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Echo SL 20" Fork

Echo SL 20" Fork
This item is currently not available.


- Echo's SL fork is one of the lightest 20" forks out there!
- Features a butted steerer tube to increase strength and reduce unnecessary weight.
- CNC machined holes in the dropouts and fork crown minimize weight.
- 8.5mm thick International Standard disc mount to handle the forces of trials.
- Uses an integrated crown race that is designed to work with Echo headsets or any headset with a 36 or 45 degree bearing in the lower cup. This is a fairly common standard but not all headsets are compatible, please contact us if you are unsure.
- Anodized black finish with laser-etched logos.
- Supplied with a starnut already installed.
- Disc only.

Please Note: These forks are now being shipped without the Echo logos on the steerer tube.

Part Numbers

ECH23413959K ECH23413959K