START Universal Plus Klister

START Universal Plus Klister
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Start Universal Plus Klisteri – wet snow universal and blending klister +10°…+1°C.


Waxing with klisters

Clean the grip zone with ski wax remover liquid. When using klisters, the grip zone is generally shorter than when using hard waxes (30 – 50cm).

2. Abrade the grip zone with 80 – 120 grit sandpaper.

3. Warm the klister in it’s tube with a hot air gun, hairdryer or hot water. Warm klister is softer and easier to apply in an even layer.

4. Squeeze klister onto the grip zone, on both sides of the groove approximately every 5 centimetres.

5. Spread the klister with your thumb, hand or with a cork to an even layer.

6. Clean any excess klister from the groove and sidewalls of the ski.

7. Allow the skis to cool outside before skiing.

Note! Finished klister waxing should not be touched with your hands.

Part Numbers

6418016018379 01837 STA257932R