub-on top coat when it seems that the wax is not running well. - It can enrich the fluoro content of low fluor waxes such as Solda F15. - Simple and easy to use, it is terrific for coaches or parents on a budget. - Runs in a wide temperature range. - Rub it directly on the ski base before the hot application of another wax. - Sold in 22g blocks.
Solda S-32 Powder
- Solda S-32 Powder works as a base hardener and anti-static all in one. - It is a mixture of Solda S-20 and S-30. - Designed for use on very cold snow. - Sold in 35g container. Recommended for: Temperature: -34°C to -12°C (-29°F to 10°F) Humidity: 10-50%
Solda HC28 Hydrocarbon Wax
$25.00 - $45.00
- Solda HC28 is a hydrocarbon-based wax with a carbon additive. - The perfect ski wax for renewing graphite ski bases. - An excellent base for Solda F15 or F31 waxes. - Gives renewed shine and lubricates worn out ski bases. - It is also a great base wax for dirty spring snow. - Available in 60g, 180g, and 250g blocks.
Toko NF Hot Wax
- Ecological HydroCarbon wax for training and base care. - Biodegradable and fluorine free. - Ideal for fun skiing and training sessions. - 120g block in resealable wax case. Black Iron Temperature: 130°C (270°F) Used as the base wax or added to the racing wax in dirty snow conditions. Contains a DLC additive to repel dirt and increase durability. Yellow Temperature: -4°C to +10°C (25°F to 50°F) Iron Temperature: 130°C (270°F) For warm, wet snow conditions. Red Temperature: -11°C to -2°C (12°F to 28°F) Iron Temperature: 140°C (280°F) Wide range of use for common snow and medium temperature conditions. Blue Temperature: -30°C to -9°C (-22°F to 16°F) Iron Temperature: 150°C (300°F) For cold and aggressive snow conditions.
Swix F4 Paste
- Swix's F4 Universal all temperature paste wax. - Great for skis and snowboards. - All snow conditions. - With foam applicator for quick and easy waxing. - 75ml tube.
Swix HF Marathon Warm Wax
A hard, durable glide wax for long distance cross country racing. Developed especially for wet dirty contaminated snow. High Fluor content. The hard consistency absorbs less dirt in wet conditions and works well in cold conditions. BW additive is for reduced friction against dirt particles. The BW additive is also positive in cold conditions when there is partially dry friction. 0ºC - 20ºC 150ºC iron temperature 40g
Solda MX75 Powder
$50.00 $70.00 29% Off
- Super high performance wax powder from Solda. - Powder form can be easily mixed with additives like hardeners. - Ideal for high humidity (50-100%). - Available in 30g powder container. Yellow: Above -4°C (25°F) Red: -13°C to 0°C (8° to 32°F)
Solda HP05 Carbon Powder
- Exceptional powder wax designed for dirty and cold snow conditions. - Ideal for medium to high humidity. - For hot applications. - Sold in 30g Container. Recommended for: Temperature: -18°C to -5°C Humidity: 50-100%
Solda S-40 Carbon Powder
- Excellent hardener for dirty snow from Solda. - Designed for use in very low temperatures, low humidity, and abrasive snow. - Applied next to the edges, it also preserves the base. - Apply hot, scrape when skis are still warm, then brush. - Sold in a 30g container. Recommended for: Temperature: -34°C to -12°C (-29°F to 10°F) Humidity: 10-50%
Solda UniWax
- Easy to use paste wax. - Apply with foam applicator, let dry, buff with a clean cloth and ski. - No ironing or scraping required. - Suitable for all kinds of snow and temperatures at medium humidity. - Includes applicator sponge. - 75ml tube.
Solda S-20 Antistatic Powder
- Solda S20 Antistatic Powder works great in dry conditions. - Most often used as a top coat in cold, windblown natural snow, or artificial snow in dry, cold conditions. - S-20 over a base of Solda HC28 runs very well when the snow is cold. - Sold in 35g container. Recommend for: Temperature: -24°C to -2°C (-11°F to 28°F) Humidity: 10-50%
Solda STR Fluor Powder
- Exceptional high-fluorinated powder wax designed for use in coastal areas. - Ideal for use in areas near the ocean or sea that experience winds with high salt content. - Designed for medium to high humidity. - For hot applications. - Sold in 30g Container. Recommended for: Temperature: -11°C to +3°C Humidity: 50-100%
Solda MR Fluor Powder
- Exceptional high-fluorinated powder wax designed for long marathon type races. - Ideal for use in cold, transformed, and semi-transformed snow conditions. - Designed for medium to high humidity. - For hot applications. - Sold in 30g Container. Recommended for: Temperature: -18°C to -5°C Humidity: 50-100%
Solda Eco Jet Wax
- Solda Eco Jet wax is designed with environmentally friendly ingredients to minimize your impact. - Formulated from beeswax and vegetable waxes. - No harsh fluorocarbons or hydrocarbons. - Low melting point (80ºC) makes application easy and fast. - Ideal in temperatures from 3ºC to -11ºC. - 60g
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