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Solda Powerjet Ski Waxes

Solda Powerjet Ski Waxes
  • Options | Size: Power Jet 5 Pack | 5g
  • Options | Size: PowerJet 1 | 22g
  • Options | Size: PowerJet 1 | 5g
  • Options | Size: PowerJet 2 | 22g
  • Options | Size: PowerJet 2 | 5g
  • Options | Size: PowerJet 3 | 22g
  • Options | Size: PowerJet 3 | 5g
  • Options | Size: PowerJet 4 | 22g
  • Options | Size: PowerJet 4 | 5g
  • Options | Size: PowerJet 5 | 22g
  • Options | Size: PowerJet 5 | 5g
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- Solda Powerjet is a convenient solid wax that's great for rubbing onto your skis just before the start.
- Quick and easy to use and you don't have to worry about spills.
- Rub Powerjet onto your ski, cork in, then brush.
- For longer-lasting performance, a waxing iron can also be used to apply the wax.
- Available in 5g and 22g.
- 5g size is good for waxing about 5-8 pairs of skis.
- 22g size is good for about 30-50 pair of skis.
- Also available in a convenient 5g 5-pack to cover all waxing conditions.

PowerJet 1
Temperature: -10°C to +5°C (14°F to 41°F)
Humidity: 60-100%
A solid version of Solda Fluor 100, it is nearly 100% fluorocarbon. Very fast in warmer conditions in both old and new snow with high humidity.

PowerJet 2
Temperature: -16°C to -2°C (3°F to 28°F)
Humidity: 60-100%
The colder companion to PowerJet 1. This solid fluoro shares many of the same performance characteristics of HP05. If the race morning temperature is very cold, but you expect it to warm up, we recommend corking in a layer of PowerJet 2 over a warmer wax to get you through those first few cold kilometers.

PowerJet 3
Temperature: -24°C to -3°C (-11°F to 27°F)
Humidity: 10-60%
Non-fluorocarbon synthetic compound which is faster than fluoros in cold, dry snow. A perfect last-minute solution when you get to a race site and realize that you have waxed too warm.

PowerJet 4
Temperature: -17°C to 0°C (1°F to 32°F)
Humidity: 30-100%
Has a wide range of use, making it an ideal option in almost all snow and humidity conditions. Use as top layer or as an under layer for fluorocarbon.

PowerJet 5
Temperature: -2°C to +10°C (28°F to 50°F)
Humidity: 60-100%
Solid Fluor for very warm, wet, spring snow conditions.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
PowerJet 2 / 5g 0735 SOL16513050G
PowerJet 2 / 22g 0732 SOL17584326G
PowerJet 3 / 5g 0736 SOL16781840G
PowerJet 3 / 22g 0733 SOL17142234G
PowerJet 4 / 5g 0738 SOL22566139G
PowerJet 4 / 22g 0737 SOL23400063G