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Fischer Racelite Aero Basket (Multi Tip)
- Light race baskets from Fischer to fit their Multi Tip System. - Aero design for minimal air resistance. - Small size keeps weight to a minimum and works best in firm conditions. - Large size is ideal for softer conditions. - Fits Fischer poles using the Multi Tip System. - Simply screw on the basket you require and thanks to a professional and ingenious locking mechanism it is securely locked in place and cannot turn. - Available in yellow. - Sold as a pair.
Swix Standard Basket
- The standard basket for Swix 10mm poles. - A relatively small, asymmetrical shape offers solid grip in the snow. - Recommended for skiing on groomed trails. - Available in black only. - Sold as a pair.
Swix Racing Basket
- Compact racing basket from Swix. - Asymmetrical shape provides solid grip in the snow. - Recommended for skiing on groomed trails. - Fits 10mm poles. - Available in black or silver.
Swix Triac TBS Baskets
- The Swix Triac® Basket System (TBS) is a patented interchangeable basket system that allows the user to change basket in just a few seconds. - Makes it very easy for the user to adapt to various snow conditions. - To change baskets, simply unscrew the nut, switch basket, and tighten again. - Compatible with many Swix poles including Triac, Star TBS, Team TBS, Carbon TBS, and Quantum. - Available in different sizes and shapes for different conditions and use. - The XS Racing basket is super lightweight and well suited to hard surfaces. - The Carbon Leaf basket covers a wide range of snow surfaces. - The Large 97 basket gives good support on soft surfaces and can be used for racing, training, and touring. Please Note: locking collars may be supplied in white or grey.
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