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Echo Stem Bolt
$1.00 - $2.00
- Replacement stem bolts for Echo stems. - M6 x 20mm size. - Fitted for 5mm allen key. - May also fit other stems. - Available in steel with black or silver finish or titanium.
Echo Top Cap Bolt
$1.00 - $3.00
- Replacement top cap bolts for Echo TR headsets. - Countersunk head designed to fit flat Echo top caps but may also work with other top caps. - Fitted for 4mm allen key. - M6 x 30mm size. - Available in steel or titanium. - Not compatible with sloping Echo top caps.
Wheels Manufacturing Inc. Headset Spacers
$2.00 - $5.00
- Basic aluminum headset spacers from Wheels Manufacturing. - For 1 1/8" headsets. - Anodized black. - Available in 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 5mm, 10mm, and 20mm heights.
Echo Starnut
- Starnuts designed for Echo and other trials forks. - Narrower than standard 1 1/8" steerer starnuts to fit the thicker diameter steerer walls of trials forks. - For sizing, the star nut should be 1-3mm larger than the internal diameter of your fork steerer. - Sold individually.
Trialtech Starnut
- Replacement star fangled nut for use inside fork steerer tubes to allow pre-load of headset bearings. - Standard M6 x 1.0 thread. - For sizing, the star nut should be 1-3mm larger than the internal diameter of your fork steerer.
Trialtech Race Top Cap
- Replacement top cap and bolt from Trialtech to fit all 1 1/8" headsets. - Includes M6 x 30 bolt. - Available in black only. - Sold individually.
Echo Foam Grips
- Lightweight foam grips from Echo. - Tough, durable foam compound feels a bit more like a rubber grip than other foam grips. - Foam construction is comfortable on the hands with or without gloves. - Subtle matte black Echo logos on each grip. - Sold as a pair. - Bar end plugs NOT included.
Echo Rubber Grips
$10.00 - $12.00
- Rubber grips from Echo. - Thin profile and diamond-pattern ensure excellent grip and performance for trials while still being comfortable. - Sold as a pair. Please Note: the clear rubber compound is softer, so if you're looking for more comfort, we recommend the clear colored grips.
Jitsie Foam Grips
- The Jitsie foam grips provide great control and comfort on the bike. - Developed with multiple World champions. - Super lightweight and also very comfortable. - Exclusive foam compound is a bit softer and more springy feeling than most other foam grips. - Includes handlebar plugs with Jitsie print detail.
Jitsie Rubber Grips
- The Jitsie rubber grips offer great performance for even the most demanding riders. - Durable single layer rubber compound with grippy knurled design for optimal grip. - Jitsie print detail on end of each grip. - Rubber ends help protect bar from damage. Please Note: the clear rubber compound is softer and a bit lighter than the other colors, so if you're looking for comfort or are concerned with weight, we recommend the clear grips.
Trialtech Sport Foam Grips
- Popular trials specific foam grips from Trialtech. - Specifically developed foam density and dimensions make these some of the most comfortable trials grip available. - Medium density foam gives excellent comfort with or without gloves, but also significantly improved wear resistance over other foam grips available. - Includes plastic bar end plugs as shown. - Printed Trialtech logo around each end, ensuring that even if the outside edge logo becomes worn, the inner edge logo should stay looking fresh.
Trialtech Threaded Top Cap
$10.00 $15.00 33% Off
- Replacement threaded top cap for Trialtech forks. - Fits Trialtech Sport 20" and 26" forks. - CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum. - Available in anodized black only.
Inspired Rubber Grips
- Molded, soft compound rubber grips from Inspired. - 'Knurled' texture increases friction over standard smooth grips when used with both bare hands or gloves, especially when sweaty or wet. - Single ply construction maintains the feel of the grip as it wears. - Built-in bar end plugs help protect the end of your handlebars. - Available in black only.
Jitsie Brake Lever Clamp Pads
- An innovative product that helps protect your legs when you hit them on your lever clamps! - Helps lessen the impact of hitting the legs on the lever clamps during riding. - Made of lightweight yet durable material. - Held in place by two velcro straps. - Compatible with all brake levers. - Sold as a pair.
Jitsie Bar Tape
- The Jitsie handlebar tape is a great alternative to traditional rubber or foam grips. - Bar tape allows the thickness and width of your grips to be customized to your own preference. - Strong, super tacky rubber with adhesive backing allows you to tightly wrap the tape onto your bars, overlapping it as much or as little as you prefer to achieve the desired thickness. - 1.3 meter long roll is sufficient for two fairly thick grips (if you prefer thin grips, it may be enough for 4 grips). - Available in black with yellow or white logos. - Kit includes: 2 rolls of bar tape, 2 adhesive strips and covering strips (to help cover the ends of the tape) and a pair of plastic bar plugs.
MOE Trials Stem
$16.00 $40.00 60% Off
- The Moe stem is a simple, strong and lightweight stem. - Welded from high quality aluminum. - 4-bolt bar clamp provides strong, even clamping force and allows for easy installation. - 120mm long with 20° of rise. - Compatible with 31.8mm handlebars. - Works best with frames with low to mid range bottom bracket rise (0-50mm) or for younger riders. - Anodized black only.
ESI Silicon Grips
$16.99 - $18.99
- ESI's Silicone Grips are great for almost any type of riding and very comfortable. - One of our favorite grips here at the shop. - Used by cyclists around the world. - Silicone provides excellent shock absorption and grip while still being lightweight and durable. - Offered in a variety of colors as well as two thicknesses - Includes one set of bar plugs.
Jitsie Handlebar Pad V2
- Updated handlebar/stem pad from Jitsie. - Innovative protector designed to be placed over the stem's handlebar clamp. - Helps lessen the impact of hitting the chest on the handlebar clamp during riding. - Made of dense lightweight inner foam and a durable nylon cover with Jitsie graphics. - Suitable for 2 and 4 bolt handlebar clamps. - 2 velcro straps make it easy and quick to install or remove. - Available in black/white only.
Trialtech Carthy Signature Series Bar Tape
- Lightweight bar tape used and approved by World Champion Jack Carthy! - Thin foam padding helps absorb impacts and give greater comfort whilst riding. - Rubberized outer material gives good grip in all conditions. - Adhesive backing allows you to stick the tape onto your bars to prevent movement. - Altering the amount of overlap during fitting allows the thickness to be changed to suit personal preference. - Available in Black with embossed Carthy Signature Series logo. - Supplied as: 2 x rolls of bar tape, 2 x adhesive strips and 2 x plastic bar plugs printed with Trialtech logos.
Inspired Logo Lock-On Grips
- Comfortable, durable lock-on grips from Inspired. - Molded rubber grips with aluminum locking collars. - Lock-On system keeps the grips firmly in position but allows easy fitting and removal. - 'Knurled' texture increases friction over standard smooth grips when used with bare hands or gloves, especially when sweaty or wet. - Single ply construction means the grips stay comfy all the way down to your bars! - Featuring integrated alloy bar end plugs to protect your handlebars. - Available in Black, Blue, Green, Gold and Red. All supplied with black rubber grip. - Laser etched Inspired logos on the end cap.
Inspired Integrated Headset
- Integrated sealed bearing headset from Inspired. - Suitable for Inspired Arcade and Alias frames. - Lightweight integrated headset: the bearings press directly into the frame, keeping weight to an minimum. - May fit other 1 1/8" frames designed to accept integrated headsets. - CNC machined aluminum top cap and upper wedge, steel crown race. - Includes bearings, top cap, wedge, and crown race. - Availablfit standard 1 1/8" frames. Please note: the top cap may not clear the headtube on other brands of frames.
Crewkerz Forged Stem
- Light forged stem from Crewkerz, as found on their Jealousy complete bikes. - Lower 25° rise allows the bar to be at a more comfortable angle while still maintaining the rear wheel control benefits of having your bar rolled forward. - 3D forged construction provides great strength and is lighter than similar welded stems. - Forged from a single piece of high quality 6061 aluminum. - High quality cromoly bolts in all clamps offer secure and reliable clamping. - One-piece 4-bolt bar clamp plate has had excess material removed from the center in order to save weight while still being more durable than two-piece designs. - Ridges on the inner surfaces of the clamping area help secure the handlebar and prevent it from rotating. - Rounded steerer clamp edges and bolt heads help reduce the painfulness of hitting a knee on the stem. - Compatible with 31.8mm oversized handlebars. - Anodized black finish. - Available in 145mm x 25° only.
Jitsie Internal Headset
- Internal headset from Jitsie as found on their complete bikes. - Sealed bearing design keeps out dirt and grit for smooth running. - Aluminum cups reduce weight without sacrificing durability. - Split crown race for easy installation and removal. - Black anodized finish with laser-etched Jitsie logos. - Fits frames using an internal headset with a standard 1 1/8" fork including Jitsie as well as some others.
Jitsie Forged Stem
- Excellent value forged stems from Jitsie. - Available in 35° angle and a variety of lengths to suit any rider and bike. - 3D forged from 6061 alloy for an optimal strength/weight ratio. - 4-bolt bar clamp allows easy installation of handlebars. - Steerer clamp features rounded edges to help prevent knee injuries. - High quality M6 bolts on steerer and handlebar clamps offer excellent strength and reliability. - 31.8mm oversized clamp. - Available in anodized black with white Jitsie graphics.
Trialtech Forged High Rise Stem
- Popular forged street trials stem as found on many Inspired bikes. - With their advanced one-piece 3D forged construction, these stems offer outstanding performance at an affordable price. - This construction method uses 6061 aluminum allows for great weight saving without dramatically reducing the strength and stiffness. - Wide bolt spacing on the clamp increases the strength of connection between the handlebar and stem. - Available in 80mm length with 40° rise, 90mm length with 35° rise or 110mm length with 35°. - Compatible with 31.8mm handlebars only. - Anodized matte black with white logos only.
Trialtech Race Stem
- The Trialtech Race stem offers dependable strength and performance benefits and excellent value for money. - 150mm, 165mm, and 180mm lengths combined with a 35° rise helps to improve bunnhyhops and pedal-ups, but also helps to improve bike control while rolling down obstacles. - Designed for use with over sized 31.8mm handlebars. - Combination of forged and welded 6061 aluminum gives an excellent balance of great strength but also low overall weight. - Steerer clamp features rounded edges to help prevent knee injuries. - M6 bolts on both steerer and handlebar clamps offer excellent strength and reliability. - Finished in tough matt black anodizing with stylish laser etched Trialtech logos on both sides. - High rise makes this stem a great choice for taller riders looking to lengthen the cockpit and gain a bit more reach.
Echo Integrated Headset
- The Echo Integrated Headset, as found on Echo bikes. - Superlight integrated headset: the bearings press directly into the frame, keeping weight to an absolute minimum. - Easy to install and low maintenance. - Compatible with all Echo, GU, and Czar frames 2015 and newer. - Includes bearings, dust cap wedge, 2 6mm headset spacers, sloping top cap, and titanium top cap bolt. - Not supplied with crown race. - Available to fit standard 1 1/8" frames and 1 1/8"-1.5" tapered frames.
Crewkerz Tapered Internal Headset
- Internal tapered headset from Crewkerz as found on their complete bikes. - Sealed bearing design keeps out dirt and grit for smooth running. - Aluminum cups reduce weight without sacrificing durability. - Fits Crewkerz frames using an internal headset with a tapered 1 1/8" - 1.5" fork. - May also fit other frames using a tapered internal headset with 44mm diameter upper cup with 56mm diameter lower cup. - Does not include a crown race (Crewkerz forks have an integrated crown race and do not require a separate race). - Not supplied with starnut or top cap. - Black anodized finish.
Echo TR Headset
- The classic Echo TR headset. - Made from durable 2014 aluminum. - Fits 1 1/8" headtubes. - Countersunk top cap bolt mates perfectly with Echo's topcap. - Drilled top cap keeps weight to a minimum. - Anodized finish with laser-etched logos. - Starnut and color-matched 5mm spacer included. Please Note: some TR headsets may now come with updated "E" Echo logos instead of the Echo text on the cups and spacers.
Echo TR Forged Stem
- Completely redesigned TR stem from Echo. - Forged from 6061 aluminum for greater durability. - 4-bolt bar clamp allows for easy installation and removal. - Features a sloping steerer clamp, which gives a cleaner look and provides additional clearance when leaning over the bar. - Supplied with sloping top cap and bolt. - Compatible with 31.8mm handlebars. - Available in 150 x 30 size only. - Anodized black only.
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