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Hashtagg 4-Bolt Brake Clamps

Hashtagg 4-Bolt Brake Clamps
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- Forged 4-bolt brake clamps from Hashtagg.
- Forged from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy rather than CNC machined, improving strength and durability.
- Designed to be used without the standard plastic washers for quick and easy setup. When you clamp the cylinders down, your brake pads will already be set up squarely with the rim, assuming, of course, that the mounts on your frame or fork are square.
- Slimline and minimalistic design keeps weight down
- Extra long slots allow for significantly more adjustment than most other brake clamps.
- Design allows them to be run either side up.
- Compatible with all types of hydraulic rim brake slave cylinders.
- Supplied with 4 steel mounting bolts.
- Anodized gray finish with Hashtagg logos.
- Sold as a pair for one brake.

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