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Base Prep Waxes

Check out all our base prep wax for sale at Webcyclery & Webskis

Shop all our base prep wax for sale and keep your skis perfectly waxed all winter long.

Vauhti Pure Clean & Glide Liquid
- Vauhti Pure Clean & Glide cleans the glide zones of dirt and grit and maintains the bases by creating a hard and dirt-resistant coating. - Improves the performance of the glide waxes on top of it since ski waxes absorb best on clean bases. - Easy to use: simply shake the bottle well, apply on glide zones, and wipe clean with a polishing cloth. Brush with a nylon brush after 1-2 minutes. - Sold in 80ml bottle with locking twist top and applicator sponge.
Vauhti Pure Pro Base Liquid Wax
- Liquid base wax from Vauhti. - Use on new and stone ground skis from time to time during the season to get the most bene?t and wear resistance from liquid glide waxes. - Liquid base wax doesn’t need iron and can be used as a base for other liquid glide waxes and paraf?ns. - Contains high quality polyethylene waxes and totally new additives to make a hard, dirt-resistant and wear-resistant coating on the ski base. - Sold in 80ml bottle with locking twist top and applicator sponge.
Solda Base Universal
- Solda's Base Universal is a wide range hydrocarbon wax that saturates bases easily. - We use this as a first layer on skis that show up in the shop neglected and in need of some love. - Apply a layer and scrape when it is still hot. - Works great as a cleaning wax when applied before storage. - Sold in a 500g block.
Solda Thermo Ski Wax
- Solda's Thermo Wax is a low melting point hydrocarbon wax that saturates new bases very well. - Great wax to use to restore bases after a new grind. - Can also be used as a cleaning wax or a storage and travel wax. - Webskis hot box wax of choice. - Sold in 1000g blocks.
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