Fischer RCS Classic Zero

Fischer RCS Classic Zero
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Fischer has been making Zero Skis for some time. Originally designed for conditions of new snow at 0 celsius, the new model has a much wider application. For 2012/2013 Fischer is using the familiar yellow under foot that gets fuzzy when sanded with 100 grit abrasive. Now there is a more dense material at the front and rear of the kick zone. This, too, is sanded, but does not fuzz up as much. It aids with improved glide, and great kick at the right time. The glide zone is the same fast base as the RCS Classic Plus and the Carbonlite Classic Plus. This ski flexes a little softer than the regular 812 camber classic skis.

Some of us use this ski as a daily driver. We've skied them in temps as low as 6F and they still kicked (we wouldn't race in these conditions, but we can ski in them)