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Trials Bikes & Gear

- This beautifully illustrated book is the most complete guide you will find anywhere to learn about the techniques of bike trials. - Essential reading for new trials riders and anyone with an interest in the elaborate and sometimes counter-intuitive techniques of Trials Riding. - Developed through many years of research and editing by Julien Happich, the webmaster of the popular trials tutorial website TrashZen. - Full color 288-page paperback carefully reviews over 70 trials techniques, from basic bike maneuvering to the most sophisticated moves as performed by professional riders. - This updated edition features QR codes integrated on the pages to provide you with direct access to relevant slow-motion videos on your smartphone. - It has also been updated with a new section dedicated to street trials techniques. - The book details all the moves step-by-step with numerous photos and tips that will boost both your confidence and riding ability. - Also included are several chapters about the sport's evolution, bike geometry and setup, as well as general preparation advice. - If you've ever been tempted by trials riding or if you are frustrated about having to dismount when you come across single-track obstacles, this guide will offer you an excellent complement of information in order to tune your skills far beyond "business as usual".
- Magura has updated their tried and true HS33 rim brake again! - Aesthetically, they have drawn on the ever-popular 2005-2010 model, a favorite among many trials riders, for inspiration. - Maintenance-free braking system - 5% increase in braking power over the previous model - Redesign also decreases weight compared to the 2011 model. - Lever body made of Magura's proprietary Carbotecture, which is both light and strong. - New forged aluminum lever blade is similar to the ones found on their MT range of disc brakes. - Available with standard 2-Finger lever or longer 4-Finger lever for additional power. - Lever blade is wider and has a more rounded profile than previous models. - Split handlebar clamp allows easy installation without removing grips. - New TPA system is made from steel to improve durability, and has indexed 90° turns to eliminate unwanted movement. - Fully adjustable lever reach provided by T25 screw in the front of the lever blade. - Flip-flop design allows the lever to be used as left or right hand. - Bleeding is the same as the 2005-2010 brakes: simply attach a full syringe to the slave cylinder, remove the bleed screw in the lever, then push fluid through from the bottom. Please note that a regular bleed hose will NOT screw into the bleed port, trying to do so will damage the threads. - Supplied with standard Magura black pads. (The black pads are not suited very well for trials, purchasing aftermarket pads is recommended.) - Supplied fully bled and ready to install. - Brake cylinders are compatible with all standard aftermarket 4-bolt clamps. - Made in Germany Please Note: Our HS33 brakes may be supplied without the pictured EVO adaptors for v-brake mounts. Please call us if you require these. Also Note: Correct installation of the split clamp lever requires the bolt with the arrows pointing towards it to be gently tightened first until the gap is closed, then the other bolt should be tightened down. There should be a gap of around 2-3mm when the lever is tight on the bars. Over-tightening the bolts or not following this procedure is likely to crack the lever clamp, which is not covered under warranty!
$16.99 - $19.99
- ESI's Silicone Grips are great for almost any type of riding and very comfortable. - One of our favorite grips here at the shop. - Used by cyclists around the world. - Silicone provides excellent shock absorption and grip while still being lightweight and durable. - Offered in a variety of colors as well as two thicknesses - Includes one set of bar plugs.
- Lightweight 20" front tire developed by OBR (Owned By Riders) to compliment their Gekok 19" rear tire. - Unique diamond-shaped tread pattern grips well on all surfaces without adding unnecessary rolling resistance. - Widely spaced knobs shed mud well. - Super sticky lightweight rubber compound for maximum grip. - Low block tread design helps save weight. - Siping on tread blocks reduces weight further as well as improves grip by allowing the blocks to conform to uneven surfaces. - Wire bead. - OBR logos on sidewalls. - Available in 20 x 2.0" size.
$20.00 $35.00 43% Off
- Bottom bracket cups for Racing Line BB30 cranksets. - Machined from high quality 7075 aluminum. - Sealed bearings run smoothly and help keep out dirt and grit. - 1.37" x 24tpi thread fits all threaded bottom bracket shells. - Compatible with Hollowtech 2 style bb tools. - Also compatible with Hashtagg and Try-All BB30 cranksets as well as others. - Available in anodized red. - Sold as a pair.
$1.00 - $2.00
- Replacement stem bolts for Echo stems. - M6 x 20mm size. - Fitted for 5mm allen key. - May also fit other stems. - Available in steel with black or silver finish or titanium.
- Designed for street riding use, the Team rim offers an excellent strength to weight ratio. - Un-eyeletted construction saves over 50g when compared with eyeletted rims. - Double wall construction offers good strength and stiffness. - 20mm holes drilled in the rim help to reduce weight. - 36mm wide profile helps to prevent tire roll when compared to similar rims available. - Matte white powder coat finish with black logos. - Available in 32h spoke drilling only.
- Replacement steel bolt - M6 x 25mm size - 5mm allen key head - Ideal for hub axle bolts - Sold singly
- Replacement steel bolt. - M5 x 25mm size. - 4mm allen key head. - Ideal for brake clamp bolts (without brake booster). - Sold singly.
- A replacement 4-finger lever for Racing Line brake levers. - Longer lever provides more power over traditional 2-finger levers. - CNC'd from 6061 T6 aluminum. - 6mm pivot bolt hole fits Racing Line brake levers only, will not fit Magura levers. - Available in anodized black only. - TPA wheel and pin sold separately.
- Affordable 20" tire from Jitsie. - Good mix of durability and performance. - Works well as a front tire on adult bikes as well as front or rear on kids bikes that use a 20" rear wheel. - Classic block tread pattern grips well on all surfaces. - Tire is designed to work in both directions. - Sticky rubber compound ensures good grip. - Wire bead keeps cost down and ensures a secure fit with the rim. - Available in 20 x 2.25 size. Please Note: Tires may not have Jitsie logos.
- Super lightweight 26" front rim from Jitsie. - Constructed from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum for improved durability and brake performance. - Un-eyeletted design and single wall construction save weight. - 33mm width provides good stability and helps prevent tire roll. - Custom large parallelogram holes keep the weight to a minimum. - "H" shaped rim profile improves strength and stiffness of sidewalls. - Large sidewall area for maximum brake pad contact. - Available in 28 hole spoke drilling only. - Anodized black finish with Jitsie stickers around valve holes. Please Note: Due to the profile of these rims, the ridge near the spoke holes can make it difficult to fit a spoke wrench on standard length nipples. Because of this, we recommend lacing these rims with 14mm or 16mm long nipples.
- Excellent value for money rim brake bleed kit. Kit includes: - 1 500ml Trialtech rim brake fluid - 1 60ml syringe - 2 bleed hoses with barb fittings
- Lightweight 4-bolt bashplate from Jitsie as found on their 20" bikes. - Constructed from tough aluminum for good blend of durability and weight. - Compact 4-bolt design makes it lighter and less prone to bending than traditional 3-bolt designs, as well as putting less stress on the downtube. - Directional teeth on the outside of the plate provide grip on obstacles. - Supplied with mounting bolts and spacers. - Anodized black finish with laser-etched Jitsie logos. - Designed for Jitsie Varial frames, also compatible with some Clean, Ozonys and other frames.
- The Inspired Pro V2 rim offers excellent strength and value. - Updated V2 version tested and proven by John Langlois. - Double wall angular profile for increased strength and stiffness. - Un-eyeletted construction saves over 50g when compared with eyeletted rims. - 36mm width gives good anti-roll performance even at low tire pressures. - Available in gloss black anodized finish with white 'Inspired' graphics. - For use with disc brakes only. - 32h spoke drilling only. - Not tubeless compatible.
$3.00 - $5.00
- Single half link from KMC. - The half link is an outer link that reduces to an inner link, making it half the length of a normal link. - Very useful for getting chain length or gearing just right. - Available to fit 1/8" or 3/32" chains. - Grey finish.
- The classic Echo TR headset. - Made from durable 2014 aluminum. - Fits 1 1/8" headtubes. - Countersunk top cap bolt mates perfectly with Echo's topcap. - Drilled top cap keeps weight to a minimum. - Anodized finish with laser-etched logos. - Starnut and color-matched 5mm spacer included. Please Note: some TR headsets may now come with updated "E" Echo logos instead of the Echo text on the cups and spacers.
- Replacement TPA Bushings from Racing Line. - Bushings sit on both sides of TPA wheel to hold it in place. - Fits 2005-2010 Magura HS33 and Racing Line levers. - Sold as a pair (for one brake).
- Lightweight half bashring from Jitsie. - Designed and developed with World Champion Dani Comas. - CNC machined from 7075 T6 aluminum. - Asymmetric width for optimal protection while decreasing weight as much as possible. - Teeth on outer edge provide additional grip. - Compatible with nearly all modern threaded trials cranks. - Designed to cover 18t cogs or freewheels. - Laser etched Jitsie logo.
- Replacement axles for Echo pedals. - Constructed from durable steel. - Flat spaces on axle end to fit a 15mm pedal wrench. - Bearings, nuts not included. - Compatible with Echo TR and SL caged and platform pedals. - Sold individually. Please Note: The right pedal axle requires a left-hand threaded nut!
- High quality replacement rim brake lever blade from Trialtech. - Precison CNC machined from 7075 aluminum. - Minimal design saves weight without compromising strength. - Ergonomic shape helps to maximize comfort and control. - 4-finger length offers significantly more power than a standard 2-finger lever blade. - Compatible with Magura 2005-2010, Tensile and Racing Line lever bodies (pivot bolt spacer included for use with Magura lever bodies). - Flip-flop design allows both left or right hand usage. - Reach adjuster uses a larger grub screw (3mm Allen key fitting) with specific flat end to reduce damage to the lever body. Maximum adjustment = 4 turns clockwise from full reach. - Available in black anodized finish with stylish Trialtech 'Sport Lite' laser etched logos. - Not supplied with TPA kit. - Standard (14mm thick, 93mm reach adjustment) or Thin size (11mm thick, 88mm reach adjustment). - Sold individually.
- We offer professional trials wheel builds! - Our wheel builders have over 50 years of experience and hundreds of wheels built. - We aim to build and ship wheels within 3-4 days of the order being placed, but we do get backed up occasionally. Please contact us if you need the wheel by a certain date. - Price includes calculating spoke length and cutting spokes.
- Durable double wall rim from Inspired. - As fitted to the Inspired Flow bikes. - Double wall, high quality aluminum construction for maximum strength and stiffness. - Un-eyeletted construction saves over 50g when compared with eyeletted rims. - 32mm wide profile. - Suitable for disc or rim brake use, its parallel sidewalls make it ideal for street trials bikes with rim brakes. - Black anodized finish with laser etched Inspired logo. - 32h spoke drilling only.
$55.00 - $110.00
- Replacement slave cylinders from Racing Line. - CNC machined from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum. - Aluminum piston eliminates swelling when the brake is bled with water, a common problem with the plastic pistons found in Magura slave cylinders. - Compatible with Magura, Echo, and Racing Line brakes. - Available in M6/M8 and M8/M8 configurations, allowing the use of a shroud nut and olive at each end of the cross-over line, making it easier to repair or replace should you damage one mid-ride. - Includes 2 rainbow titanium shroud nuts, olives, and covers for M8/M8 version and one rainbow titanium shroud nut, olive, and cover and one bleed bolt for M6/M8 version. - Available in anodized black, sold individually or in pairs.
- Replacement bearing for Echo TR 116mm and 135mm rear hubs. - Double seals keep out dirt and water for smooth running. - Also fits some other manufacturers hubs. - ID: 10mm OD: 26mm Width: 8mm - Sold individually.
- Lightweight 19" rear rim from Echo. - Constructed from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum for improved durability and brake performance. - Un-eyeletted design and single wall construction save weight. - 48mm width provides excellent stability and helps prevent tire roll. - Large parallelogram holes keep weight to a minimum. - New rim profile features a small ridge at the edge of the rim to improve strength and stiffness of sidewalls. - Supplied with matching Echo rim strip. - Available in 32 hole spoke drilling only. - Anodized black finish with Echo logos around valve holes.
- High quality fork adaptors for Inspired Arcade forks only. - Designed to allow 9mm and 10mm axle hubs to be used in Arcade fork 15mm taper dropouts. - CNC machined from 7075 aluminum. - Anodized black only. - Supplied as a pair.
- Lightweight aluminum crank bolts as found on Echo complete bikes. - Manufactured from high quality 7075 T6 aluminum. - Supplied with steel spacers. - Fitted for an 8mm allen key. - M15 thread fits most modern ISIS bottom brackets. - Anodized finish with laser-etched Echo logos. Please Note: Although these are made from tough, high quality aluminum, we still recommend that you tighten down your cranks with steel bolts, and then install the aluminum ones. Note: These will not fit Trialtech Race ISIS or Trialtech SL Ti bottom brackets. Those require M12 and M14 crank bolts respectively.
- Top quality sealed bearing rear disc hub, as found on Inspired Pro spec bikes. - CNC-machined hub shell features more material in high stress areas to improve durability. - Machined disc side flange reduces weight without compromising strength. - Threaded section uses a conventional 1.37" x 24tpi, suitable for use with 16t (and larger) screw-on freewheels. - ISO disc mount is compatible with all 6-bolt disc rotors. - Fully sealed cartridge bearings provide silky smooth performance in all conditions. - Available with either 10mm bolt-in axle or 12mm through axle options, both with 135mm spacing. - 10mm bolt-in version uses a hollow aluminium axle, with M6 steel axle bolts. Compatible with all Flow and Fourplay/Hex (2019 and earlier) frames. - 12mm version is compatible with Fourplay (2020 onwards) and Hex (2020 onwards) frames, along with all Skye frames. - Available in anodized black with laser etched Inspired logos. - 32h drilling only.
$28.00 - $35.00
- Trialtech Sport Threaded cogs are made from durable steel and are available in a range of sizes. - CNC machined from super tough hardened Cro-Moly to offer a high level of quality and durability. - A shot blasted surface finish after machining increases the surface hardness and improves wear life. - Industry standard 1.37" x 24tpi thread fits fixed rear hubs and threaded cranks. - Wide 10mm base means more threads and a stronger connection between the sprocket and hub/crank. - Tapered design gives maximum strength, while CNC machined slots on larger models help keep the weight down. - Each sprocket is finished with a stylish laser-etched Trialtech logo and size indication. - Compatible with all 1/8" and 3/32" chains.
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