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Jitsie Airtime Shoes

Jitsie Airtime Shoes
This item is currently not available.


- The Jitsie Airtime shoes combine cutting-edge design, technical materials and high quality construction to create a biketrial shoe that is superior in comfort, support and durability.
- They deliver the confidence when it comes to interacting with the bike while pushing the limits.
- Developed with input from UCI World Champions Dani Comas and Vincent Hermance and other top riders.
- Features asymmetrical construction with the inner side of the ankle quite a bit higher to provide maximum protection against the cranks.
- Strong, grippy Davos© sole, which has ridges that help grip the pedal pins or teeth.
- Closure tab with velcro allows for improved fit and keeps the laces tucked out the way.
- Strong laces for a tight fit
- Padded interior provides extra comfort and support, especially around the ankle and heel.
- Constructed from durable materials for increased lifespan.

Please Note: These shoes tend to run a bit big, so if you're stuck between sizes, we recommend purchasing a size down from what you might normally wear. Feel free to give us a call if you are unsure on what size to order.