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DT Swiss Brass Nipples
$0.10 - $0.20
- DT's standard brass nipples. - The nipples of choice for most of our trials wheelbuilds here at the shop. - Stronger and more resistant to rounding off than alloy nipples. - Available in black or silver.
DT Swiss Alloy Nipples
$0.25 - $0.65
- DT's alloy nipples are a lighter weight alternative to standard brass nipples. - Great for a lightweight wheelbuild or one that needs some color. - About 25g per wheel lighter than brass nipples!
DT Swiss 16mm Brass Nipples
- 16mm brass nipples from DT Swiss. - Extra length provides more room to fit a nipple wrench, handy on certain rim profiles. - Stronger and more resistant to rounding off than alloy nipples. - Compatible with standard 2.0 gauge spokes. - Available in silver only.
DT Swiss Champion Spokes
$0.75 - $1.00
- DT Champion spokes are strong straight gauge 2.0mm spokes. - Great for durable wheel builds. - Available in black or silver. Please Note: If you are unsure what length spokes you need, please contact us.
DT Swiss Competition Spokes
$1.20 - $1.60
- DT Competition spokes are butted, which makes them lighter than straight gauge spokes. - Cold forged for extra durability. - Available in black or silver. Please Note: If you are unsure what length spokes you need, please contact us.
 M6 x 25mm Hub Axle Bolt
- Replacement steel bolt - M6 x 25mm size - 5mm allen key head - Ideal for hub axle bolts - Sold singly
MOE Trials Rim Strips
$2.75 $5.50 50% Savings
- Super thick, durable rim strips from MOE. - Constructed from thick, durable plastic. - Considerably wider and more heavy duty than other trials rim strips, making them ideal for rims with sharp edges or if you're having problems with the tube poking through. - Valve hole is large enough to accommodate both presta and schrader valves. - All sizes are 40mm wide. Please Note: Due to its width, the 26" rim strip may have to be cut down to fit some front rims.
Jitsie Hub Spacers
- Spare hub axle spacers from Belgian brand Jitsie. - CNC machined from high quality aluminum. - Designed to work with Jitsie hubs, may also work with other brands. - Narrower side of spacer rests against hub bearing. - Available in 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm widths. - All sizes have a 10mm inner diameter and 16mm outer diameter. - Anodized black only. - Sold individually.
Echo Rear Hub Bearing
- Replacement bearing for Echo TR 116mm and 135mm rear hubs. - Double seals keep out dirt and water for smooth running. - Also fits some other manufacturers hubs. - ID: 10mm OD: 26mm Width: 8mm - Sold individually.
Echo Hub Lockring
$5.00 $10.00 50% Savings
- Replacement lockring for older Echo splined hubs. - CNC'd from high quality 7075 aluminum. - Perfect if your lockring on your Echo hub becomes broken or stripped. - Fits only pre-2016 Echo, Zoo!, GU, Adamant splined hubs, will NOT work with standard hubs or 2016 and newer Echo splined hubs. - Available in anodized black or silver.
 Schrader Valve Tubes
$5.00 - $6.00
- Spare tubes for your trials bike. - A must have for any trials rider. - Schrader valve is the same type of valve you would find on your car.
Trialtech Rim Strips
- Rim strips from Trialtech. - Heavy duty plastic rim tape is tough yet flexible. - Strong heat bonded join with a large enough hole for all types of valve. - Matte finish on one side and gloss on the other. - Very tough, durable, and also waterproof. - Available in Black or White. - Front width 25mm, rear width 40mm. - 24" width 35mm.
Echo Rim Strips
- Durable rim strips from Echo. - Made from strong yet light plastic. - Heat-bonded join. - Available in white only with printed Echo logos. Widths: - 28 mm for all front wheel sizes (20", 24", 26") - 32mm for 24" rear - 35mm for 19" and 26" rear. Please Note: width can vary a few mm from strip to strip.
 Presta Valve Tubes
- Spare tubes for your trials bike. - A must have for any trials rider. - Presta valve is the longer, skinnier valve than the standard schrader.
Jitsie Rim Tape
- Superlight rim tape from Jitsie. - Extremely light nylon material is still strong enough to resist tearing and bubbling. - Significantly lighter than competitor's rim tapes. - Strong heat bonded join with hole for all valve types. - Silver/grey with printed Jitsie logos on one side and plain blue finish on the other. - 30mm front width, 42mm rear width.
Crewkerz Hub Lockring
- Replacement lockring for Crewkerz splined hubs. - CNC'd from high quality aluminum. - Perfect if your lockring on your Crewkerz hub becomes broken or stripped. - Only compatible with Crewkerz or Bonz splined hubs, will not fit Echo hubs. - We recommend using a dab of blue Loctite when installing. - Available in anodized red only.
Trialtech Axle Bolt Washers
- Replacement axle bolt washers from Trialtech. - Constructed from high quality 7075 T6 aluminum alloy, - Ideal for replacing any washers that have been damaged during riding. - Knurled surface helps to prevent the wheel from moving in the dropout. - Anodized finish with stylish Trialtech 'Bashring' laser etched logo. - 20mm head diameter. - Sold as a pair.
Echo Axle Bolt Washers
- Replacement axle bolt washers from Echo. - Constructed from tough 7075 T6 Aluminum - Anodized colored finish with laser-etched Echo logos on the sides. - 20mm wide at the base (the widest part). - Sold as a pair.
Jitsie Axle Bolt Washers
- Super light axle bolt washers as found on Jitsie's Race hubs. - Manufactured from high quality 7075 aluminum alloy. - Ideal for replacing any washers that have been damaged during riding. - Slight indents in the inner surface help prevent the wheel from moving in the dropout. - Fits all standard M6 bolts. - Designed and manufactured in Belgium as part of the Jitsie Race range. - Available in anodized black or red with Jitsie laser etched logo. - 19mm head diameter. - Sold as a pair.
Kenda Kinetics 26
$20.00 $30.00 33% Savings
- Affordable 26" trials tire from Kenda. - Soft rubber compound gives good grip. - Aggressive block tread pattern grips well on obstacles. - Thick sidewalls help prevent pinch flats. - Wire bead. - 26 x 2.35".
Jitsie Ziggy 20
- Affordable 20" tire from Jitsie. - Good mix of durability and performance. - Works well as a front tire on adult bikes as well as front or rear on kids bikes that use a 20" rear wheel. - Classic block tread pattern grips well on all surfaces. - Tire is designed to work in both directions. - Sticky rubber compound ensures good grip. - Wire bead keeps cost down and ensures a secure fit with the rim. - Jitsie logos and product info on tire. - Available in 20 x 2.25 size.
Crewkerz Thru-Axle
- Replacement thru-axle for Crewkerz hubs. - Compatible with Crewkerz frames and forks only. - High quality aluminum construction. - Fitting for T-40 Torx wrench for easy adjustment and less chance of stripping than a standard allen key fitting. - Available in 9mm front or 12mm rear. - Anodized red finish. - Sold individually.
Schwalbe Table Top 24
- Dirt jump tire from Schwalbe that works equally well for trials. - Short, closely spaced block tread design hooks up equally well on pavement and dirt. - Dual compound rubber optimized for durability and grip. - Single-ply casing keeps the weight down. - 24 x 2.25" size only.
Maxxis Creepy Crawler (Front)
- Classic 20" front tire from Maxxis. - Designed with input from multiple-time World Champion Dani Comas. - Block tread pattern excels at urban riding but also grips well in natural terrain. - Low durometer rubber provides great grip. - Thick casing and sidewalls protect against pinch flats. - Wire bead. - 20 x 2.0"
Try-All Shift 26
$40.00 $60.00 33% Savings
- Developed with input from the world's top competition riders including Vincent Hermance. - Designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing stability or flat protection. - Tire of choice for many competition riders around the world. - Kevlar bead keeps weight to a minimum. - Constructed using the soft Stiky rubber compound. - Low profile tread pattern that reduces weight while still providing good grip. - Try-All's unique tread pattern sheds mud well and excels in all riding conditions. - Available 26" x 2.0".
Maxxis Creepy Crawler 19
- Maxxis' rear-specific Creepy Crawler is a classic 19" trials tire. - Designed by multiple-time world champion Dani Comas. - Traditional block tread pattern excels in urban settings while still providing consistent grip in all conditions. - Constructed from a very soft 42a rubber compound, which provides great grip for hanging on to steep slopes and uneven surfaces. - Low durometer and ultra-tough casing make for a grippy tire that's perfect for any modified trials bike. - Wire bead. - 19 x 2.5".
Kenda Small Block 8 24
- Light 24" front tire from Kenda. - Designed by legendary rider John Tomac. - Features a harder 60a durometer rubber in the center for decreased rolling resistance and a softer 50a rubber in the side knobs for increased grip on uneven surfaces. - Tread design consists of banks of 8 low profile blocks that grip well in most conditions. - Sidewall thickness keeps the weight down while still providing some protection from pinch flats. - Available in 24 x 2.10" only.
Alias 20.1 20
- 20" street/trials rim from Alias Bikes. - Double wall, high quality aluminum construction for maximum strength and stiffness. - Un-eyeletted construction saves over 50g when compared with eyeletted rims. - 32mm wide profile provides a good balance of weight saving and tire stability. - Suitable for disc or rim brake use. - Black anodized finish with laser etched Alias logo. - 32h spoke drilling only.
Maxxis Holy Roller 24
- The Maxxis Holy Roller is a street-oriented tire used by many street trials riders. - Low-profile inverted semi-knob tread design is fast rolling with low resistance. - Lightweight single ply casing keeps weight down. - Constructed from the 60a MaxxPro rubber compound for a good compromise of grip and durability. - As spec'd on many Inspired and Czar bikes. - Available in 24" x 2.4" only.
Trialtech Sport Lite 20
$45.00 $70.00 36% Savings
- Durable yet light single wall rims from Trialtech. - Single wall profile reduces unneccessary weight. - Wide rim profile provides excellent stability at low tire pressures and reduces tire roll. - Square holes save weight over traditional circular ones. - Valve hole is drilled at the rim join to allow an additional hole to be machined opposite thereby further saving weight. - Suitable for both disc or rim brakes. - Rim brake users benefit from improved braking performance when ground due to the high grade aluminum used. - Available in 32h drilling only. - Classy gloss black or silver anodized finish with stylish Trialtech logos at the rim join/valve hole.
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