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Madshus Redline Skate Cold

Madshus Redline Skate Cold
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RED stands for Race Engineered Development. Everyone is looking for the correct marketing tag. But when we think of Madshus products we see that the testing and development that is extensive at the upper racing levels provides materials and shapes that trickle down to performance and recreational equipment.

The Redline skate ski builds on what Madshus has learned about fast skis. Like its older cousins, the Nanosonic 118 Hard Pack and the Nanosonic 119 Regular Soft, the Redline is a foam core ski in a torsion box construction. Madshus has chosen to use thermoplastic components for all their skis, and it is the right combination and shape of these components that makes the skis work. The Redline exhibits a softer, thinner tip and tail with a firm, stable mid –body. It has distinctive splay at the tip and tail that translates into a silky soft transition from ski to ski and a forgiving ride in less than perfect conditions. This low profile of the 119 skate ski will perform in all kinds of snow.

Because all the materials used in Madshus skis are thermoplastic (they respond to and change with heat) care must be used when applying wax with a hot iron. If your waxing style is to use very low iron temps and move back and forth, up and down the ski for a long time, and you cannot change that style, then you should probably not work with Madshus skis. It is easy to overheat the bases. Waxing should be done with an iron hot enough to easily melt the wax and the iron should be moved from tip to tail in one continuous motion, 12 to 15 seconds. Allow the ski to cool for a minute or two and repeat.

- Bindings NOT included.