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Echo CNC Yellow HS33 Brake Pads

Echo CNC Yellow HS33 Brake Pads
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- Yellow pad compound designed for use with smooth and ground rims.
- Aluminum backing provides added stiffness and extra braking force.
- Uses an O ring, which ensures a snug fit with the brake cylinder. We recommend a small amount of lubrication on the O-ring before fitting the pads, which allows them to fit over the pin on the brake cylinder more easily.
- Compatible with Magura, Echo, and Racing Line hydraulic rim brakes.
- 8mm of pad material provides plenty of wear life.
- Sold as a pair.

Please Note: Due to the super stiff characteristics of the metal backings, it is important to set up these pads so that they are completely square with the rim, otherwise they will wear unevenly, leading to decreased brake performance and pad life.

Part Numbers

ECH25513932S ECH25513932S