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Low FluoroCarbon Waxes

Swix F4 Paste
- Swix's F4 Universal all temperature paste wax. - Great for skis and snowboards. - All snow conditions. - With foam applicator for quick and easy waxing. - 75ml tube.
Swix LF-X Low Fluor Wax
- Swix LF Low Fluor waxes are some of the most popular waxes in the nordic skiing world. - Great for training and racing. - Sold in 60g blocks. LF4 Green -32ºC to -12ºC (-25ºF to 14ºF). For use at low humidity at very cold temperatures and harsh man-made snow. Recommended iron temperature setting of 155ºC. LF5 Turquoise -14ºC to -8ºC (7ºF to 18ºF). New in the LF line, it fills a hardness gap between LF4 and LF6. Easier to apply than LF4, but provides outstanding glide properties within its temperature range, and has a great durability. LF6 Blue -10ºC to -5ºC (14ºF to 23ºF). Very good as a base layer for other waxes. Good durability and offers great performance on artificial snow. Recommended iron temperature setting of 145ºC. LF7 Violet -8ºC to -2ºC (18ºF to 28ºF). Very good race wax at low humidity. For racing at normal and high humidity Cera F FC7 is recommended as final overlayer. Recommended iron temperature setting of 140ºC. LF8 Red -4ºC to +4ºC (25ºF to 39ºF). The low-percent fluorocarbon counterpart to HF8. For racing it is recommended to use Cera F FC8X as the final overlayer within this temperature range. Also used very often as a wax for training, travelling and cleaning. Recommended iron temperature setting of 130ºC. LF10 Yellow 0ºC to +10ºC (32ºF to 50ºF). For very wet conditions. Also good for base preparation and to protect the bases when traveling. The snow is often dirty at the temperatures calling for LF10, therefore an overlayer of Cera F FC10 is recommended. Recommended iron temperature setting of 120ºC.
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