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Skate Skis

Skate Skis For Sale At WebCyclery & WebSkis

Skate skiing is more like inline skating than the classic cross country style. These models are designed to be faster on groomed surfaces and are used by recreational skiers as well as olympic athletes.

What's the difference between classic and skate skis?

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Cross Country Ski Size Chart

Fischer SCS Skate Skis
The Fischer SCS skate ski is an excellent choice for skaters looking to step-up their performance. Featuring lightweight Air Core construction and a World Cup Pro base with DTG WC Plus Finish for excellent glide speed and stability in a variety of different snow conditions. - Bindings NOT included.
Fischer RCR Skate
The RCR continues to be a high-performance alternative to the World Cup range. The aerodynamic tip shape and DTG WC Plus Finish provide a clear gliding advantage over longer distances, while the dependable Air Core construction reduces weight and provides a fast and stable ride. The Fischer RCR Skate Ski uses Fischer's 115 mold construction that has a special camber with snow contact points further apart from each other which means increased stability and a more powerful kick action on hard snow. - Bindings NOT included.
Fischer RCS Skate Plus
The RCS Skate Plus is a legend in the race world and now this former World Cup champion features Cold Base Bonding for improved wax absorption and grindability. Optimized for use at 14°F (-10°C) and warmer. The hole in the tip saves about 5g of swing weight. You might think that doesn't sound like much, but it makes a difference. The RCS features Fischer's 115 construction which is a special camber with snow contact points further apart from each other which means increased stability and a more powerful kick action on hard snow. Not sure which flex or length to get? Give us a call and we can help pick the best ski for your height, weight, ski conditions, and skiing ability.
Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate Yellow
- Salomon's top end race skate ski! - Ultra-thin tip and tail make this the lightest nordic ski Salomon has ever made. - Balanced camber with an even front and back pressure makes skating easier. - Full monocoque carbon construction maximizes torsional rigidity in the tip and tail. - Radical new triangle thickness profile improves acceleration and enhances energy transfer from the middle of the ski through the tip and tail. - Exceptionally lightweight construction improves agility and makes the ski easy to maneuver. - Pre-drilled to accomodate Prolink, SNS, or Rottefella binding mounting plates. - Yellow base engineered for universal/compact snow conditions. - Salomon uses precise stone grinding and digital measurement to ensure optimum structure for better performance in a wide range of conditions. - Sidecut: 44/43/44 - Bindings NOT included.
Fischer Speedmax Skate Plus
The Fischer Speedmax is the new generation of racing skis for top athletes and competition-oriented cross country skiers. It stands out through unrivalled gliding properties thanks to ground-breaking Cold Base Bonding technology: a revolutionary production process which retains the homogeneity of the original molecular structures of the base by avoiding the combination of heat and pressure when the base is added. After the resounding successes at multiple World Championships, winning the prestigious European design award "Red Dot: best of the best" underlines not only the fact that the inner technical merits of Speedmax Skate are convincing but also that the design statement meets exacting requirements. - Plus base model is ideal for conditions over -5°C on compact to soft snow. Its deeper and rougher structure – created by a natural diamond – makes the base unbeatably fast especially in warm and damp conditions. - Features the NIS plate, which is compatible with the Rottefella R4 and Xcelerator Bindings. Salomon bindings can be mounted through the plate. - Hole Ski Tip, which uses HM carbon laminates to reduce ski tip mass. Requires less effort thanks to reduced pendulum action. - Pre-waxed with fluoride-content hot wax for best gliding properties and protection against dirt and oxidation. - Uses a DTG World Cup Plus Grind for a deeper and coarser Plus structure, ideal for warm and moist conditions. - Skating race ski construction for maximum speed through pressure relief at the ski tip and tail. Perfect on compact to soft snow. - Fischer's Precision Pairing System uses fully automatic dynamic measurements of a multitude of pairing criteria to ensure precise ski choice and optimized pairing. - Multiaxial T300 1K carbon fiber construction in ski tip, ski tail and as laminate is extremely tough and lightweight. - Power Edge reinforced ski chassis ensures longer service life. Homogeneous pressure distribution ensures uniform wax wear. - Air Core Carbonlite is the lightest material from Fischer: bidirectional Air Core technology with multiaxial carbon fabric for under 500g per ski and top performance. - Sidecut: 41-44-44 - Bindings NOT included.
Fischer Speedmax Skate 3D Plus
The new Fischer Speedmax 3D Skate ski brings performance to a whole new level. If you’re serious about racing your best this season, do yourself a favor and grab a set of these World Cup ready skis. More glide for more speed The Speedmax 3D Skate ski achieves unbeatable glide that you’ll use to smash the competition. The Gliding Sidewall helps reduce friction and help you get more distance with every stride. Better wax absorption The Cold Base Bonding helps improve wax absorption and grindability so you can set your skis up to fly through the course. This set reaches its maximum capabilities in temperatures between 14°F (-10°C) and up. - Bindings NOT included.
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