Bliz ProFlip Max

Bliz ProFlip Max
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- Radically designed with functionality beyond your imagination.
- Used extensively by both amateurs and elite racers in cross-country skiing and biathlon.
- Offers great protection and flexibility in the most varying weather conditions.
- Foldable visor can be flipped up or down, allowing you to adjust the amount of protection against snow and wind.
- Perfect for varying weather conditions involving heavy snowfall.
- Foldable design also prevents the lens from fogging.
- Removable sweatbar in moisture-absorbing foam prevents sweat from reaching your eyes, letting you maintain clear vision during high-exertion activities.
- Includes extra clear lens and extra brown lens for excellent vision in all kinds of light conditions.
- Supplied with a protective case and cleaning cloth.
- Pro-Flip OTG (Over the Glasses) model is specially designed for being worn over your regular glasses.