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Base Prep Waxes

Solda Base Universal
- Solda's Base Universal is a wide range hydrocarbon wax that saturates bases easily. - We use this as a first layer on skis that show up in the shop neglected and in need of some love. - Apply a layer and scrape when it is still hot. - Works great as a cleaning wax when applied before storage. - Sold in a 500g block.
Toko NF Hot Wax
- Ecological HydroCarbon wax for training and base care. - Biodegradable. - Without the addition of fluorine. - Ideal for practice sessions and ambitious amateurs. - Resealable wax case. - 120g. Black Used as a base wax or mixed as an additive. DLC additive for high degree of dirt repellency and hold. Used as the base wax or added to the racing wax in dirty snow conditions and aggressive artificial snow. Yellow -6 - 0°C Snow Temperature, 130°C Iron Temperature For damp to wet snow conditions Red -12 - -4°C Snow Temperature, 140°C Iron Temperature Wide range of use for common snow and medium temperature conditions Blue -30 - -10°C Snow Temperature, 150°C Iron Temperature For cold and aggressive snow conditions
Swix Moly Fluor Wax
A fluorinated wax formula (MB77) for conditioning ski and snowboard bases. Formulated for mid-range temperatures plus the addition of molybdenum for further resistance to snow abrasion. Can be used alone for general skiing or training, and can also provide a base for Cera F Powders and waxes. Recommended iron setting: 135ºC (275ºF) 60g
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