CushCore Tire Inserts

CushCore Tire Inserts
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- Cush Core is the revolutionary tire insert designed right here in Bend.
- Allows you to push the limits of your tires and suspension to new levels.
- Transforms your tubeless tire into a suspension system with a tune-able air spring and foam damper.
- It is a proprietary closed-cell, polyolefin foam that is lightweight, ultra durable and impervious to sealant.
- Provides a smoother ride and reduced rolling resistance so you can ride with more control, more momentum, and less fatigue.
- 35% more sidewall stability eliminates tire squirm and burping, even at low tire pressures, letting you rail corners with total confidence.
- Reduces impact force, helping to prevent damage to your rims (and body) from big hits.
- Available in 3 different versions to suit your riding style.
- XC light weight version designed for cross-country racing, light trail riding, and/or less aggressive riders and fits 1.8-24" tires.
- Pro version is the original and best choice for the majority of wheels, terrain, and riders and fits 2.1-2.6" tires
- Plus features all the performance benefits of the PRO, but optimized for plus sized tires and wider rims and fits 2.6-3.0" tires.
- Sold as a set (for 2 wheels) including foam inserts, 2 tubeless valves, valve core tool, installation instructions, and rim stickers.