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Continental MacAskill Air King 24" Tire

Continental MacAskill Air King 24" Tire
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- Danny MacAskill's signature tire from well known mtb brand Continental!
- Developed by Continental with direct input from Danny MacAskill and fitted to the top end Inspired Team bikes.
- Interconnected tread pattern helps keep rolling resistance low whilst the unique angled block design and spacing give maximum grip when needed.
- Constructed from Continental's high performance Black Chili compound that provides a combination of excellent grip and high durability.
- Thicker sidewalls to help reduce the chance of punctures.
- Folding Kevlar bead helps to minimize weight.
- Available in 24" x 2.4" size only.

Please Note: This tire fits extremely tightly on Inspired Team V2 rims. Inflating the tire too high when trying to seat the bead can cause damage to the bead and/or casing. Because of this, Inspired recommends not seating the bead when using these tires in combination with the Team V2 rims.

Part Numbers

CON36150908E CON36150908E