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Skate Ski Bindings

Rottefella Xcelerator Jr Skate Binding
- The Rottefella Xcelerator Junior is the binding for young, ambitious skiers. - It has the same unique technology as Xcelerator for adults, including low weight, interchangeable flex and a precise locking mechanism. - Juniors will also appreciate the improved grip, for easy opening with or without gloves. - With Xcelerator, your body stays in a more upright position, giving you more power, more speed and a better grip. You don’t need to be grown up to enjoy it. - Compatible with skis that use NIS plates. - Sold as a pair.
Rottefella Performance Skate Binding
Easy to use affordable binding from Rottefella. - NIS compatible. - Flex hardness 60 ShA. - Lever/hook system contains no moving parts, cams or springs for improved durability. - Two hooks that engage the bar on the sole of the boot provide a secure grip. - Fits boot sizes 35-52. - Available in black/white.
Rottefella Quicklock Skate IFP Binding
$80.00 $100.00 20% Off
- Easy to use adjustable binding from Rottefella. - Rotefella's QuickLock™ technology allows the binding to be easily moved forward for increased control and backward for faster skiing without any tools. - Wide housing offers stable support for optimum kicking power and perfect balance for faster skiing. - Fits all skis with IFP mounting plate. - Fits boot sizes 36-52.
Rottefella Xcelerator 2.0 Skate Binding
$80.00 $100.00 20% Off
- Rottefella's Xcelerator 2.0 Skate bindings are lightweight race bindings. - Reduced weight and added strength compared to previous versions. - Compatible with NNN nordic boots sizes 36-52. - Fits skis with NIS plates. - Sold as a pair.
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