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Trials Bikes & Gear

Jitsie Reverz 19
- Developed and tested by Jitsie team riders Dani Comas and Alejandro Montalvo. - Good mix of durability and performance. - Exclusive Jitsie tread pattern ensures maximum grip and minimal rolling resistance. - Tire is designed to work in both directions. - Super sticky lightweight rubber compound ensures maximum grip. - Low block tread design helps save weight. - Generous spacing between center and outer knobs helps shed mud. - Siping on tread blocks reduces weight further as well as improves grip by allowing the blocks to conform to uneven surfaces. - Wire bead. - Jitsie logos and product info on tire. - Available in 19 x 2.6 size.
Inspired Arcade Riser Handlebar
- The Inspired Arcade handlebar is the choice of top street trials riders the world over! - Developed and tested in collaboration with team riders Ali C and Sean Watson as part of the Arcade bike development. - High rise geometry gives it a more rise than standard riser bars and really help it to ‘pop’ - perfect for bunny hops, manuals and spins! - 730mm width gives plenty of leverage over the bike meaning you can pick it up and move it around easily and benefit from a better level of control than with narrower bars. - 9 degree back sweep and 5 degree up sweep give a slightly more traditional shape, which many riders find more comfortable. - Extruded from 7050-T6 aluminum, they feature multi-taper wall thicknesses to increase strength in high stress areas without adding any excessive weight. - 31.8mm oversize clamp diameter for increased strength in the center of the bar. - Available in matte black or silver anodized finish with high resolution Inspired graphics.
ESI Silicon Grips
$16.99 - $19.99
- ESI's Silicone Grips are great for almost any type of riding and very comfortable. - One of our favorite grips here at the shop. - Used by cyclists around the world. - Silicone provides excellent shock absorption and grip while still being lightweight and durable. - Offered in a variety of colors as well as two thicknesses - Includes one set of bar plugs.
Maxxis Creepy Crawler 19
- Classic 19" rear trials tire from Maxxis. - Designed specifically for trials use with input from World Champion Dani Comas. - Super Tacky rubber compound provides good grip while also maintaining good durability. - Traditional block style tread is designed to work in both directions. - Wire bead. - Available in 19 x 2.5 size. Please note: This tire is marked as 20" x 2.50, but it fits only a 19" rim. It will not fit 20" rims.
Jitsie Single Wall 19
- Super lightweight 19" rear rim from Jitsie. - Constructed from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum for improved durability and brake performance. - Un-eyeletted design and single wall construction save weight. - 48mm width provides excellent stability and helps prevent tire roll. - Custom large parallelogram holes keep the weight to a minimum. - "H" shaped rim profile improves strength and stiffness of sidewalls. - Large sidewall area for maximum brake pad contact. - Available in 32 hole spoke drilling only. - Anodized black finish with Jitsie stickers around valve holes. Please Note: Due to the profile of these rims, the ridge near the spoke holes can make it difficult to fit a spoke wrench on standard length nipples. Because of this, we recommend lacing these rims with 14mm or 16mm long nipples.
Racing Line CNC 4-Finger Lever Blade
- A replacement 4-finger lever for Racing Line brake levers. - Longer lever provides more power over traditional 2-finger levers. - CNC'd from 6061 T6 aluminum. - 6mm pivot bolt hole fits Racing Line brake levers only, will not fit Magura levers. - Available in anodized black only. - TPA wheel and pin sold separately.
Echo Rim Strips
- Durable rim strips from Echo. - Made from strong yet light plastic. - Heat-bonded join. - Available in white only with printed Echo logos. Widths: - 28 mm for all front wheel sizes (20", 24", 26") - 32mm for 24" rear - 35mm for 19" and 26" rear. Please Note: width can vary a few mm from strip to strip.
Jitsie Air4ce Shoes
- The Jitsie Air4ce shoe combines thoughtful design and technically advanced materials to make it a top choice for trials. - Developed in close collaboration with the Jitsie factory team riders. - Features asymmetrical construction with the inner side of the ankle quite a bit higher to provide maximum protection against the cranks. - Breathable and durable upper constructed with mesh and microfiber material. - Strong laces for a tight fit and a velcro closure tab to keep them secured out of the way when riding. - Full heel-to-toe rubber sole construction is much more durable than traditional glued on soles. - Antibacterial removable inner sole. - EVA midsole provides ample cushioning to absorb big hits. - Super tacky rubber molded outsole ensures excellent grip on the pedals. - A varied tread pattern features deeper tread on the back and tip of the shoe for grip on obstacles and shallower tread under the ball of the foot for better contact with the pedal. - Additionally, the outsole is super low on the pedal contact area for a direct feel with the bike. - Loop at the back of the shoe makes it easier to slip on.
DT Swiss Alloy Nipples
$0.25 - $0.65
- DT's alloy nipples are a lighter weight alternative to standard brass nipples. - Great for a lightweight wheelbuild or one that needs some color. - About 25g per wheel lighter than brass nipples!
 M6 x 25mm Hub Axle Bolt
- Replacement steel bolt - M6 x 25mm size - 5mm allen key head - Ideal for hub axle bolts - Sold singly
Lizard Skins Danny MacAskill Lock-On Grips
$31.99 - $33.99
- New from Lizard Skins, the Danny MacAskill Signature grip. - Designed and ridden by Danny MacAskill! - Single sided lock design saves weight and makes the outer end of the grip more comfortable. - Larger diameter in key areas of the grip to provide better cushioning for impacts and vibration dampening. - Knurled pattern provides good grip in all conditions with or without gloves. - Includes two grips, clamps and bar plugs. - Available in a range of colors.
Crewkerz Tapered Internal Headset
- Internal tapered headset from Crewkerz as found on their complete bikes. - Sealed bearing design keeps out dirt and grit for smooth running. - Aluminum cups reduce weight without sacrificing durability. - Fits Crewkerz frames using an internal headset with a tapered 1 1/8" - 1.5" fork. - May also fit other frames using a tapered internal headset with 44mm diameter upper cup with 56mm diameter lower cup. - Does not include a crown race (Crewkerz forks have an integrated crown race and do not require a separate race). - Not supplied with starnut or top cap. - Black anodized finish. Please Note: These may be supplied with a slightly different appearance than the photos.
Jitsie Mini Bashplate
- Lightweight 4-bolt bashplate from Jitsie as found on their 20" bikes. - Constructed from tough aluminum for good blend of durability and weight. - Compact 4-bolt design makes it lighter and less prone to bending than traditional 3-bolt designs, as well as putting less stress on the downtube. - Directional teeth on the outside of the plate provide grip on obstacles. - Supplied with mounting bolts and spacers. - Anodized black finish with laser-etched Jitsie logos. - Designed for Jitsie Varial frames, also compatible with some Clean, Ozonys and other frames.
Trialtech Sport Lite Splined Crankset
- Superlight splined crankset from Trialtech including freewheel, bashring and 7075 crank bolts. - One of the most cost-effective splined cranksets available. - Compatible with all standard M15 ISIS bottom brackets. - Splined 108.9 freewheel can be removed using standard allen/hex key multi tool. No more fooling with vices and pry bars trying to get stuck freewheels off! - Splined 7075 bashring can be set up for left or right foot forward riders and is always held at the correct angle by the splines. - Multi-stage forging allows a design that is super light yet stiff and strong. - Trialtech splined freewheel provides 108 engagement points per revolution with a proven 9 pawl design. - 32.5mm offset provides plenty of clearance. - Tough sandblast black anodized finish with distinctive Sport Lite laser logos. - Additional crank bolt spacers recommended when using titanium bottom brackets. - Available in 165mm, 170mm and 175mm lengths. - Full crankset includes crank arms, freewheel, freewheel lockring, half bashring, and M15 crank bolts.
 Schrader Valve Tubes
$6.00 - $9.50
- Spare tubes for your trials bike. - A must have for any trials rider. - Schrader valve is the same type of valve you would find on your car.
Inspired Team 24
- Designed for street riding use, the Team rim offers an excellent strength to weight ratio. - Un-eyeletted construction saves over 50g when compared with eyeletted rims. - Double wall construction offers good strength and stiffness. - 20mm holes drilled in the rim help to reduce weight. - 36mm wide profile helps to prevent tire roll when compared to similar rims available. - Matte white powder coat finish with black logos. - Available in 32h spoke drilling only.
Echo Full Bashring
- The Echo full bashring as found on Echo complete bikes. - Constructed from high quality 7075 Aluminum for high strength. - Protects freewheel or front sprocket no matter what position the pedals are in. - Knobs around the edges give improved grip. - Machined holes around the center save weight. - Laser-etched logos and anodized finish for a clean look. - Designed to cover 18t freewheels and sprockets.
Jitsie Forged Stem
$45.00 - $50.00
- Excellent value forged stems from Jitsie. - Available in 35° angle and a variety of lengths to suit any rider and bike. - 3D forged from 6061 alloy for an optimal strength/weight ratio. - 4-bolt bar clamp allows easy installation of handlebars. - Steerer clamp features rounded edges to help prevent knee injuries. - High quality M6 bolts on steerer and handlebar clamps offer excellent strength and reliability. - 31.8mm oversized clamp. - Available in anodized black with white Jitsie graphics.
Crewkerz Guilty 24
- 24" street trials bike from French brand Crewkerz, known for their innovative designs and exacting attention to detail. - Ridden by Crewkerz team rider Leo Nobile. - Incorporates many of the same features found on their well known Jealousy competition bike. - Tapered frame and fork provide excellent front end stiffness and durability. - Integrated sprung chain tensioning system is built into the frame and tucked out of the way under the chainstay, making it harder to hit. - Thru-Axles front (100 x 15) and rear (135 x 12) for ultimate stiffness. This also means the rear wheel is always aligned perfectly and the brake doesn't need to be adjusted when the chain stretches. - Asymmetrical frame design with a large diameter press fit bottom bracket shell results in superior stiffness, giving the rider maximum power transfer to the pedals. - Crewkerz's competition-proven AS30 2-piece crankset with a 30mm aluminum axle is a nod to their competition roots. - The fork features a top cap that allows the front brake to be routed through the steerer. If you wish us to perform this service please add the related product shown below to your cart. - Beefy +20 Post Mount disc brake mounts on the frame and fork eliminate the need for adaptors when using 180mm rotors. - Magura MT7 HC3 hydraulic disc brakes provide super powerful, reliable braking. Geometry: - Wheelbase: 990mm - Chainstays: 362mm - BB Height: +25mm - Head Angle: 74° - Reach: 665mm - Frame Spacing: 135mm
Racing Line BB30 External Bottom Bracket
$20.00 $35.00 43% Off
- Bottom bracket cups for Racing Line BB30 cranksets. - Machined from high quality 7075 aluminum. - Sealed bearings run smoothly and help keep out dirt and grit. - 1.37" x 24tpi thread fits all threaded bottom bracket shells. - Compatible with Hollowtech 2 style bb tools. - Also compatible with Hashtagg and Try-All BB30 cranksets as well as others. - Available in anodized red. - Sold as a pair.
Jitsie Varial Hybrid 24
- Varial Hybrid 24" frame kit from Jitsie. - Manufactured from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum. - Minimalistic design with focus on performance and durability. - Uses a 120mm long CNC machined headtube designed for an internal headset. - Compatible with straight 1 1/8" forks. - A large hole has been machined in the headtube to reduce weight. - CNC machined 68mm threaded bottom bracket yoke is stiff and strong. - One-piece CNC-machined post mount dropout/disc mount for increased strength and rigidity. It is compatible with 160 rotors or 180 rotors with an adaptor. - Neat CNC-machined horizontal dropouts are spaced at 116mm and feature tensioner bolts to accept snail cams. - Brake line guides are located on the lower side of the top tube to keep the brake line in place and out of the way. - Unique frame design allows for the Jitsie aftermarket seat to be used, giving the frame added versatility. - Comes supplied with lightweight silicon seat tube plug. - Sandblasted and anodized black finish, supplied with Jitsie frame stickers. - Frame kit includes: *semi-integrated headset installed *ISIS bottom bracket installed *Jitsie frame sticker kit *silicon seat plug installed Geometry: (measured with 400 x 45mm fork) - Wheelbase: 1045mm - Chainstay: 370mm - BB Height: +50mm - Head Angle: 71.5° - Reach: 655 - Frame Spacing: 116mm
Echo TR Headset
- The classic Echo TR headset. - Made from durable 2014 aluminum. - Fits 1 1/8" headtubes. - Countersunk top cap bolt mates perfectly with Echo's topcap. - Drilled top cap keeps weight to a minimum. - Anodized finish with laser-etched logos. - Starnut and color-matched 5mm spacer included. Please Note: some TR headsets may now come with updated "E" Echo logos instead of the Echo text on the cups and spacers.
Trialtech Race Platform Pedals
- Trialtech's Race Platform Pedals are quality, durable trials pedals that won't break the bank. - Features a one-piece aluminum body - Steel axles are strong and durable. - Sealed bearings are smooth-running and keep out water and dirt. - Features more replaceable pins than similar platform pedals for added grip. - Parallelogram shape that means you'll always get your feet onto the grippiest parts of the pedals. - Large contact area helps keep feet on the pedals at all times. Please Note: These pedals come with reflectors attached (not shown in picture).
 Replacement Steel Bolt
- Replacement steel bolt. - M5 x 25mm size. - 4mm allen key head. - Ideal for brake clamp bolts (without brake booster). - Sold singly.
KMC K1 Kool Chain
- A chain designed for BMX but is at home on any single speed bike needing a chain built to last. - Also a great option for trials bikes. - Nickel plated outer plates and black inner plates provide rust and abrasion resistance. - Links: 112 - Color: Silver/Black - Width: 9.3mm - Chain Connection Type: Single Use Master Link - Half Link Chain: No
Inspired Rubber Grips
- Molded, soft compound rubber grips from Inspired. - 'Knurled' texture increases friction over standard smooth grips when used with both bare hands or gloves, especially when sweaty or wet. - Single ply construction maintains the feel of the grip as it wears. - Built-in bar end plugs help protect the end of your handlebars. - Available in black only.
Trialtech Race Forged Cranks
- ISIS cranks forged from high quality 6061 aluminum alloy. - Standard 1.37" x 24 tpi thread to accept a front freewheel or screw-on fixed sprocket. - Wide threaded section allows a bashguard to be used if desired. - Super stiff and strong yet still light enough for competition use. - Tough anodized matt finish, with laser etched Trialtech logos. - 165mm and 175mm lengths available. - Black finish only. Please Note: Always ensure freewheel/screw on sprocket threads are greased before installation.
Echo TR Platform Pedals
- Redesigned TR platform pedals from Echo. - New Y-shaped platform design increases strength and reduces weight. - Concave platform shape increases grip over the previous design. - Constructed using 6061 T6 aluminum for the body and durable chromo steel for the axle. - Great option for riders looking for a more durable alternative to caged pedals without sacrificing weight. - Super slim design gives excellent clearance over obstacles. - Replaceable steel pins provide good grip in all conditions. - Sealed cartridge bearings provide smooth operation and superior durability. - Axle features 15mm flats for easy pedal installation and removal. - Anodized finish with laser-etched Echo logos. Please Note: These do not come with the pins installed. A wrench is provided with the pedals for installation of the pins. We highly recommend using locktite on the pin threads when you are installing, otherwise the pins can come loose and strip the threading or get lost. Also Note: Always remember to grease your pedal threads before installation!
Trialtech Axle Bolt Washers
- Replacement axle bolt washers from Trialtech. - Constructed from high quality 7075 T6 aluminum alloy, - Ideal for replacing any washers that have been damaged during riding. - Knurled surface helps to prevent the wheel from moving in the dropout. - Anodized finish with stylish Trialtech 'Bashring' laser etched logo. - 20mm head diameter. - Sold as a pair.
Trialtech Bleed Kit
- Excellent value for money rim brake bleed kit. Kit includes: - 1 500ml Trialtech rim brake fluid - 1 60ml syringe - 2 bleed hoses with barb fittings
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