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Jitsie Barb Fitting Press Tool
- Jitsie's Barb Fitting Press makes it easy to install barb fittings in hydraulic brake lines. - Machined aluminum construction for maximum durability. - Lower clamp holds hose in place, while the upper threaded section presses the insert into the hose. - The tip of the barb driver can be flipped over to suit virtually any brake line fittings you're using.
Echo Freewheel Tool
- Handy tool for removing Echo freewheels. - 8-prong design fits Echo TR and SL threaded freewheels only. - Square design allows the tool to be clamped more securely in a vise than most other freewheel tools. - Although it is possible to remove an Echo freewheel with a standard 4-Prong tool, this tool fits better with the Echo design and makes the process much easier.
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