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Magura Disc Brake Caliper Bolt
- Disc brake caliper mounting bolt from Magura. - Steel construction for maximum durability. - M6 x 16mm size is ideal for disc brake mounting bolts, but also works for other applications. - Head fitted for 5mm allen key. - Pre-applied loctite helps keep bolts secure. - Sold singly.
Magura Disc Brake Transport Clip
- Plastic clip prevents pistons from pressing in while wheel is off of the bike - Fits: Marta, Louise, Clara, Julie
Magura Disc Brake Adapters
- Disc brake adapters for Magura 74mm disc brake calipers - IS: 51mm International Standard, PM: 74mm Post Mount
Magura Hydraulic Fittings
$23.00 - $32.00
- Attachment parts for Magura OEM and braided-stainless hydraulic disc and rim brake tubing
Magura Hydraulic Tubing Kits
$24.00 - $60.00
- Reinforced hydraulic tubing designed for Magura mineral-oil fluid - Tubing kits are cut-to-fit with one pre-crimped 'fixed' end (90-degree on MT series and Gustav-M) and include one tubing reinforcement insert and compression ferrule/olive per kit - Sold each: (1) kit per brake - Bulk tubing is for RT series road rim brakes, HS-series rim brakes and Julie disc brakes: fittings sold separately - Choose black or white options for MT Next and MT series
Magura Pro Bleeder Tool Kit
- Kit includes full-fluid capture bottle, bleed fittings, hose, syringe and 16oz Magura fluid
Magura MT-4 Next Disc Brake
- An evolution of the MT line, the MT NEXT lineage of brakes is the next generation of braking performance - Carbotecture Body which is a proprietary carbon weave that is nearly twice as strong as carbon laminates, aluminum or magnesium - Carbotecture radial design master-cylinder/lever with 2-finger alloy lever blade and clamp with adjustable reach, flip/flop design, and EBT or Easy Bleed Technology port on reservoir - Double Arch forged 2 piston monoblock caliper design that features anti-heat, anti-drag, anti-squeal, and magnetiX brake pad system for easy pad replacement - Full-hydraulic Magura Royal Blood mineral oil system with a 5-year leakproof warranty - Includes flip/flop front or rear lever, 2000mm pre-bled tubing kit, 74mm post-mount caliper, MC/lever, alloy hardware, tubing shortening bits, and manual
Magura MT-7 HC3 Orange Edition Disc Brake
- Top of the line 4-piston disc brake from Magura, now in a special orange colorway and lever spec to celebrate Magura USA's 45th anniversary. - The brake of choice for top street trials riders and mountain bikers the world over. - Magura's signature Carbotecture lever body construction is lightweight yet strong. - Designed in conjunction with Danny McCaskill, the HC3 alloy lever blade provides excellent stiffness and strength and features adjustable reach and leverage ratio. - Features independent reach and bite point adjustment so you can fine tune the feel of your brake to exactly how you prefer. - Easy Bleed Technology port on reservoir for fast and simple bleeding. - Split clamp lever design for easy installation. - Double Arch forged 4 piston monoblock caliper design provides unrivaled power. - MagnetiX brake pad system for easy pad replacement. - Flip/flop lever design allows it to be used as a front or rear lever. - Supplied with 2000mm pre-bled kevlar reinforced hose. - Full hydraulic Magura Royal Blood mineral oil system with a 5-year leakproof warranty. - 74mm post-mount standard caliper. - Sold as a single brake including mounting hardware. - Rotor not included.
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