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The RC5 Combi blends comfort, stability, and performance in a lightweight race fit boot. No matter the technique, the combi sole provides lateral stiffness for skating and forward flex for classic skiing. Grab the Easy Entry loops and pull the Speed Lock lacing for a quick and secure fit. Comfort Guard insulation and a breathable Triple-F membrane lace cover help keep feet warm and dry.
- Groove and all purpose scraper from Swix. - Used for klister application or to remove wax or klister from the base before cleaning. - Hole so it can be hung for convenient storage.
- Replacement fenders for Pro-Ski rollerskis. - Reflective strip for added visibility on roads. - Supplied with mounting screws. - S2 fenders compatible with Pro-Ski S2 rollerskis. - C2 model also fits Pro-Ski C1 and C3 rollerskis as well as Swix C2.
- What the Italians use to get the sticky klister wax residue off of their hands. - This stuff is amazing, a little goes a long way and it really works. - Comes in a 75ml tube.
- Our custom Webskis/Webcyclery shop scraper. - 3.5mm thick. - Hole so it can be hung for convenient storage.
Specific flexor for Salomon Prolink Race Classic and Prolink Pro Classic bindings with 85 flex index to provide best balance between control and freedom of movement. Sold as a pair.
As the name says....this is the Flexor for the Salomon Prolink Shift Classic binding. Sold as a pair
These are the little rubber bumpers used on Salomon Prolink Skate bindings. 115 flex.
- Natural cork from Rex. - Used to cork wax into the base.
$7.00 - $12.50 $14.00 - $25.00 Up to 50% Off
- Solda's famous Performance line of high quality low-fluor wax. - Ideal for training and as a base for Solda F-15 and F-31 waxes. - This is the wax we use for 90% of our training here in Bend, Oregon. - Available in 75g or 180g blocks. Yellow -7ºC to +10ºC (19ºF to 50ºF) Red -14ºC to +1ºC (7ºF to 33ºF) Green -24ºC to -14ºC (-11ºF to +7ºF)
- Natural cork from Swix. - Used to cork wax into the base. - Molded groove on one side for easier grip.
- Our custom Webskis shop ski ties. - Lightweight and easy to use. - Foam divider keeps ski bases apart, preventing damage from rubbing. - Blue/white with Webskis logos. - Sold in pairs.
- Handy groove pen from Toko. - Go-to groove tool in the Webskis shop. - Great for removing wax from center grooves in bases. - Also useful for scraping edges.
- Classic plexi scraper from Toko. - 5mm thickness.
$8.00 - $12.00
- Start Base kick waxes improve the durability of your kick wax. - Easy to use and can be ironed or corked into the base. - Base Wax is formulated for normal snow conditions. - Base Wax Extra is extremely hard and for coarse grained and abrasive conditions. - 45g stick.
$8.00 - $42.50 $16.00 - $85.00 Up to 50% Off
- Solda Powerjet is a convenient solid wax that's great for rubbing onto your skis just before the start. - Quick and easy to use and you don't have to worry about spills. - Rub Powerjet onto your ski, cork in, then brush. - For longer-lasting performance, a waxing iron can also be used to apply the wax. - Available in 5g and 22g. - 5g size is good for waxing about 5-8 pairs of skis. - 22g size is good for about 30-50 pair of skis. - Also available in a convenient 5g 5-pack to cover all waxing conditions. PowerJet 1 Temperature: -10°C to +5°C (14°F to 41°F) Humidity: 60-100% A solid version of Solda Fluor 100, it is nearly 100% fluorocarbon. Very fast in warmer conditions in both old and new snow with high humidity. PowerJet 2 Temperature: -16°C to -2°C (3°F to 28°F) Humidity: 60-100% The colder companion to PowerJet 1. This solid fluoro shares many of the same performance characteristics of HP05. If the race morning temperature is very cold, but you expect it to warm up, we recommend corking in a layer of PowerJet 2 over a warmer wax to get you through those first few cold kilometers. PowerJet 3 Temperature: -24°C to -3°C (-11°F to 27°F) Humidity: 10-60% Non-fluorocarbon synthetic compound which is faster than fluoros in cold, dry snow. A perfect last-minute solution when you get to a race site and realize that you have waxed too warm. PowerJet 4 Temperature: -17°C to 0°C (1°F to 32°F) Humidity: 30-100% Has a wide range of use, making it an ideal option in almost all snow and humidity conditions. Use as top layer or as an under layer for fluorocarbon. PowerJet 5 Temperature: -2°C to +10°C (28°F to 50°F) Humidity: 60-100% Solid Fluor for very warm, wet, spring snow conditions.
- Great for wax removal from bases. - Handy cutout hole for hanging when not in use. - Available in 4mm or 5mm thicknesses.
- Swix T12 Synthetic Cork. - Higher density is great for powders and fluoros.
- Swix Synthetic Cork with #100 grit sandpaper attached with Velcro®. - Combi cork with sandpaper to be used on the kick zone before applying kick wax. - The sand paper will make the kick wax adhere better to the base.
- Pole handle locking caps for Triac handles from Swix. - Fits into the top of the grip to hold the straps on Swix Triac handles. - Available in white. - Sold as a pair.
Need a new lace for the Salomon boots? This is the dissociated quicklace.
- The handy IFP adaptor plate enables you to mount any SNS or Prolink binding on IFP skis. - Compatible with all IFP skis except Fischer Speedmax 3D. - Sold as a pair.
The Salomon Propulse Flexor for Salomon Propulse bindings, RS10. Sold in pairs
- Classic plexi scraper from Solda. - 4mm thick plexi-glass is durable and excellent for removing wax from bases.
$10.00 - $64.00
- When you really want to clean your skis and polish them up, the Swix Fiberlene cloth is what you need. - To be used between iron and base. - Protects the base from overheating colder waxes. - Absorbs dirt and excess wax, and leaves a thin and uniform wax layer. - Available in 20m roll in 140mm width, and 40m and 200m rolls in 285mm width.
$10.50 - $15.00 $15.00 Up to 30% Off
The perfect neck gaitor for winter running or cross country-skiing. Yielding added warmth during your session, from the base of your neck all the way over your nose, this gaitor allows you focus solely on the tracks this winter season. Made from recycled plastic bottles.
A basic pole strap for nordic skiing. Makes it easy to get in and out of your poles.
- Ski straps from Solda for alpine and backcountry skis. - Lightweight and easy to use. - Foam divider keeps ski bases apart, preventing damage from rubbing. - Ideal for skis with a tip width of 75-120mm. - Black/red with Solda logos. - Sold in pairs.
- Popular ski ties from Skadi for nordic skis. - Loose enough to slide on easily but grippy enough to securely keep your skis together. - Soft rubber grips the edges of your skis without compressing the camber. - Dirt-resistant rubber divider keeps ski bases apart, preventing damage from rubbing. - Bright colors are highly visible, making the ties easy to locate. - Elite size fits most nordic race skis (42-45mm width). - Made in USA. - Sold as a pair.
- The Tar is Start's pine tar kick wax line. - Works best in new and fine grain snow. - The tar is water repellent and helps to minimize icing. - Suitable for recreational use in all snow conditions. - 45g stick. Yellow Temperature: 0°C to +2°C (32°F to 36°F) Humidity: 55-75% Purple Temperature: -0.5°C to +0.5°C (31°F to 33°F) Humidity: 55-75% Red Temperature: -3°C to 0°C (27°F to 32°F) Humidity: 55-75% Blue Temperature: -7°C to -2°C (19°F to 28°F) Humidity: 55-75% Green Temperature: -12°C to -7°C (10°F to 19°F) Humidity: 55-75% Black Temperature: -30°C to -10°C (-22°F to 14°F) Humidity: 55-75%
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