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Backcountry Skis

Best nordic backcountry skis in Bend, OR

Check out these great cross country skis for backcountry exploration.

Salomon Escape 60 Outpath Flat Ski
$280.00 $330.00 15% Off
Lightweight and versatile, this waxless ski (meaning that it doesn't require kick wax. You'll still want to glide wax the tips and tails) is perfect for skiing in the tracks, but can perfectly handle the occasional out-of-tracks adventure. This is a flat ski and will need a binding mounted to it. Metal Edge. Fish scales. Side cut 60/50/55 so yes, it fit's in a groomed track.
Salomon Escape 68 Outback Flat Ski
$280.00 $330.00 15% Off
Versatile and robust, these waxless backcountry skis (by waxless, we mean that you don't need to use kick still want to glide wax the tips and tails) can help you tackle even the most remote paths, get them on and venture where no one else has ventured before! Metal Edge. 68mm at the shovel. Side cut = 68/60/65
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