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Hard Waxes

Rex Pro Grip Wax
- Rex's line of fluorinated kick waxes - Optimized for the requirements of classic racing, which means usually either double poling of aggressively "running" uphill. - Frequently used in World Cup races by many national teams. - A great race-day grip wax with excellent gliding properties. - Recommended for use in especially in wet and moist conditions when fluor reduces icing and improves gliding properties. Red Temperature: -1ºC to +1ºC (30ºF to 34ºF) Rex’s legendary "one to one" kick wax. A unique wax for demanding conditions around 0°C. Can be used as an alternative for klisters with excellent anti-ice properties. Makes a good combination with Universal klister. Purple Temperature: -3ºC to -1ºC (27ºF to 30ºF) The choice for mild frosts. At its best on moist snow. Makes a great cover for purple klister on coarse snow. Blue Temperature: -8ºC to -2ºC (18ºF to 28ºF) The legendary Rex blue spiced up with a pinch of fluor. Works on all conditions below zero. Green Temperature: -15ºC to -8ºC (5ºF to 18ºF) The coldest wax in the collection to be used in all snow conditions. This can also be used as a cover for Pro Grip Blue.
Rex Power Grip Wax
Specialty grip waxes that combine the best properties of klisters and synthetic grip waxes. Ideal for marathon skiers and long distances due to their outstanding durability and ability to adjust to prevailing conditions because of their thermoreactive ingredients. - Long distance optimized - Durable and powerful grip - Thermo-reactive ingredients Purple 3ºC to -5ºC For icy, coarse, and extremely hard tracks. In temperatures around 0°C it can be used instead of klisters. For new and falling snow apply a thin layer. Blue -4ºC to -10ºC One of the best grip waxes on the market. Extremely durable for all icy and old snow conditions. For new snow, apply a thinner layer. Works also relatively well on moist snow. Green -10ºC to -20ºC The king of PowerGrip waxes! An unbeatable grip wax for cold conditons. Same properties as on PowerGrip Blue, but for colder temperatures. Excellent base wax for racing.
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