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Wax Irons

Check out all our ski wax irons for sale at Webcyclery & Webskis

Shop all our ski wax irons for sale and keep your skis perfectly waxed all winter long.

- The Swix T72 Digital Waxing iron is the choice of ski wax technicians throughout the world. - Super thick 12mm heating plate means the temperature won't fluctuate and will remain constant. - Digital temperature regulation controlled by a microprocessor. - Temperature adjustment from 110°C to 170°C. - Back of heating plate is angled to facilitate application powders. - Front of heating plate is straight for maximum control when waxing glide zones on classic skis. - One of the most accurate irons available. - Includes iron cover for protection during transport. - 110 Volt, 550 Watt.
- The T77 Iron is a good value iron that works well for both alpine and nordic skis. - Ergonomic body for easy use. - Wide metal plate that suits both alpine, snowboard and nordic. - Angled at one side to make it easier to keep a constant speed when melting the wax. - Thick metal plate ensures a stable heating. - Plate dimensions: 100 x 160mm. - 110 Volt, 800 Watt.
- Performance digital wax iron developed both for nordic, alpine and snowboard use. - Ergonomic handle and a convenient temperature adjustment wheel. - Digital temperature display for easy, accurate readings. - Thick metal plate ensures stable, even heating. - Features thick film type heating element that allows the wax iron to heat up fast and evenly, and maintain a more constant temperature. - Temperature adjustment from 80°C to 180°C. - Output: 1000 W.
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