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HED Stinger 6 FR Wheelset

HED Stinger 6 FR Wheelset
$1,000.00 - $1,100.00
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As far as aero wheels are concerned, the Stinger 6 marks the start of a new era. After modeling the wheel, HED made prototypes and spent a full 10 days in the wind tunnel to test and perfect it, and came out the other side with a brand new rim profile. This is not evolution, with just a few tweaks here and an extra millimeter there. It is more like when a comet killed the dinosaurs and paved the way for mammals. At 15 degree wind angle the new Stinger has 100g less drag than the previous models. When HED ran the final prototypes the drag numbers were so low that they asked the tunnel technicians to re-check the calibration on the balance mechanism to make sure the numbers were correct. They were.

Tunnel numbers .... all well and good, but what about out in the real world? What is the effect of 100g drag reduction and a 15 degree stall angle? Well, -100g drag is easy. The wheels are faster, period. And a 15 degree stall angle? That means Stinger 6s go faster in a wider range of wind conditions than ever before. When side winds kick up, your wheels will still go fast, and they will handle very well. The new shape is such an improvement that the 60mm deep Stinger 6 handles more like a 45mm deep wheel in a crosswind. This is all made possible by SCT Tuning.

The goal with redesigning the Stingers was speed ... duh! The most aero rim in the world does not automatically translate to 'fastest wheel in the world'. Speed, even when confined just to wheels, involves more than just low drag. Tire efficiency, cornering speed, handling, strength and stiffness, and even comfort are important factors for overall speed. All are addressed in the Stinger 6. The C2 tire well secures the tire in a wider and slightly deeper 'cradle'. With increased support of the tire carcass, sidewall flexion is reduced, and less flexion vastly increases cornering stability and general handling. It also improves tire efficiency. One hard corner at speed will show you just how much the C2 well decreases tire wash under heavy loading.

These wheels are available in several different configurations, please give us a call for details.