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Trials Bikes & Gear

Jitsie Reverz 19
- Developed and tested by Jitsie team riders Dani Comas and Alejandro Montalvo. - Good mix of durability and performance. - Exclusive Jitsie tread pattern ensures maximum grip and minimal rolling resistance. - Tire is designed to work in both directions. - Super sticky lightweight rubber compound ensures maximum grip. - Low block tread design helps save weight. - Generous spacing between center and outer knobs helps shed mud. - Siping on tread blocks reduces weight further as well as improves grip by allowing the blocks to conform to uneven surfaces. - Wire bead. - Jitsie logos and product info on tire. - Available in 19 x 2.6 size.
Inspired Arcade Riser Handlebar
$90.00 - $110.00
- The Inspired Arcade handlebar is the choice of top street trials riders the world over! - Developed and tested in collaboration with team riders Ali C and Sean Watson as part of the Arcade bike development. - High rise geometry gives it a more rise than standard riser bars and really help it to ‘pop’ - perfect for bunny hops, manuals and spins! - 730mm width gives plenty of leverage over the bike meaning you can pick it up and move it around easily and benefit from a better level of control than with narrower bars. - 9 degree back sweep and 5 degree up sweep give a slightly more traditional shape, which many riders find more comfortable. - Extruded from 7050-T6 aluminum, they feature multi-taper wall thicknesses to increase strength in high stress areas without adding any excessive weight. - 31.8mm oversize clamp diameter for increased strength in the center of the bar. - Available in matte black or silver anodized finish with high resolution Inspired graphics.
Maxxis Creepy Crawler 19
- Classic 19" rear trials tire from Maxxis. - Designed specifically for trials use with input from World Champion Dani Comas. - Super Tacky rubber compound provides good grip while also maintaining good durability. - Traditional block style tread is designed to work in both directions. - Wire bead. - Available in 19 x 2.5 size. Please note: This tire is marked as 20" x 2.50, but it fits only a 19" rim. It will not fit 20" rims.
Trialtech Splined 18t Freewheel
- 18t splined freewheel from Trialtech. - Shimano HG spline mounting pattern is suitable for use only with the Trialtech Sport Lite Splined Crankset. - Strong heat treated steel pawls engage into a tough steel ratchet to provide durable operation. - 108 engagement points per revolution with a proven 9 pawl design. - Black finish with laser etched Trialtech logos. Also Note: This freewheel must be bedded in before trials use, which ensures any excess grease used when assembling the freewheel works away from the mechanism. This can be done by riding the freewheel around 'normally' for a few hours, both freewheeling and engaging the mechanism gently. If the freewheel is subjected to trials use before it has been bedded in, the pawls may not engage correctly, causing the freewheel to skip, which can damage the pawls and ratchet. The bedding in process can be expedited by spraying a light oil like GT85 or WD40 between the center and outer teeth of the freewheel and rotating it. Failure to bed the freewheel in correctly will void the warranty.
Magura Disc Brake Caliper Bolt
- Disc brake caliper mounting bolt from Magura. - Steel construction for maximum durability. - M6 x 16mm size is ideal for disc brake mounting bolts, but also works for other applications. - Head fitted for 5mm allen key. - Pre-applied loctite helps keep bolts secure. - Sold singly.
Echo SL M6 Brake Clamps
- M6 SL brake clamps for new GU and Echo frames and forks. - 2 6061 T6 aluminum cylinder washers (4 halves) improve durability and clamping force over traditional plastic washers and allow you to finely adjust the angle of your brake pads. This is especially useful if the brake mounts on your frame are not perfectly square. - Holes machined into the clamps save weight. - Wider slots than standard SL clamps are designed specifically for the M6 bolts used on 2015 and newer GU and Echo Mark Ti frames, will not work with other frames. - Anodized black finish with laser-etched logos on the top clamps. - Includes M6 titanium mounting bolts and washers. - Sold as a pair (mounts for one brake).
Crewkerz AS30 Bottom Bracket
- Bottom bracket cups for Crewkerz AS30 cranksets. - Machined from high quality aluminum. - Sealed bearings run smoothly and help keep out dirt and grit. - Pressfit 30 cups fit frames with a 46mm internal diameter pressfit bottom bracket shell such as Crewkerz and Clean. - Available in anodized black. - Sold as a pair of cups (one bottom bracket).
WebCyclery Wheel Build
- We offer professional trials wheel builds! - Our wheel builders have over 50 years of experience and hundreds of wheels built. - We aim to build and ship wheels within 3-4 days of the order being placed, but we do get backed up occasionally. Please contact us if you need the wheel by a certain date. - Price includes calculating spoke length and cutting spokes.
Echo TR Platform Pedals
- Redesigned TR platform pedals from Echo. - New Y-shaped platform design increases strength and reduces weight. - Concave platform shape increases grip over the previous design. - Constructed using 6061 T6 aluminum for the body and durable chromo steel for the axle. - Great option for riders looking for a more durable alternative to caged pedals without sacrificing weight. - Super slim design gives excellent clearance over obstacles. - Replaceable steel pins provide good grip in all conditions. - Sealed cartridge bearings provide smooth operation and superior durability. - Axle features 15mm flats for easy pedal installation and removal. - Anodized finish with laser-etched Echo logos. Please Note: These do not come with the pins installed. A wrench is provided with the pedals for installation of the pins. We highly recommend using locktite on the pin threads when you are installing, otherwise the pins can come loose and strip the threading or get lost. Also Note: Always remember to grease your pedal threads before installation!
Echo TR Splined Cranks
The Echo splined cranks are great for those looking for a tough, robust cranks that wont slip. Bare in mind that Echo use their own spline system so parts from other brands won't work. - Echo's popular TR ISIS cranks in a splined version. - Forged from 6061 T6 aluminum making them strong and stiff. - Large slot machined into the front of the cranks reduces weight. - Splined crank/freewheel interface allows for easy installation and removal of freewheels. No more fussing with huge pry-bars to remove stuck threaded freewheels! - Designed to work with Echo style pressfit bottom brackets. - Special "top hat" bb spacers (supplied with bb or sold separately) keep the freewheel secured on the splines. - A freewheel spacer is supplied in case you want to run them without a bashring. - If a bashring is used, it must have a base width of 4mm. - Compatible only with Echo splined freewheels. - Available in 160mm and 170mm. - Anodized black with laser-etched Echo logos. Please Note: The Echo splined crank/freewheel system is only compatible with Echo style pressfit ISIS bottom brackets found on Echo, Zoo, Czar, and GU frames as well as others.
Inspired Flow V2 Chain Tugs
- Replacement chain tugs to fit Inspired Flow frames. - Updated design allows them to also function as the hub bolt washer, eliminating extra pieces and creating a lower profile. - High quality CNC machined aluminum construction. - Sold as a pair with tensioner bolts (does not include frame bolts).
Trialtech Sport Lite 24
- Durable yet light single wall rims from Trialtech. - Single wall profile reduces unneccessary weight. - Wide rim profile provides excellent stability at low tire pressures and reduces tire roll. - Square holes save weight over traditional circular ones. - Valve hole is drilled at the rim join to allow an additional hole to be machined opposite thereby further saving weight. - Suitable for both disc or rim brakes. - Rim brake users benefit from improved braking performance when ground due to the high grade aluminum used. - Available in 32h drilling only. - Classy gloss black or silver anodized finish with stylish Trialtech logos at the rim join/valve hole.
Jitsie Disc Protector
- The Jitsie brake disc protector is a light, minimalistic guard to keep your rear disc rotor protected. - Manufactured from high quality 7075 T6 aluminum. - Exclusive design by Jitsie, tested and approved by multiple time World Champion Dani Comas. - 3mm thick with cutouts to keep weight to a minimum. - Laser-etched Jitsie logo on the bottom of the guard. - Designed in Belgium and manufactured in the EU as part of the Jitsie Race range. - Fits over the hub axle on the inside of the frame dropout. It takes up 3mm of axle width so you will need to machine or cut down your existing hub spacer or get a new hub spacer with a 3mm narrower width. - Designed to work with 160mm rotors only. Please Note: This is designed to protect from accidental collisions, not to be used as an aid in climbing obstacles.
Echo SL 2-Bolt Brake Booster
- 2-bolt booster from Echo as found on their complete bikes. - Constructed from 6061 T6 Aluminum for maximum stiffness. - Booster body is machined out to reduce weight where it isn't needed. - Wide profile also offers some protection for the crossover line on HS33 brakes. - Designed to fit 26", 24", and 20" trials bikes with 4-bolt mounts spaced at 100mm. - Supplied with two mounting bolts and spacers. - Anodized finish with laser-etched logos.
Echo Rim Strips
- Durable rim strips from Echo. - Made from strong yet light plastic. - Heat-bonded join. - Available in white only with printed Echo logos. Widths: - 28 mm for all front wheel sizes (20", 24", 26") - 32mm for 24" rear - 35mm for 19" and 26" rear. Please Note: width can vary a few mm from strip to strip.
Echo SL 26
$50.00 - $60.00 $60.00 Up to 17% Off
- Echo's lightweight SL front rim. - Single wall construction and un-eyeletted design save weight. - 38mm width provides stability and helps prevent tire roll. - Large holes are cnc-machined out of the rim to save further weight. - Constructed from 6061 T6 aluminum to improve durability and brake performance. - Available in 32 hole spoke drilling only. - Black or red anodized finish.
Inspired Fourplay Team 24
- The Inspired Fourplay Team bike offers top-of-the-range performance for street trials riders. - Built with a range of Inspired and Truvativ products, no corners have been cut to get a durable and high quality bike spec. - Key component upgrades over the Fourplay Pro allow the bike to perform at the highest level. - Short chainstays and low bottom bracket height help to improve the maneuverability and responsive handling, making it a capable street riding machine. - Front of the frame features a butted tubeset to help reduce weight whilst strength is maintained by using external top and down tube gussets. - To increase strength, stiffness and tire clearance the Fourplay uses a hollow chainstay and bottom bracket yoke. - The frame also features a 12mm bolt through rear axle with an expanding wedge design that eliminates the chance of loosening during riding. - The frame and fork feature reinforced ‘post mount’ disc brake mounts (maximum rotor size 185mm), thereby removing the need for additional brake adaptors. - Specially designed seat and chainstay tubing improves both crank and heel clearance. - Integrated tensioner mount is tucked out of the way, making the tensioner harder to hit. - Tapered frame and fork provide a stiff, strong front end. - Matching Fourplay fork features an updated 20mm through-axle which provides maximum stiffness while the countersunk design helps to keep things low profile and out of the way. - Screw-in top cap allows the front brake hose to be routed through the steerer tube (see related products below if you would like us to perform this service). - The wheels are built using top quality Hope Pro 4 hubs, Sapim Race double butted spokes and Inspired Team V2 (tubeless-ready) rims fitted with Danny MacAskill's signature Continental 24" street tires. - Braking duties are taken care of by powerful Magura MT7 or Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, giving the rider the necessary level of control they require. - Available in Gloss Metallic Green and Satin Grey. Geometry - Wheelbase: 994mm - Chainstay: 362mm - BB Height: +10mm - Head Angle: 73° - Reach: 670mm - Frame Spacing: 135mm Please note: Complete bikes will not be supplied standard with the front brake hose routed through the fork as shown in the photos. This service can be added to your cart at the time of purchase.
Magura HS22 Rim Brake
- Excellent value hydraulic rim brake from Magura. - Lever body made of Magura's proprietary Carbotecture material, which provides a good blend of weight and strength. - New 3-finger lever blade provides good power and has a comfortable rounded shape. - Split handlebar clamp allows for easy installation without removing grips. - Flip-flop design allows the lever to be used as left or right hand. - Clever TPA (Turbo Pad Adjustment) system design is tucked out of the way to reduce damage in crashes and is also indexed against a nub on the lever blade to eliminate unwanted movement. - The lever reach can be adjusted to 3 different positions via a slider near the base of the lever blade. - HS22 lever is paired with Magura's tried and true HS33 brake cylinders. - Supplied with standard Magura black pads. (The black pads are not suited very well for trials, purchasing aftermarket pads is recommended.) - Brake cylinders are compatible with all standard aftermarket 4-bolt clamps. - Supplied fully bled and ready to install. - Made in Germany. Also Note: Correct installation of the split clamp lever requires the bolt with the arrows pointing towards it to be gently tightened first until the gap is closed, then the other bolt should be tightened down. There should be a gap of around 2-3mm when the lever is tight on the bars. Over-tightening the bolts or not following this procedure is likely to crack the lever clamp, which is not covered under warranty!
Ozonys Skill 26
- Entry level 26" frame from Ozonys. - Optimized mid-range geometry gives riders of all experience levels the opportunity to progress their riding ability and broaden their bike handling skills. - Manufactured from high quality 7005 T6 aluminum. - Uses a 120mm long headtube designed for standard 1 1/8" external headsets. - CNC machined 68mm threaded bottom bracket yoke. - Features dedicated 4-bolt rim brake mounts for hydraulic rim brakes. - Neat CNC-machined horizontal dropouts are spaced at 135mm and feature tensioner bolts to accept snail cams. - Additional welded gussets at key points to increase strength and durability. - Two brake line guides are located on the lower side of the top tube to keep the brake line in place and out of the way. - Anodized grey finish with Ozonys graphics. Geometry: - Wheelbase: 1080mm - Chainstay Length: 380mm - Bottom Bracket Rise: 40mm - Head Tube Angle: 71.5° - Head Tube Length: 120mm - Reach: 665mm
Jitsie Varial 1010 20
$475.00 - $525.00
- Varial 1010 Disc frame/frame kit from Jitsie. - Manufactured from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum. - Minimalistic design with focus on performance and durability. - Uses a 120mm long CNC machined headtube designed for an internal headset. - Compatible with straight 1 1/8" forks. - A large hole has been machined in the headtube to reduce weight. - CNC machined 68mm threaded bottom bracket yoke is stiff and strong. - One-piece CNC-machined post mount dropout/disc mount for increased strength and rigidity. It is compatible with 160/162.5mm rotors. - Neat CNC-machined horizontal dropouts are spaced at 116mm and feature tensioner bolts to accept snail cams. - 4-bolt bashplate design is compatible with the Jitsie Mini Bashplate, as well as Bonz and Clean bashplates, and attaches directly to the BB shell, eliminating the stress riser on the down tube caused by the forward mounting bolt on traditional 3-bolt bashplates. - Brake line guides are located on the lower side of the top tube to keep the brake line in place and out of the way. - Unique frame design allows for the Jitsie aftermarket seat to be used, giving the frame added versatility. - Comes supplied with lightweight silicon seat tube plug. - Sandblasted and anodized black finish, supplied with Jitsie frame stickers. - Sold as a frame only or frame kit. - Frame kit includes: *semi-integrated headset installed *ISIS bottom bracket installed *bash plate installed *Jitsie frame sticker kit *silicon seat plug installed Geometry: (measured with 400 x 45mm fork) - Wheelbase: 1010mm - Chainstay Length: 350mm - Bottom Bracket Rise: 80mm - Head Tube Angle: 71.5° - Head Tube Length: 120mm - Reach: 600mm
KMC Half Link
$3.00 - $5.00
- Single half link from KMC. - The half link is an outer link that reduces to an inner link, making it half the length of a normal link. - Very useful for getting chain length or gearing just right. - Available to fit 1/8" or 3/32" chains. - Grey finish.
Trialtech Sport Threaded Cog
$28.00 - $35.00
- Trialtech Sport Threaded cogs are made from durable steel and are available in a range of sizes. - CNC machined from super tough hardened Cro-Moly to offer a high level of quality and durability. - A shot blasted surface finish after machining increases the surface hardness and improves wear life. - Industry standard 1.37" x 24tpi thread fits fixed rear hubs and threaded cranks. - Wide 10mm base means more threads and a stronger connection between the sprocket and hub/crank. - Tapered design gives maximum strength, while CNC machined slots on larger models help keep the weight down. - Each sprocket is finished with a stylish laser-etched Trialtech logo and size indication. - Compatible with all 1/8" and 3/32" chains.
Inpulse Start 20
$1,249.00 $1,299.00 4% Off
- Custom 20" bike built around the Inpulse Start frame. - Built up with a selection of Bonz, Jitsie, and Trialtech components for a solid mix of performance and value. - Mid-range geometry makes the bike stable and ideal for beginners and more advanced riders alike. - Dual Magura HS22 hydraulic rim brakes provide reliable stopping power. - Disc ready frame and hubs. Geometry: - Wheelbase: 1000mm - Chainstays: 350mm - BB Height: +70mm - Head Angle: 71° - Frame Spacing: 116mm Please Note: the frame has a few blemishes, we have marked the price down accordingly.
Trialtech Bleed Syringe
$5.00 - $6.00
- High quality syringes for bleeding hydraulic rim brakes and some models of disc brake. - Precision 2-piece design avoids sticking issues caused by swelling seals often encountered with other syringes. - Available in Large (60ml) or Small (24ml) volume. - Sold individually.
Trialtech Sport Lite ISIS Bottom Bracket
- The Trialtech Sport Lite is a light, high quality ISIS bottom bracket. - Tested and developed over a period of more than a year to ensure maximum reliability. - High quality manufacturing with excellent tolerances and finishing quality. - Minimalist aluminum alloy cups and center sleeve help reduce weight. - Unique, high load bearing units for increased strength and durability. - Multiple seals keep out dirt and grit. - Custom machined, lightweight M15 cromoly steel axle keeps weight down. - 'Top Hat' axle spacers maintain correct bearing preload and crank fitment, plus they can be removed easily to ensure that all types of 20-tooth Shimano BB tool can be used with this BB. - 68mm shell width with 128mm long axle. - Includes color-matched black crank bolts. - Anodized black finish with laser etched Trialtech logo. Please Note: When fitting axle spacers, the wide end must face outwards away from the frame as shown in the pictures. Incorrect fitting of the spacers will void the warranty.
TNN LGV V-Brake Pads
- TNN's famous LGM brake pads in vee backings! - Acclaimed by many trials riders as the best vee pads in existence! - Designed for harshly ground rims and wet weather but also performs very well in dry conditions with lighter grinds. - Developed and tweaked with the help of a diverse range of riders (including Lewis Greenhalgh, Stan Shaw and Ali C) to provide awesome braking on all types of ground rims. - Great sound with sharp bite and tremendous hold while still maintaining superb wear life. - Hand-glued to TNN's trademark CNC backing, which is grit blasted inside the pad cavities, ultrasonic cleaned, glued under pressure and then hand sanded. - CNC-machined aluminum backing provides extra braking force and lever feedback since it is much stiffer than standard plastic backings. - 8mm of pad material provides plenty of wear life. - Sold as a pair.
Racing Line CNC 2005-2010 HS33 TPA Wheel
- High quality aluminum replacement TPA wheels for Magura and Racing Line brake levers. - Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum - High quality aluminum construction improves strength and is harder to strip out than original plastic Magura wheels. - Fits 2005-2010 Magura HS33, Echo CNC and SL, and Racing Line levers. - Not supplied with hemispherical plastic bushings. - Available in anodized red
Racing Line Piston
- High quality replacement pistons for 2005-2010 HS33 brakes from Racing Line. - CNC machined from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum. - Aluminum construction means the piston cannot swell when the brake is bled with water, a common problem with the original plastic Magura pistons. - Includes two O-rings. - 14mm piston is designed to fit 2005-2010 Magura HS33 and Racing Line FL001 levers, also works with Echo brake levers. - 13mm piston fits Racing Line Nano levers and Clean levers. - Available in anodized red.
 M6 x 25mm Hub Axle Bolt
- Replacement steel bolt - M6 x 25mm size - 5mm allen key head - Ideal for hub axle bolts - Sold singly
Racing Line Titanium M6 Grub Screw
- Lightweight titanium replacement grub screw/blanking bolt for Racing Line brake levers. - M6 thread size - New design features an o-ring on the bottom of the bolt, improving the seal over traditional grub screws. - Constructed from titanium. - Available in anodized black, gold or rainbow finish. - Compatible with Racing Line FL001 and Nano 28 levers only! - Maximum bolt torque 3Nm! Please Note: A small amount of grease should be applied to the threads before installation and it is imperative that these are not over-tightened. Doing so can result in the lever leaking!
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